Reforms Basic Information

  • Most reforms are based on two factors: Imperium level and turn number. When a reform happens, you will get a pop-up message explaining the historical context of that reform for your faction.
  • The Upgrade technology for some factions simply allows units to be upgraded once reforms are hit, they do not unlock units themselves.
  • When a Reform for a faction occurs, new units will be available to recruit and the older versions will no longer be recruitable.
  • The AI has different requirements for Reforms, they only require a certain turn number. Some player factions use these AI Reforms for their own reforms such as Carthage, Armenia, Odryssia and Illyria.


Player Cultural Reform Triggers:


  • Polybian – Imperium level 3, minimum turns 40
  • Marian – Imperium level 5, minimum turns 100
  • Imperial – Imperium level 7, minimum turns 210

Greek\Successor Kingdoms

  • Thureos – Imperium level 3, minimum turns 50
  • Thorax – Imperium level 5, minimum turns 120

Barbarian (German, Celtic, Gallic, Celtiberian)

  • Neitos – Imperium level 4, minimum turns 90


  • Kingdom Reforms – Imperium level 3, turn 60
  • Imperial Reforms – Imperium Level 5, turn 130


Global (AI) Cultural Reform Triggers:


  • Polybian – Turn 50
  • Marian – Turn 120
  • Imperial – Turn 220

Greek\Successor Kingdoms
*Carthaginian, Armenian, Odyrssian and Illyrian reforms will trigger 4 turns after these reforms.

  • Thureos – Turn 60
  • Thorax – Turn 130

Barbarian (German, Celtic, Gallic, Celtiberian)

  • German – Turn 115
  • Iberian – Turn 117
  • Celtic/Dacian – Turn 110


  • Kingdom Reforms – Turn 70
  • Imperial Reforms – Turn 140


Special Reforms

Some factions have special reform requirements that do not rely on imperium level or turn number like the normal system. When these conditions have been met, the player will receive a message that the reform is happening and a countdown (usually 10 to 20 turns).

Saka Rauka Reforms

  • Once the faction owns the regions bordering India (Transoxiana and Baktria), the reforms will trigger.

Royal Scythia Reforms

  • The reforms can be triggered 2 ways. Either 100 turns of owning a region of another Scythian/Sarmatian faction or 70 turns and 10 battles against other Scythian/Sarmatian factions.

Dacian Reforms

  • They require 100 turns and 10 battles with Rome or Nomads for the player or 130 turns for the AI.

Mauryan Reforms

  • They require 100 turns and cultural conversion of Transoxiana and Chorasmia.

Median Reforms

  • Iranian reforms happen for this faction at turn 65.
  • Imperial reforms happen after securing Parsa, Nisa and Seleukeia and after turn 211.

British Reforms

  • They owning all the British isles and turn 110 to begin the countdown toward reforms.
  • Factions include Iceni, Iweriu and Caledones.


DLC Campaign Reforms

Most factions start at a higher reform tier in DLC campaigns, especially Rome. Rome starts at Polybian in HatG, Marian in CiG and Imperial in IA (these decisions were made so that there would be a campaign to reflect each Roman reform level). Some factions still have reforms, these include:

Hannibal at the Gates:

  • Iberian – Player Imperium 4, Turn 80 ; AI 100

Caesar in Gaul:

  • Celtic/German/Iberian – Player Imperium 3, Turn 20; AI Turn 35


Reforms FAQ:

Q. My Reforms are not working or are not activating, what is wrong?
A. You may be using another mod that affects the scripting.lua file, which will conflict with DeI. These include camera mods.

Q. Why do you use Imperium level rather than a specific set of circumstances?
A. We wanted to allow the players more freedom in how to progress their campaigns. Rather than having a specific set of historical circumstances that have to be met on every playthrough, we felt the Imperium mechanic allows for a more open-ended campaign experience that can still include historical reforms. 

Q. Why did you choose to have a minimum turn number rather than a set historical year for the reforms?
A. Because our mod is 4 turns per year, it just wasn’t feasible to set the reforms at their historical date. For example, if we wanted to make Marian Reforms occur around 100 B.C, the player would have to play almost 700 turns to reach that. While we want the player to have a historical experience, we also take into account gameplay to create a more reasonable setting.

Q. Why did you choose Imperium level X or turn number Y?
A. We tried to balance empire size and game length so that the Reforms are obtainable at junctions that make sense for gameplay.

Q. Why are some garrison units from reform periods other than my current one?
A. Unfortunately, the scripting limitations of the game prevent us from changing garrison units properly. We have tried to work around this where possible, but there may be a few odd units here and there.