1.3 Public Beta Release!

The 1.3 Public Beta for Divide et Impera has finally arrived. We hope this will be a successful and short beta that will soon lead to a full mod update. Over the past 6 months we have been testing many beta submods separately and other features that are now combined into this one beta pack. It is save compatible and will be save compatible with the future mod update. I also want to give a big shout out to Q_Sertorius and CEMN who put in a ton of work on this over the past months with a lot of modding and testing to get to where we are today!

Download Links

Standalone (Mirror) — Steam

  1. If you download the standalone pack, place it in your data folder. Make sure it loads above the main mod in the mod manager.
  2. If you subscribe to the Steam pack, also make sure it load above the main mod in the mod manager.
  3. Note: If you used the previous beta submods, you can switch to this instead. Other submods like TPY, AFP and other mods will not currently work with this beta. These will be updated as we get closer to launch.

Patch Notes

New Grand Campaign Overhaul
– Completely redone grand campaign from the bottom up!
– New Building Slots – Every region now has either 4 or 6 slots available.
– New Starting Buildings – Updated and added various new starting buildings, all factions now start with a barracks for better AI recruitment.
– New Wonder Buildings that represent the various regional world wonders.
– Return of the Roman Families – Rome’s political parties are now the families again!
– New Culture – Numidian – Found in Western Africa.
– New Starting Characters/Family Trees – New royal families and historical characters.
– New Starting Diplomacy/Situations – Lots of new situations for starting factions.
– Extra Moddability – The startpos kit files are available in our TWC submod forum for submodders and going forward we have a lot more options for the main mod as well!

Barbarian Overhaul from Q_Sertorius and CEMN
– Massive overhaul of most barbarian rosters that focuses each faction on specific advantages and disadvantages, updates all the visuals, trims various rosters and redoes the barbarian factions into more coherent options.
– Updated unit cards (thanks Summary!), visuals, stats, descriptions, names, reforms, etc. Too much to detail in these notes!
– Overhauled factions include Arverni, Galatia, Boii, Scordisci, Iceni, Caledones, Iweriu, Suebi, Lugii, Ardiaei and Cimbri.
– Odryssia has also been added to this overhaul from KAM.
– Huge thanks to Q and CEMN for the tireless efforts for many months doing all the tough work and testing on this massive endeavor!

Skills, Traditions, Ancillaries & Traits Overhaul
– Incorporated the great work of Q_Sertorius with re-organizing the structure and effects for the character skill trees to add trade offs and better options. Most skills have either been redone or been moved in the trees.
– Reworked various tradition and ancillary effects to be more balanced and add more specific choice for the player.
– Character traits have been heavily redone. Most traits have had their effects trimmed down by a large margin to get rid of the effect spam. Personality and background traits now have trade offs and matter a lot more.

Battle Changes
– Tweaks to morale thresholds for specific status like confident/wavering/broken etc
– Adjustments to phalanx units
– Fixed stats of Marian and Imperial cavalry
– Fixed cavalry stats when dismounted
– Lowered iphicratean javelin damage
– Fixed numerous disciplined attributes on units (still a lot more to fix in future)
– Changed minimum ranks for infantry from 7 to 6
– Slightly adjusted spotting distance in open terrain
– Minor tweaks to ranged/melee damage

Loyalty Changes & New Government Technology effects
– Lowered loyalty bonus from empire government type.
– Loyalty negatives from imperium begin earlier and are slightly worse.
– Lower loyalty from early political ranks.
– Added positive and negative loyalty effects based on tax level in a province.
– Various philosophy and economy technologies now have effects based on certain government types for specific cultures.
– Barbarian cultures have a tech that reduces upkeep when they are a tribal confederation.
– Ptolemies, Seleucids, Baktria, Pontus and Eastern factions have a late tech that adds recruitment slots when they are a kingdom.
– Greek factions, Rome and Carthage have military techs that lower loyalty as a Republic but a philosophy tech that increases it as a Republic.
– All factions have late technologies that improve happiness and slave unrest as Empires.

Major Changes
– Campaign performance should be improved due to script changes that have reduced some turn and load times.
– New Graphical overlay map for the campaign to better represent province, city and road locations thanks to Summary!
– Added new Pirate factions for Arabia, Illyria, Britannia, Germania, Cicilia, Thrace, Pontus and Carthage. Added new pirate spawns thanks to Q for use of his submod!
– Fixed a battle crash when fighting the Carnute faction
– Updated General appearances for over 60 emergent factions.
– Changed Faction leader effect to always be on rather than be dependent on faction leader being in capital. Changed effect types from generic good/bad to more specific ones.
– Reduced resource production from main city building lines.
– Grain resource buildings now produce supplies.
– Enabled dignitaries for the AI only on hard+ difficulties.
– Made the “Brawler” Trait easier to increase. Made Triumphs and Triumph trait progression from the Education/background trait slightly easier to achieve
– All factions can now achieve victory conditions of region ownership if area is controlled by a client or vassal. Excluded spice from victory condition requirements.
– Increased base foreign pop settlers and slightly lowered negative from culture.
– New culture icons and updated faction flags from Jake.

