Fix Update 1.3.3c

A small fix update has been released for the mod, please see below for details!

Save game compatible, only Part 1 updated.

Update 1.3.3c

– Fixed bug where Alexander and Julius Caesar would appear as leaders of Celtic tribes (woops!)
– Fixed Cherusci pikemen unit card
– Fixed Seleucid chapter mission requiring wrong elephant type
– Fixed Cappadocian Lancers having wrong unit description
– Updated some Lugii unit descriptions
– Fixed Belgic levy infantry missing from Nervii custom battle roster
– Fixed Carthage having an incorrect siege unit in custom battles
– Fixed Germanic temple missing income reduction effect
– Removed income negative for Eastern small town trader buildings
– Fixed Indian ships missing from special port recruitment
– Added RoR Rome to defensive autoresolve script
– Fixed Cimbri bodyguard unit not receiving proper bodyguard effects