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Welcome to the new Divide et Impera website! Here you will find Guides, Faction information, Links, News and much more about the mod! This version is our launch platform and we will continue to add more features and information as time goes on.

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1.2.5a Fix Update Released!

Divide et Impera 1.2.5a Fix Update

1.2.5a Fix Update September 30
*Only Part 1 Updated for Standalone
*Steam is updated
*Save game compatible

This is a small update with various fixes and balancing, but also includes sourav’s wonderful updated unit cards for many factions! Huge thanks to him for all the work!

Battle Changes
– Lowered a bit cavalry and elephant mass for charge damage calculation
– Changed stats of Illyrian cav and some infantry units
– Buffed stats of Arverni and Nervi cavalry
– Fixed wrong horses assigned to Cimbri cavalry (from light to medium and heavy horses)

Other Changes/Fixes
– Added new Rome, Pergamon, Seleucid, Medewi and Sparta unit cards from sourav. Huge thanks!!
– Fixed Illyrian Hoplite spearmen having wrong animation type.
– Fixed a mistake in the Armenian Nakharar unit VMD file causing an issue with animations.
– Fixed Roxolani Armored Lancers missing arms.
– Fixed Corsica and Sardinian emergent faction rebel faction names being reversed.
– Fixed Athenian Thureos Infantry, Infantry and Sparta Allied units being wrong pop size/class.
– Improved effects of silk and amber road trade route regional effects. Extended silk road further toward Mesopotamia.
– Fixed Roman and Hellenic small and large military port garrisons having the wrong sizes.
– Fixed missing name for new Dacian special capital when held by Eastern factions.
– Fixed Cimbri units having wrong formation type (hoplite phalanx instead of shield wall)
– Added testudo, square and repel cavalry formations to Polybian units missing them.
– Reduced Cimbri foot nobles armor and attack a bit.
– Fixed German pike unit having wrong population size.
– Added proper artillery recruitment for Getae and Ardiaei factions.
– Updated Imperial Armored Legionaries description.
– Fixed Cimbri not being playable in multiplayer.
– Fixed Mercenary Scythian Armored Horse Archers having wrong unit card.
– Changed “Release Captives” to “Ransom Captives”
– Fixed Mac Wars Sparta having extra garrison units, added special tier 5 barracks.
– Fixed tier 1 Illyrian Medaurus temple having wrong upkeep cost.
– Fixed Lugii having wrong building for Victory Condition (new campaign only)
– Removed some AOR units from Odyrssian custom battle roster to match campaign roster.

– sourav for the wonderful unit cards! Thanks again!


Future Plans

Next we will be starting work on a larger update that will include some new features for the Alexander submod, some new features for the main mod and also may include some new battle updates. KAM will possibly have a new experimental pack for those who enjoy testing soon! We also have a website in the works.

New Alexander Co-Op Version!

After many requests and a lot more issues than I expected, I have a test version of the Alexander Submod available that has multiple factions playable. Epirus and Sparta are now available alongside Macedon, so friends can take on Persia together!

Head over to the Alexander TWC thread to check it out. Currently, this version is only available in a standalone download. Eventually, it will also be on Steam.

We also have a new update coming soon for all versions of the Alexander Campaign that will have new captain units featuring historical characters as well as various other fixes and changes. Stay tuned!

New Submods – Alternative Phalanx

KAM has recently released some interesting submods for DeI. For those of you who are not fans of the way pike formation behavior operates in Rome 2, we now have alternate versions of both hoplite and pike formations. These submods replace the existing formations with a new passive behavior that represents an “always on” formation.

These submods aren’t for everyone, I know many people love the way phalanx works in DeI and that is great! For those who may want a different style, these options are available and may help mitigate some of the weird behavior issues that some players experience with the phalanx.

Head over to our Submod forums to find out more!

Update for Alexander Submod

After a lot of great feedback, we went back to the testing phase on our latest creation – the Alexander Scenario Submod. To fix many of the issues, I did my best to test most of this past week and improve the balance. Going forward, we hope to have new features for the submod but I wanted to get the balancing right first. if you are interested, you can find the submod on TWC or on Steam.