Other Fixes/Changes
– Fixed Rhodes campaign select faction trait text
– Fixed Pontus unique library having 2 tech requirements
– Fixed Colony factions missing access to Athens special port.
– Moved Chalybes AOR unit to Caucasia.
– Changed some incorrect effects for slave forum building chains.
– Reduced effect of Befriend Gallic Chieftains tech in CiG campaign.
– Changed some effects for Bosporan tier 5 unique buildings to better match their chains.
– Fixed HaTG and CiG Massalia missing resource buildings.
– Immigrant chain buildings now use slightly less food but produce slightly more foreign culture.
– Increased speed for Cimbri Wolf Warriors
– Fixed Geometer ancillary not always working.
– Fixed Saba levy unit missing from recruitment for campaign
– Fixed one loading screen, added 2 others
– Changed naval recruitment points effect to be visible.
– Changed shield value for Meroe pikemen
– Fixed tier 2 Armenian temple having wrong upkeep value
– Fixed wrong unit requirement for chapter 7 ardiaei chapter mission
– Fixed Carthage mercenary barracks having wrong t4 effect, added silver required text.
– Changed Massalia special port to be named Lacydon.
– Fixed Carthage/egypt tower ships missing towers
– Fixed 2 Cimbri shield wall units having expert charge defense
– Changed Arabian camel spearmen to 3rd class.
– Fixed Dart throwers being wrong AOR class for greek factions.
– Fixed some Ardiaei reform units not being properly hidden
– Fixed tier 2 colony barracks having wrong tech requirements
– Fixed fire arrows for longbows having wrong damage
– Fixed Levy hoplites recruitment missing from some minor town building types.
– Changed Pontos to greek supply units to fix recruitment issues.
– Slightly bumped up some region growth rates for historically fertile areas.
– Changed Alalia to have more industiral potential from its region effect.
– Fixed Assault Tetreres ships missing from tier 3 large military ports.
– Fixed barbarian olive town having wrong sanitation effects.
– Fixed some Roman spear auxiliaries missing from roman unit sets (effects were not being applied to them properly)
– Increased Belgian AI recruitment priorites for cavalry.
– Changed Boii faction trait to be morale against Germans rather than Romans
– Fixed Scythian morale trait not properly working
– Fixed tier 4 Athens port missing squalor effect and supply effects
– Fixed bugged animation entry for Marcomanni unit.
– Higher tier Carthage and Alexandria ports provide extra naval recruitment slots.
– Moved Indian veteran spear unit to tier 2 barracks
– Moved Custom Battle Dart Slingers from Syracuse to Macedon roster
– Fixed incorrect name for Commercial Massalia when occupied by Romans.
– Removed Qunquireme from Sparta custom battle roster.
– Moved champion unlock earlier for Pontus in the tech tree.
– Reduced tax negatives for Raetia et Noricum region effects a bit, previously they would stack to cause 0 income.
– Fixed barbarian tier 4 tribal city building missing squalor effect
– Fixed some agent and barbarian background traits not being applied to characters.
– Changed some chapter mission settings for Arverni, Macedon and Seleucid
– Changed political party names for Lugii to match new barb roster revisions (thanks Q!)
– Fixed IA Petra having wrong city culture type (new campaign only)
– Changed Barbarian great hall to have negative food rather than squalor. Slightly reduced PO negative.
– Added cultural conversion to tier 2 Melqart Carthage temple.
– Added AOR Tarantine cav unit to Epirus custom battle roster.
– Fixed Bosporan Lancers missing shoes.
– Changed Hispania Arse region to have positive industrial region effect
– Changed RoR Veneti to have celtic culture (new campaign only)
– Renamed “Carthage in Syracuse” event
– Fixed “Rome Secures Magana Graecia” message sometimes firing after Rome is destroyed.
– Removed Indian elephants from normal Hellenic barracks.
– Fixed bugged vanilla effect text for marriage loyalty
– Fixed Lugii missing chapter 8 mission description
– Added 3/4 class pop growth to Carthage mercenary barracks.
– Removed snipe/stalk from all non-Numidian cavalry
– Fixed bugged civil wars for various custom playables in DLC campaigns.
– Changed throwing axe graphical impact size.
– Added Greek biremes and triremes to Thracian rosters.
– Fixed Greek colony factions missing permissions for Athens special port.
– New standards for Armenia, thanks skillfultree!
– Fixed merc iberian champ shield entry
– Changed Arabian Levy spear to 300 men
– Switched bow entries for Arabian archer spearmen and Sabaean archers.
– Added seasonal requirements for floods & fires.
– Added factional mercenary for Suebi
– Fixed cappadocian cavalry appearance
– Fixed wrong armour entry on Xystophoroi
– Fixed speed entry of Parthian axemen
– Updated color scheme of Parthian faction

– Q_Sertorius for all the crazy hard work for months on large portions of this update. Attention to detail and work ethic second to none!
– CEMN for tirelessly working on all the great visual updates and continually addressing all the little issues that pop up there!
– KAM for all his work at all times
– Jake for the great icon and flag work yet again
– Summary for the amazing unit card work and the map, top notch!
– Skillfultree for use of the Armenian flags!
– TheCzarsHussar for lots of model editing work, thanks a ton!

