1.3 Barbarian Roster Overhaul – Nervii Roster Preview!

We are back again with another preview from Q_Sertorius and CEMN featuring the Nervii! These changes will be implemented in our upcoming mod update and can already be experienced in our current submod betas available on our Discord.

The Nervii

Caesar reported that the Belgae were the bravest of all the Gauls. Among the Belgae, the Nervii were particularly noteworthy in this category. For this reason, DeI uses them to represent the various Belgic tribes. The Nervii were reportedly very strong in infantry and this is reflected in their roster. The Nervii have solid and respectable infantry in each major category, possessing capable spear, axe, sword, phalanx, and missile units. Additionally, thanks to their fellow Belgae tribes, the Remi and Treveri, they also have very powerful cavalry (although not on the same widespread scale as the Arverni). On the whole, while the Nervii do not particularly excel in any given area, they have solid options across a broader range than most Celtic factions. The Nervii are probably the most well-rounded of any Celtic tribe in this overhaul.

Geographically, the Belgae lived in Northern France and Belgium. From this area, they spread across into southeastern England. Throughout the DeI time period, cultural influences followed trade routes back and forth. This is described not only in the historical sources, but can also be seen in the archaeological record. This cultural exchange is heavily reflected in the Nervii aesthetic. Additionally, the Belgae were also greatly influenced by their contact with Germanic tribes across the Rhine. These cultural connections are reflected throughout the faction in the appearance, equipment and way of fighting. For instance, some men grow long beards as a sign of manliness like the Germans, or lyme it to appear taller and frightening like the Britons, and use woad to paint their bodies in elaborate patterns to showcase their bravery and devotion to the gods.

More previews to come soon!

1.3 Barbarian Overhaul – Galatian Roster Preview!

The Galatians

Greetings everyone, we have another treat today from Q_Sertorius and CEMN – a Galatian preview. These units and roster revisions will be featured in our upcoming 1.3 mod update and can also be tried ahead of time in our current Barbarian submod beta pack. Check out our discord for details!

The Galatians were a Celtic people from Central Europe who invaded the Balkans during the 270’s BC, before eventually crossing to Asia Minor and settling in the Anatolian high lands. Having carved out a territory for themselves, the Galatians remained a player in Anatolian politics for nearly three centuries. They were originally composed of three tribes: the Tectosages, the Trocmii, and the Tolistobogii (a fourth tribe, the Aigosages, later joined them). They were closely related to the Scordisci and Boii, but their tribal connections extended even to southern Gaul, where a branch of the Tectosages lived (Roman authors reported finding loot from the Celtic invasion of Greece in temples belonging to the Volcae Tectosages). Due to their central location in the heart of the Hellenistic world and their constant interactions with the rival Hellenistic powers, the Galatians absorbed a great deal of Hellenic cultural influence, despite remaining culturally Celtic for much of their history.

In terms of their roster, the Galatians are strongest in melee infantry. They are brawlers par excellence, being the only playable Celtic faction which can recruit large units of Third Class swords. The Galatians are also one of two Celtic factions to get access to chariots (these are based upon Lucian, an ancient source of suspect reliability, but a source none-the-less). If nothing else, this gives them a way for their warriors to die in style. But, bold players will note that chariots can be utterly devastating against lightly-armed levies, which form substantial parts of early eastern armies. The Galatians are respectable in several other key areas, but players may quickly notice a relative weakness in long-ranged missiles and heavy cavalry, particularly in comparison with their eastern neighbors. These weaknesses are, however, easily addressed by careful augmentation with mercenary and Area of Recruitment troops (AOR) from nearby areas. A player who chooses not to rely heavily on AOR units is likely to experience quite a challenge.

The Galatians benefit a great deal from other cultural reforms as well – gaining access to experienced soldiers who have served in other Hellenistic armies at the Thureos and Thorax reforms. Thus, the Galatian roster presents the interesting historical reality of Celtic soldiers fighting for Hellenistic rulers, learning new skills and gaining new equipment, then returning to fight for their own faction. Due to their historically-attested Roman influences, the Galatians also gain access to very capable legionary units.

Galatia draws many aesthetic influences from the Hellenic world, which is reflected in unit equipment obtained through raid, trade, or even service in Hellenic armies as they often were historically. But, there are also hints of other influences having migrated through the Balkans, Thrace and settling in diverse Asia Minor. Finally, due to the warm climate of Asia Minor, many Galatians choose to go shortsleeved or even without wearing pants – perhaps inspired by their new neighbors…