Patch Notes

– Note: Many of the AI changes will mostly be noticeable in new campaigns.

– Reduced Persian factions’ war declaration priorities to help with early game.

– Turned down AI budget allocations for agents and navies. Lowered some allocations for armies, especially for some eastern satrapies and Egypt.

– Satrapies should no longer rebel in the early game.

– Carthage and Persia should no longer ally or go to war.

– Slight increase to aggressiveness for Sparta and Epirus.

– Added small unit upkeep reduction for Macedon.

– Reduced some AI bonuses a bit.

– Increased hitpoints for Hiera Ile bodyguard unit (Alexander’s unit).

– Increased stats for multiple Macedonian units, especially the cavalry units.

– Fixed Macedonian horse entries using light horses (now use heavy horses)

– Fixed some incorrect units in Spartan, Persian, Roman and Thracian rosters.

– Small increase to Hellenic culture in Thracian province. This should help with population replenishment and conversion.

– Reduction to garrison sizes for Persian satrapies.

– Fixed Macedonian civil war faction having the wrong name and wrong commander unit.

– Added new special capital to Babylon (new campaign only), fixed garrison and effects. In current saves the garrison will still be incorrect.

– Fixed Antioch having wrong name in Grand campaign when this submod is active. 

– Changed Memnon of Rhodes (Lydia general) to a Greek appearance to fit historically. Changed commander unit to Rhodian Elite Hoplites (new campaign only)

– Fixed Mesopotamian city having wrong resource building types (new campaign only)

1.2.5 & Alexander Submod Released!

Divide et Impera 1.2.5 Released!

–> Download Thread <–
(New Parts 1 & 2!!)

After months of work and lots of great feedback from the community, we are proud to present the latest major update for Divide et Impera! This release includes multiple major overhauls for various factions, visual updates for hundreds of older units to bring them up to speed with newer assets, a new playable faction, new campaign features and an entirely new scenario submod – Alexander!

This update is save compatible. Both parts of the standalone have been updated!
The Steam version will be updated as well.

Patch Notes (Preview Video)

New Scenario Submod Campaign – Alexander! (Download Thread)
– Head over to the Submod section to find the download thread for an entirely new scenario submod featuring the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Cimbri Overhaul & Playable Faction (Preview)
– New playable faction – the Cimbri! Now playable in campaign and custom battle.
– Completely new roster overhaul included.

Ardiaei Overhaul (Preview)
– Entirely new roster for the Ardiaei.
– Older Illyrian units have been kept for AI rosters to add variety.
– Some older units moved to faction only AOR units for Illyrians.
– Added major military port to Ardiaei minor starting settlement.

Medewi Overhaul (Preview)
– Multiple new units added.
– Visual overhaul for other units.

Sparta & Pergamon Visual Overhaul (Preview)
– All new visual overhaul for many units in these rosters, especially elites.
– Hellenic generals updated with new appearances.
– New and older resources used to improve various visuals.

Miscellaneous Unit Changes
– Over 200 units redone in various rosters to bring them up to date with newer assets and textures.
– Rosters redone include Italian, Arabian, Belgian, British, Celtic, Nabatean, Nomadic, Veneti and various AOR units.
– New Thureos unit for Egypt – Linen Cataphract.
– New unit cards added for Armenia

New Faction Traits
– Various new faction traits for custom DeI factions have been added. Old traits have been overhauled to remove copied and underused traits with more unique and historically accurate ones.
– Factions changed include Edetani, Scordisci, Kartli, Masaesyli, Medewi, Caledones, Iweriu, Atropatkan and Syracuse.

New Resource
– Added amber to northern Germanic regions. It is produced by the region effect like spices and is fully tradeable.
– New amber trade route effects added to various regions going south.
– It should now be possible to complete the “own every resource” economic victory condition.

New Special Capital
– Dacian special capital has been added, Zarmizegetusa (new campaign only)
– Special bonus to diplomacy with Dacian factions when city is owned.