1.3 Caledonian Roster Preview!

The Caledones

One theory states that the name Caledones comes from the Proto-Celtic roots kal- (“hard”) and φēdo- (“foot”), alluding to steadfastness and endurance. Whether true or not, the name seems fitting for the remote Celtic tribe of farmers and hillfort builders at the cold, harsh far northern end of the known world who famously resisted several Roman invasion attempts. Eventually, this prompted the construction of great walls to contain instead of conquer the northern tribes. The Antonine Wall and Hadrian’s Wall stretched from coast to coast across narrow necks of northern Britannia and were manned by Roman garrisons, but they failed to stop the northern tribes from retaking territory several times, likely augmented by tribes from southern parts of Britannia fleeing Roman conquest. Cassius Dio for instance records that the Caledonians inflicted 50,000 Roman casualties due to attrition and unconventional tactics such as guerrilla warfare against a military expedition personally led by emperor Septimus Severus. After emperor Severus died to illness in Eboracum a few years later, the Romans were pushed back south of Hadrian’s Wall and no further Roman attempts at conquering Caledonia were ever made.

Sources such as Tacitus and Jordanes describes Caledonians as large, athletic, pale and red haired. The former author speculates that they were related to Germans and while there’s no evidence of that, some aesthetic inspiration has been from the similarly remote, rugged and inhospitable Germania. These visuals emphasize the otherness of Caledonians compared to other Celts and indeed, fellow Britons. For instance, unlike most Celtic nobles who went clean-shaven at the time, the Caledones sport full beards and rely on heavy pelts and leather from their agriculturally based economy and simpler to produce scale, rather than mail armors to a higher degree than other Celts.

The Caledones are designed to be a slow but strong defensive faction, featuring excellent spear units using Defensive Formation or Shieldwall, complemented by decent melee infantry and archers, but weak cavalry due to the difficulty to raise horses in such harsh lands.

1.3 Barbarian Overhaul – Scordisci Roster Preview!

We hope you enjoy another Divide et Impera 1.3 preview from Q_Sertorius and CEMN, this time featuring the Scordisci! We also will have some news in the near future about a combined public beta for everyone to try out. Currently, you can find various sections of the beta available for testing on our Discord.

The Scordisci

The Scordisci were a Celtic tribe formed after the Gallic invasion of the Balkans that mixed with the local Thracians and Illyrians. Their tribal name may be connected to the Scordus, the Šar mountain. Extensive La Tène type finds of local production are noted in Pannonia as well as northern Moesia Superior, which attest to the concentration of Celtic settlements and cultural contacts. They controlled the various Pannonian tribes in the region, extracting tribute and enjoying the status of the most powerful tribe in the central Balkans. Their power was centered on Singidunum. They subjugated a number of tribes in Moesia, including the Dardani, several west Thracian tribes, and the Paeonians. From 141 BC, the Scordisci were constantly involved in battles against Roman-held Macedonia. Between 56 and 50 BC, the Dacians defeated the Scordisci, and became subject to the powerful Dacian ruler, Burebista. In 15 BC, Tiberius crushed the Scordisci. They became Roman subjects, providing valuable support for later campaigns against the Pannonians and Breuci. They started receiving Roman citizenship during Trajan’s rule (98–117 AD). With their Romanization, they ceased to exist as an independent ethno-political unit.

Visually, the Scordisci cross-cultural mix runs throughout the roster, from the lowest levy spearman to the noble Cordinau Orca, elite nobles wielding unique curved longswords. However, the Thracians stand out particularly in the Scordisci javelin units, and the Illyrians have a heavy presence in the Scordisci navies.

Check back soon for more beta news!

1.3 Barbarian Roster Overhaul – Nervii Roster Preview!

We are back again with another preview from Q_Sertorius and CEMN featuring the Nervii! These changes will be implemented in our upcoming mod update and can already be experienced in our current submod betas available on our Discord.

The Nervii

Caesar reported that the Belgae were the bravest of all the Gauls. Among the Belgae, the Nervii were particularly noteworthy in this category. For this reason, DeI uses them to represent the various Belgic tribes. The Nervii were reportedly very strong in infantry and this is reflected in their roster. The Nervii have solid and respectable infantry in each major category, possessing capable spear, axe, sword, phalanx, and missile units. Additionally, thanks to their fellow Belgae tribes, the Remi and Treveri, they also have very powerful cavalry (although not on the same widespread scale as the Arverni). On the whole, while the Nervii do not particularly excel in any given area, they have solid options across a broader range than most Celtic factions. The Nervii are probably the most well-rounded of any Celtic tribe in this overhaul.

Geographically, the Belgae lived in Northern France and Belgium. From this area, they spread across into southeastern England. Throughout the DeI time period, cultural influences followed trade routes back and forth. This is described not only in the historical sources, but can also be seen in the archaeological record. This cultural exchange is heavily reflected in the Nervii aesthetic. Additionally, the Belgae were also greatly influenced by their contact with Germanic tribes across the Rhine. These cultural connections are reflected throughout the faction in the appearance, equipment and way of fighting. For instance, some men grow long beards as a sign of manliness like the Germans, or lyme it to appear taller and frightening like the Britons, and use woad to paint their bodies in elaborate patterns to showcase their bravery and devotion to the gods.

More previews to come soon!

1.3 Barbarian Overhaul – Galatian Roster Preview!

The Galatians

Greetings everyone, we have another treat today from Q_Sertorius and CEMN – a Galatian preview. These units and roster revisions will be featured in our upcoming 1.3 mod update and can also be tried ahead of time in our current Barbarian submod beta pack. Check out our discord for details!

