Fix Updates – 1.3.3b

Greetings everyone! We have had one fix update so far for the latest release and now we have another one. Only Part 1 has been updated, save game compatible. Enjoy!

Fix Update 1.3.3b

– Updated visuals for all Saba generals
– Updated unit cards Germanic garrisons, Iceni and for Pre-Marian Roman auxiliaries from Summary
– Updated various Greek unit cards to fix some issues, correct poses, add new versions for Seleucids, garrisons, thureos, etc
– Added lots of new Celtic, Etruscan and Italian armors and helmets (mostly for RotR), courtesy of Ahiga!
– Visual updates for Celtic, Etruscan and Italian units in RotR
– Visual updates for Celtic generals in RotR and fixed anachronistic GC generals being used
– Fixed several T-posing general models
– Fixed Germanic AOR and Mercenary units missing cold resistance and guerilla attributes
– Further morale tweaks: penalty for routing friendly units adjusted (now requires more units to reach full cap)
– Small tweaks to elephant turn/run speed and mass, adjusted elephant and chariot entity size

Fix Update 1.3.3a

– Fixed GC Roman characters not properly starting with rank 1 political traits
– Added new frontend map images for faction selection in GC, thanks to Summary!
– Added new Nuragic main city campaign building models in RotR
– Tweaks to morale
– Updated appearance of mercenary Cretan archers and Macedonian Hypaspists
– Small update to Cretan archer melee stats/cost
– Fixed Alexander campaign missing some mission text descriptions

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  1. please make the spartans in the grand campaign look like the spartans in the movies, or the rise of the spartans campaign, I mean they dont look interesting.

  2. Sparta’s Skiritai Swordsmen are listed as a ranged unit instead of melee, for some reason.

    Also, didnt you guys make the Hoplite Phalanx use overhand spear animations a while back? My hoplites are still underhanding it.

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