Population System Changes
– Slight increase to 1st class bonus when below minimum amount.
– Small reduction to overcrowding impact on 1st class.
– Reduced overall immigration movement by all classes.

– Bread & Games: Decreased food cost, increased public order bonus.
– Migration: Added building time reduction.
– Foreign Customs: Increased public order bonus.
– Romanization: Small increase to cultural conversion, added building time reduction.
– Sell Food: Increased income from ports, agriculture and livestock buildings. Small increase to food used.
– Buy Food: Increased food and growth from trade buildings and ports.
– Call to Arms: Increased recruitment cost reduction and replenishment. Added 1 recruitment slot bonus and small public order negative.

– Decreased upkeep negatives on military training technologies.
– Increased levy upkeep bonuses on final military training technologies.
– Increased ship technology bonuses in the military training tree.
– Build time reduction added to some later siege engineering technologies.

Battle Changes/Fixes
– Fixed a multitude of incorrect cavalry weapon entries.
– Fixed incorrect mass assigned to many cavalry units – this caused some units to underperform compared to their overall charge bonus and heavy appearance.
– Changed appearance of few horses of Maurya and changed their speed
– Fixed incorrect charge defence attribute of Appulian Infantry
– Sacred Band cavalry slightly nerfed
– Slithgly buffed AP damage of spears
– Small buff to Spartan unit HP
– Tweaks to hoplite phalanx, overall Hoplite units are more usefull in early game but are outclassed by late game infantry like Thorakitai
– Lowered intervals between melee attack from 4 to 3 seconds
– Charge bonus buffed a bit
– Wardogs buffed in assault roles and against light units
– Buffed elite Gallic and Germanic cav
– Buffed elite Germanic swordsmen
– Small buff to Hellenic sword unit damage

Balancing Changes/Fixes
– Added various DLC factions to major faction autoresolve bonus background script.
– Added small naval garrisons for other cultures to special ports.
– Increased and matched income for minor and major Barbarian goldsmith buildings. Slightly lowered for agricultural industry buildings tier 4.
– Renamed regions to match city names since regional distinctions are no longer used in the game’s UI.
– Added tier 3 medicus/academy buildings in minor towns to intelligence trait improvement triggers.
– Lowered Mercenary elephant respawn rates (new campaign only)
– Added new army spawn scripts in Macedonian Wars campaign for AI Macedon and Rome.
– Added new specialized effects for tier 3 and 4 Foreign Quarter buildings based on culture type.
– Added new banner for pirate faction (thanks to Jake for the banner!)
– Changed confederation names for various barbarians factions.

Sparta & Pergamon Preview

 Greetings everyone! Below you will find a preview from KAM and Agrez featuring the upcoming visual updates for Sparta and Pergamon. This will be included in 1.2.5 to be released soon!


Melee Infantry:

Royal Thorakitai:

Pergamese Thureos Swords:

Pergamese Thorakitai:

Spear Infantry:

Royal Companions:

Picked Thorax Spears (Replacing Thorax Hoplites):

Pergamese Pikemen:

Picked Thureophoroi:

Pergamese Hoplites:


Ranged Infantry:

Picked Peltats:

Phrygian Peltasts:

Pergamese Peltasts:


Royal Cavalry:

Pergamese Cavalry:

Pergamese Thorax Cavalry:



Spear Infantry:


Spartan Youths:

Spartan Hoplites:

Late Spartan Hoplites:

Spartan Pikemen:

Melee Infantry:

Spartan Thorax Swords:



Spartan Cavalry:


Seleucid Silver Shield Thorakitai:

1.2.5 Preview Video

Hello everyone! As we near release of our next major update for the mod, Lysander has made a wonderful preview video to highlight some of the upcoming changes. I hope you enjoy! We hope to have the update out in the next couple of weeks.

Huge thanks to him for putting in all the work for the video!

Sneak Preview: New Shields!

Here is a little teaser preview that will be featured in a much larger preview coming soon! Some new shield patterns for Pergamon and an entirely new shield model for the Seleucids that has a 3D boss on the front. These are part of our upcoming 1.2.5 release.