The Galatians were a Celtic people from Central Europe who invaded the Balkans during the 270’s BC, before eventually crossing to Asia Minor and settling in the Anatolian high lands. Having carved out a territory for themselves, the Galatians remained a player in Anatolian politics for nearly three centuries. They were originally composed of three tribes: the Tectosages, the Trocmii, and the Tolistobogii (a fourth tribe, the Aigosages, later joined them). They were closely related to the Scordisci and Boii, but their tribal connections extended even to southern Gaul, where a branch of the Tectosages lived (Roman authors reported finding loot from the Celtic invasion of Greece in temples belonging to the Volcae Tectosages). Due to their central location in the heart of the Hellenistic world and their constant interactions with the rival Hellenistic powers, the Galatians absorbed a great deal of Hellenic cultural influence, despite remaining culturally Celtic for much of their history.

In terms of their roster, the Galatians are strongest in melee infantry. They are brawlers par excellence, being the only playable Celtic faction which can recruit large units of Third Class swords. The Galatians are also one of two Celtic factions to get access to chariots (these are based upon Lucian, an ancient source of suspect reliability, but a source none-the-less). If nothing else, this gives them a way for their warriors to die in style. But, bold players will note that chariots can be utterly devastating against lightly-armed levies, which form substantial parts of early eastern armies. The Galatians are respectable in several other key areas, but players may quickly notice a relative weakness in long-ranged missiles and heavy cavalry, particularly in comparison with their eastern neighbors. These weaknesses are, however, easily addressed by careful augmentation with mercenary and Area of Recruitment troops (AOR) from nearby areas. A player who chooses not to rely heavily on AOR units is likely to experience quite a challenge.

The Galatians benefit a great deal from other cultural reforms as well – gaining access to experienced soldiers who have served in other Hellenistic armies at the Thureos and Thorax reforms. Thus, the Galatian roster presents the interesting historical reality of Celtic soldiers fighting for Hellenistic rulers, learning new skills and gaining new equipment, then returning to fight for their own faction. Due to their historically-attested Roman influences, the Galatians also gain access to very capable legionary units.

Galatia draws many aesthetic influences from the Hellenic world, which is reflected in unit equipment obtained through raid, trade, or even service in Hellenic armies as they often were historically. But, there are also hints of other influences having migrated through the Balkans, Thrace and settling in diverse Asia Minor. Finally, due to the warm climate of Asia Minor, many Galatians choose to go shortsleeved or even without wearing pants – perhaps inspired by their new neighbors…

1.3 Celtic Overhaul – Boii Roster Preview!

The Boii

We are back with another DeI preview, once again brought to you by Q_Sertorius and CEMN! This preview features their Boii roster revision for the upcoming 1.3 update.

The Boii were a Celtic people from Central Europe, who, like many other Celtic people, migrated widely across Europe. Starting from their homeland near what is now Prague (modern Bohemia takes its name from them), they spread down into Slovenia and across the Alps into Italy. Like many other Italian Celts, they sided with Hannibal in the Second Punic War. At one point, they successfully ambushed and massacred an entire Roman army! In the 190’s BC, however, the Romans decisively defeated them and forced them out of Italy. They settled in northern Pannonia. However, in the mid-First Century BC, the Dacians forced them to migrate again. They joined the Helvetii in their attempt to migrate through the Roman Province, were defeated, and leave the historical record as clients of the Aedui. They fought alongside Vercingetorix in his great uprising against Caesar.

In terms of their roster, the Boii are designed to focus on melee troops, with strong archers in support. Although they are relatively weak in phalanx units and cavalry, which may make popular hammer-and-anvil army compositions less powerful, the diversity and quality of their melee troops more than makes up for these weaknesses. The Boii are designed to be able to form a melee unit mainline throughout the game. At the outset, they have surprisingly powerful and cost-effective clubmen. As they progress they also gain strong line-breaking units, due partly to having the strongest axe units among the Celtic factions, but also due to their unique Sword Masters. The Boii have the distinction of having the only two-handed sword unit in the Celtic playable factions. These units are based upon some interesting archaeological discoveries in the Czech Republic, where several swords of above average size have been uncovered. While speculative, this forms the basis for a unique and powerful unit. The Boii roster also includes excellent naked champions and other sword units.

Excellent two-handed sword units and naked champions, are, however, very vulnerable to missiles. Consequently, the Boii roster includes the best archers in the Celtic world as a means of quickly and efficiently countering enemy missile units. In keeping with the Boii focus on melee combat, the Boii Night Warriors are both excellent archers and solid in melee.

Aesthetically, the Boii are inspired by their historical migrations around and across the Alps, from Gaul to northern Italy and their in-game starting location in Germanic borderlands. Their units are inspired by these different sources and they are generally warmer clothed than most other Celts. The Freeman and Warrior classes primarily draw from their Germanic neighbors due to intermingling and trade between the two peoples, whereas the Nobles primarily draw from the Alpine and northern Italic regions, from which many have acquired equipment and fashions through raid and trade.

1.3 Celtic Overhaul – Arverni Roster Preview!


As the DeI team gears up for another update coming this winter, we have targeted some upcoming changes for new beta submods that are already available to try out! One of those submods is the Celtic Overhaul from Q_Sertorius and CEMN. The main goal of this specific new beta is to revise most of the Celtic faction rosters in order to streamline and improve them both mechanically and aesthetically. We will have previews for these various roster changes, starting with the Arverni!

Celtic Overhaul by Q_Sertorius and CEMN

For the overall revision of the Celtic rosters, we wanted to provide a justification to hire each unit, at least at some point in the game. We also wanted to give each Celtic faction unique strengths and weaknesses, rooted in what historical and archaeological records we have, in a way which promoted good gameplay for each faction. In terms of unit power, we wanted to make the appearance match the stats, rather than the stats match the appearance. To that end, we took a close look at every unit’s stats to ensure that there were logical progressions. We removed a couple of units in order to reduce the bloat and repurposed others to give them more interesting roles.

Arverni Roster

In terms of roster design, we did not want to fundamentally change the Arverni roster. They were, and still are, a faction with relatively strong spear/phalanx and cavalry units. They were, and still are, relatively weak in melee infantry units. This does not mean that all their cavalry is the best in the game, nor does it mean that their melee infantry is terrible. Rather, they get great cavalry from Second Class population. They get good melee infantry from First Class population. This is the way the DeI team originally designed the Arverni and we saw no reason to change this approach. In terms of historical justification, this is driven by the fact that while swords may be the iconic Celtic weapons, spears are far more common in the archaeological record.

The boldest roster change was the decision to add actual short pike units to the Arverni late game roster. This built on their factional strength in phalanx units. While we know from Caesar that the Gauls employed Shield Walls, which were fundamentally similar to Mediterranean phalanx units, there is no direct evidence for these short pike units. It is justified by the discovery of a large number of rather large spearheads in First Century BC contexts. While this may seem to be relatively weak justification for such units, it is similar in evidentiary strength to the Boian two-handed sword units. There is some evidence to justify what makes for good gameplay. They are a logical extrapolation from the limited records we have. The result is a faction which, throughout the game, can maintain a strong mainline of phalanx units, protected on the flanks by great spear units, with slingers as their primary missile weapons, and widely-available cavalry to provide the hammer blow.

Aesthetically, besides an improved variety and visual quality of assets, one of the main goals has been to make sure unit visuals properly represent the stats and the class of the unit. For example, an armor value of 20 represents a helmet plus a leather cuirass, which will be the most common setup for that unit. But for variety, some warriors might want to showcase their bravery by not wearing a helmet or lighter armor, while another yet might wear reinforced leather or scale. But, the unit average will even out.

As for class, bright colors typically represent wealth as dyes could be expensive. Therefore, the Freeman class typically wear less colorful clothing and very basic armor and are generally shaggier and more unkempt than the Warrior class, who are a clear step up in terms of displayed wealth and equipment quality. Naturally, the Nobility carry the very best in arms and armor and flaunt their wealth with fine colorful textiles, silver and gold jewelry and eye-catching helmet decorations. Finally, Gallic art from around DeI’s timeframe depicts clean shaven men, something also mentioned by Caesar. Therefore, most Arverni nobles and a few of the warrior class won’t have any facial hair.

The Arverni reforms now lead to increased uniformity due to a powerful, centralized Celtic polity that could mass-produce simple equipment or mandate the wearing of helmets. But, all of that goes for Celts across the board. The Arverni particularly stand out as extra extravagant, with their cavalry being the fanciest of all.

We will have more previews to come as we approach 1.3 this winter. Make sure to check out this and our other beta submods on our Discord!

New Revised Grand Campaign Beta Submod!

We have a new beta submod available for those interested. This submod updates the Grand campaign in many new and interesting ways. It also provides more moddability for submodders and for the main mod itself going forward.

Steam Version

Standalone Version

Features Include:

New Building Slots
New Starting Buildings
New Wonder Buildings
Return of the Roman Families
New Culture – Numidian
New Starting Characters/Family Trees
New Starting Diplomacy/Situations
New Secession Factions
Better Early AI Recruitment
Extra Moddability
And Much More!

Please note most submods will not be compatible with this, especially startpos submods such as TPY/AFP/etc. Also, a new campaign is required.

Fix Update 1.2.8a

A small fix update has been released for the latest 1.2.8 version of the mod. If you use the standalone, you will need to get Part 1 again. Steam will automatically update.

This fix is save compatible.


Patch Notes 1.2.8a

– Fixed some AOR units missing from recruitment for a few factions.
– Fixed Greek Thureos swords not being properly greyed out/hidden pre reforms.
– Fixed Thracian Peltasts description
– Rhodian Light Hoplites are no longer locked to pre-Thureos (new campaigns).
– Fixed various light artillery pieces missing campaign stealth
– Fixed some factional tier 4 unique ports missing from population/supply system.
– Fixed some Bosporan units being 4th class by mistake.
– Added Noble Thureos Spears Illyrian unit to barracks recruitment.
– Increased Illyrian Sica Bearers to 300 man size unit.
– Fixed HatG and CiG Massalia missing special port/capital access and having wrong barracks as starting building.
– Fixed Apulian infantry being recruitable from tier 2 major cities for Greek/Roman factions. Should be tier 3 only now for all city types.
– Slightly lowered stats of Camillan Triarii
– Lowered shield value for new Iberian Reform Infantry
– Fixed Scythian noble cavalry having wrong mount entry
– Fixed voice entry for Arverni early oatshworn and unit set for them and champions.
– Changed various Massalia Gallic and Bosporan Nomad units to be factional versions of those units. Bosporan cavalry have new units sizes and updated stats.
– Fixed typo in 240 BC year in history message
– Medewi Painted warriors are now a population class 2 skirmisher unit. Basic Medewi skirmishers have slightly lowered stats.
– Moved some Medewi units to higher recruitment tiers.
– Gave basic Medewi swordsmen new visuals for weapons.

Divide et Impera 1.2.8 Released!

1.2.8 Release

The latest release for Divide et Impera has arrived! This version features many new changes such as the Greek Colonies overhaul, performance improvements, new Victory Conditions, updated visuals for many factions such as the British, new units for various factions, resource/AOR changes, and much more. Please enjoy the newest features and changes to the mod and feel free to give feedback on our Discord, thanks!

Download Page

Save game compatible. Both Part 1 & 2 have been updated for the standalone. Please note that various submods will need to be updated in order to be compatible. 


Patch Notes

Major Changes

Battle Changes

– Removed “Disciplined” attribute from most units, it was too common and often even applied to untrained units
– Removed knockback from slings and bows
– Lowered hidden bonus vs infantry of bows
– Tweaked pike and hoplite spacing
– Slight increase to damage for charging phalanx
– Lowered falx bonus vs infantry by 1
– Added fatigue resistance and expert charge defence to disciplined formation
– Added fatigue resistance and mighty knocback to diamond formation
– Diamond formation added to Companion cavalry
– Increased AP damage of lance and sword cavalry, lowered base damage of lance and sword cavalry
– Small increase to infantry charging speed
– Small increase to hoplite walking speed
– Lowered wardog stats
– Slightly lowered hoplite defense
– Added bonus vs infantry for sickles
– Barbarian shieldwall units got their mass and HP slightly lowered
– Fixed Short Pike Phalanx ability name and description
– Changed Disciplined Formation to Defensive Formation

Battle Performance Changes

– Stamina Abilities for units have been removed. They were not functioning properly and were the cause of battle lag.
– Due to these changes, battle lag should be significantly improved, especially on lower end systems. Big thanks to Benjin for figuring this out!
– In the future, we may have them back or a submod version, if they can be implemented properly.

Greek Colony Overhauls

– Massalia, Colchis and Bosporus have had their rosters changed and updated.
– These three factions now have special colony barracks building types that have unique features and functions such as local vs Greek units, culture/diplomacy effects, etc.
– Colchis is now Caucasian and has Caucasian temples (new campaign only)
– New Faction trait: Colony population techs in the military training tree.
– Current campaigns with these factions may have some issues with incorrect building types.

Other New Units

– New Nabatean camel unit, New Athenian peltast units, new Iberian reform unit, new Saba heavy infantry, and new Kartli heavy swordsmen.
– Updated visuals to Epirote elite hoplites, elite pikes, thorax cavalry, citizen cavalry and hoplites

New Barbarian AI Roster Units

– Added 90 new AI only Grand Campaign units for various germanic, gallic, celtiberian, thracian and british AI factions from Ritter-Floh to create more unique and varied rosters.
– These will replace or augment existing rosters based the tribe. The goal is to add more variety and unique units for the various factions a player may face.

British Units & Generals Visual Updates

– Added new and greater variations for many units and updated their appearance. These included older shared units, officers, standard bearers and faction exclusive units.
– British generals updated with new visuals and proper politician outfits for when they are not leading troops.
– Big thanks to CEMN on all the hard work for these changes!

Area of Recruitment Changes

– Various higher tier AOR units have been moved to the immigration/foreign quarter line of buildings in many regions.
– These units now require either tier 2 or tier 3 of the immigration building to be recruited, depending on the unit quality.
– Depending on the culture, some of these units may still be available in the main city line because cultures cannot build immigration buildings of their own culture type.
– Removed copy units of Galatian AOR levies, swords and cavalry. These units are now available in the traditional Galatia area only.

Resource Changes (New Campaigns only)

– Iron has been moved from Sicily to Corsica and fish from Corsica to Sicily.
– Silver has been added in the Edetani’s city and olive oil has been moved in land.
– Added new amber and spice main city buildings rather than having the resource come from the region effect alone.
– Moved the amber resource in Germany to be on the coast with a port
– Region effects still produce 1 of each resource to allow saves to retain that feature. Save games will have amber production in a different region than the resource buildings in Germany due to the move.
– Carthage’s mercenary barracks now requires silver rather than gold to upgrade.

Squalor Changes

– Squalor (sanitation) effects now begin at tier 1 for all cities and gradually increase to tier 4.
– Lowered unrest (public order) negatives on all tier 4 cities.
– Slightly increased squalor (sanitation) from major cities.
– Added small sanitation bonus to first civil technology.
– Removed random disaster plague events.

Population Changes

– Replaced most upkeep bonuses in the Military Management technology tree with population bonuses.
– Population system economic effects are now properly working. This will have an impact on save game economies.

New Victory Conditions

– Revised all Victory conditions to be generally shorter, more consistent and varied between the types of victories. Big thanks to Q_Sertorius for all the work on this new feature! (new campaign only)

Naval Changes

– Increased costs of Trihemolia, Quadremes, Hepteres and Octeres ships
– Slight buff to barbarian ship hp, turn rate and acceleration.
– Improved most Greek naval garrisons, especially for Carthage and Rhodes.
– Special ports now have improved garrisons at higher tiers.
– Fixed Illyrian raiding hemolia missing from military ports, added Quadreme to military tier 4 port recruitment.
– Moved Quinquiremes to level 2 military port recruitment.
– Greek Trihemolias moved to tier 3 for most factions. Athens, Egypt, and Knossos have it at tier 2 and Rhodes at tier 1.
– Alexandria has access to Octeres at tier 4 for garrison and recruitment and some heavier ships earlier.
– Carthage has access to Triremes and Tetreres earlier than other ports.

General Changes

– Reduced AI agent amount (reduced cap) at higher imperium levels.
– Removed Governor (dignitary) agent active actions, they are now passive only.
– Many Mercenaries now start at 0 availability to begin a campaign and have to replenish. Most provinces start with 1 unit available at start, some with 2. (new campaign only)
– Changed all Mercenaries to have the same replenishment rate chance (15% as most had already) – new campaign only
– Increased recruitment cost based on imperium level, especially for highest imperiums.
– Reduced AI Bonuses for smaller imperium size AI factions.
– Lowered gravitas per turn effects for skills, ancillaries and traits.
– Updated visuals for 14 units that had older or vanilla assets from skillfultree’s submod. Big thanks to him!
– Tier 4 barracks now give 1 extra recruitment slot.
– AI Carthage now starts friendly toward the Nasamones, Garamantia, Cyrenaica and the Gaetuli.
– Added autoresolve bonus for Carthage and Seleucids when attacking vs non player allied minor factions.
– Fixed the Fleet ready to leave port supply effect not properly being removed.
– Fixed skills, ancillaries and traditions that affect enemy morale not properly working. They will now affect all enemy armies in a region.
– Fixed many factions having incorrect rebellion units and general units.
– Lowered fame threshhold for Imperium 6-8, so they will be reached sooner.
– All units now have campaign stealth and will have to be seen in order to be identified on the campaign map.
– Added new strategic port for Athens (Piraeus) in new campaigns, changed previous special tier 5 port to a different name.
– Added supply ships to Thracian factions.
– Fixed many AI recruitment templates missing proper cavalry settings, thanks to Swaraj for the find!
– Updated hardcoded political traits for various political parties, thanks to Q!
– Added some events from other DLCs to various factions or geographical areas. These include new events for Egypt and Rome as well as the areas around Massalia and Carthage.

Other Fixes

General Fixes
– Fixed various dilemmas/incidents that were bugged in vanilla.
– Fixed Battle of Cannae crashing, thanks to Swaraj!
– Changed some names & effects for Egyptian temples to add variance to the culture types given
– Fixed the “white screen” map bug when starting a multiplayer campaign.
– Changed political party names for some Bactria, Cimbri, Syracuse and Sparta auxiliary parties
– Changed Carthage/Rome escalation scripts to take into account if Syracuse takes Sicily or if the Masaesyli take Syracuse.
– Fixed 2 incorrect units in Baktrian chapter missions.
– Fixed Germanic army tradition missing effect text, name and icon
– Removed quotation marks (many errant) from unit descriptions
– Changed some political party colors to better stand out.
– Fixed missing trait effects for some female traits.
– Lowered starting Hellenic culture in Caucasia.
– Fixed Athenian faction trait bonus not properly applying to a few ships types.
– Fixed some RoR general & factional events not working properly.
– Changed Galatia to celtic subculture group to better confederate with other celtic neighbors.
– Changed building required for Bosporan chapter 3 mission
– Lowered some deployable amounts received for garrisoned forces.
– Fixed Saka reform countdown message being incorrect.
– Removed duplicate level 5 temple for Massalia


– Added new strength/weakness unit description texts for all units based on unit class/weapon.
– Added guerilla deployment to Germanic and Iberian missile units.
– Changed Germanic axe raider ships to population class 3 to match land counterparts.
– Fixed Mercenary Belgic Lancers missing secondary weapons.
– Fixed Bactrian Heroic cavalry having wrong attribute group
– Changed Scythian armored lancers to have proper ammo amount.
– Fixed Media starting archer unit size. (new campaign only)
– Fixed bad texture on an Indian 2h axe model.
– Light Peltasts now use 2h spears and have them in offhand with javelins.
– Removed horse armour on certain non heavy hellenic horses
– Changed Arevaci guerilla warriors to third class
– Added guerilla deployment to Cimbri spearmen, berserkers and sword unit.
– Changed unit card for Numidian slingers.
– Changed Greek ballista to 2nd class to match other factions and siege units.
– Fixed garrison Armenian cavalry missing javelin models in battle.
– Changed Caledonian medium archers to pop 3, light cav to pop 2
– Added stealth/guerilla attributes to skirmisher and levy Irish and Caledonian units.
– Fixed bugged textures on Egyptian traitor legionary and Scipio Praetorian unit shields.
– Changed Dacian Cataphract cav to pop class 1.
– Changed Pergamon Elite Thureos spears to 2nd class
– Fixed composite bow cavalry shield animations.
– Fixed various incorrect voice entries for units.
– Removed javelins from some AOR and garrison British units.
– Changed Greek raiding hemolias to be third class pop.
– Fixed name for Helot hoplite unit.
– Fixed some Boii and other units having double skins
– Changed Saka Indo-Greek units to second class.
– Changed 2 Belgic heavy spearmen shield wall units to 200 size.
– Updated Sardinian archer stats/look and added them to Carthage custom battle roster.
– Added concentrated fire to Rhodian Light Hoplites and gave them 8 ammo.


– Changed Rugoz roster units to match Cimbri units.
– Fixed some Iberian factions have a Celtic rather than Iberian piece of artillery.
– Removed normal thorax spears from Pergamon roster due to having their own version.
– Moved Edetani Guard and Heavy Infantry to barracks, Light Swords and Skirmishers to main city line.
– Moved Cimbri slingers to main city line and elite skirmishers to tier 3 cities.
– Added Cimbri Noble cav and Ardaiei noble hoplites to recruitable units.
– Removed Galatian and Iberian mercenary units from African provinces (new campaign only)
– Removed shared heavy cavalry commander unit from celtiberian factions.
– Increased Carthaginian maximum available limit for Galatian and Iberian factional mercenaries (new campaign only)
– Added Iberian light cavalry units to all barracks types.
– Kartli foot guard moved up to tier 3 barracks recruitment.
– Moved Gastraphetes unit to Sicily only.
– Added bireme/trireme recruitment for Rhodes tier 1 special port.
– Moved Armenian/Kartli Georgian sword unit to main city recruitment.
– Added Loricati reform unit to Lusitani roster.
– Lusitani Heavy spear and sword also now recruitable from tier 3 barracks along with tier 3 cities. Callaeci Medium infantry moved to tier 2 cities.
– Removed Syrian mercenary elephants, increased AOR syrian elephants campaign cap.
– Increased cavalry ratio for Iberian AI army templates.
– Moved Thracian footmen to tier 1 cities, Thracian Rhomphaia to tier 2.
– Added Molossian Royal Guard to tier 3 barracks recruitment.
– Moved Caledonian archers to city recruitment, militia to barracks recruitment
– Fixed Pergamon Galatian infantry not being recruitable, moved to a pre-Thureos unit (new campaign only)
– Removed lowest tier townsfolk units from rebellion rosters.
– Fixed various civil war factions missing garrison units.
– Moved a few different barbarian units from the slave market buildings to the Loremaster’s Hut in major cities.
– Removed artillery Quinquiremes for most eastern factions.
– Moved Meroe skirmishers and archers to main city line, medium spearmen and pikes to barracks. Moved light cav to tier 1 stables.
– Moved Median Persian Kinsmen Lancers to Iranian reforms
– Removed Median pikes from roster.
– Fixed Parthian camel cataphracts not being properly recruitable.
– Fixed Late Triarii and Allied Pedites missing weapons in hollow square.
– Fixed 3 units missing from Nervii custom battle roster and 1 from Scordisci roster
– Changed Seleucids to use Greek supply units so they will be properly recruited.
– Moved AOR Britannic ambushers to tier 2 city recruitment, lowered their campaign cap a little.
– Moved factional British ambushers to tier 2 barracks and Caledonian heavy infantry to tier 3.
– Removed errant Scythian archer unit from Saka/Roxolani campaign rosters.
– Replaced druidic nobles in Iceni factional mercenary pool with bodyguard unit (new campaign only).
– Moved Illyrian Spearmen, Thureos Spearmen and Taulantian Light Infantry to 3rd class.
– Moved Ardiaei Sica Bearers, Axemen and Spearmen to barracks, Light Spearmen and Clubmen to cities.
– Moved Parthian horse archers to tier 1 stables.


– Small increase to some tier 4 minor city food consumption.
– Fixed Macedon grain pits missing baggage train recruitment.
– Removed 3rd class pop bonus from Colony buildings.
– Increased 1st/2nd class pop from public guard tower buildings.
– Fixed Bibracte having reversed descriptions for trade/fort variants
– Changed barbarian research buildings to increase pop 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3.
– Added sanitation effects to Germanic Austro temple line.
– Removed pop 3 bonus from Barbarian barracks and Eastern sanitation buildings to help with overcrowding.
– Changed tier 4 cattle/grain alternative buildings to provide pop 2.
– Added provincial cavalry morale bonuses for Epona temples.
– Removed upkeep effect from barbarian ports.


– Replaced chariot techs Baktria and Caledones. Changed Seleucid chariot tech to include elephant effects.
– Fixed Seleucids and Baktria missing required technologies for granaries and main city storage buildings.
– Moved Chieftain’s hold and Tavern buildings in Nomad and German tech trees.


– KAM for the insane amount of work he puts in on everything
– Ritter for so many great units
– Q_Sertorius for the new victory conditions and much more!
– Benjin for helping to identify the battle lag issue
– CEMN for his british units update and much more!
– Thanks to Jake, CEMN, skillfultree and Swaraj for help with unit card work and other bug identifications.
– skillfultree for his updated texture submod
– Litharion for various script fixes
– Agrez for help with the Epirote unit updates
– Demosthenes for the naval update