Fix Update 1.3.3c

A small fix update has been released for the mod, please see below for details!

Save game compatible, only Part 1 updated.

Update 1.3.3c

– Fixed bug where Alexander and Julius Caesar would appear as leaders of Celtic tribes (woops!)
– Fixed Cherusci pikemen unit card
– Fixed Seleucid chapter mission requiring wrong elephant type
– Fixed Cappadocian Lancers having wrong unit description
– Updated some Lugii unit descriptions
– Fixed Belgic levy infantry missing from Nervii custom battle roster
– Fixed Carthage having an incorrect siege unit in custom battles
– Fixed Germanic temple missing income reduction effect
– Removed income negative for Eastern small town trader buildings
– Fixed Indian ships missing from special port recruitment
– Added RoR Rome to defensive autoresolve script
– Fixed Cimbri bodyguard unit not receiving proper bodyguard effects

Mithridatic Wars Teaser

Hey everyone, hope your holidays are going well! I just wanted to drop a teaser image for our upcoming new campaign – The Mithridatic Wars! Set in between the first and second war during Sulla’s march on Italy, this campaign will focus on both a Roman civil war and the war with Pontus.
We will have more news soon about a public beta that will be coming. Have a Merry Christmas!

Divide et Impera 1.3.1a Fix Update!

This small update brings various post-1.3.1 fixes to the mod. We appreciate the feedback and continued support! You can find the standalone on the Download page, only part 1 has been updated.

Update 1.3.1a

– Fixed imperium loyalty effects not properly working – this will lower loyalty, especially at higher imperiums.
– Fixed a few textures and models that were not properly updated in 1.3.1.
– Updated unit cards for Scythians and a few other units
– Fixed Alexander campaign supply values resetting when after game load. Saved games will get the supply first turn pop up message again.
– Increased industrial income region bonus for Numantia and Ebora
– Fixed Greek Euzonoi factional variants missing javelins
– Updated in flight projectile models for various Iberian units.
– Rhodian naval units now use population class 3
– Polished appearances for many Iberian and Germanic units, generals and officers.
– Replaced Germanic metal crossband helmets and axes with more accurate models
– Added a few new Germanic shield patterns
– Added some new beards for barbarians.
– New axe model for elite Germanic units
– Fixed various minor unit visual issues.
– Fixed Galatian Thorax AOR unit not being recruitable
– Fixed some artillery army tradition effects that were not working
– Increased upkeep reduction from champion background skills
– Changed melee weapon entry for Cimbri sword unit
– Adjusted morale for several Nervii units
– Minor adjustments to morale for Gallic/Celtic AI units
– Fixed Lusitani Skirmishers animation entry
– Fixed indian AOR units being in civil war rosters across the map
– Fixed political ancillary spouses missing effects
– Fixed Egypt Linen Cataphracts not being grayed out
– Removed Athens and Sparta militia hoplites from levy unit sets
– Fixed some Egyptian units missing from some minor township recruitment
– Fixed Roman Quinquiremes missing from tier 3 small port
– Fixed stats for Medewi cavalry
– Added missile block chance to Medewi quilted cataphracts
– Removed repel cavalry formation from several Roman units
– Added unique garrison visuals for Arevaci and Lusitani
– Adjusted faction colors for Iberian non playable factions
– Adjusted visuals for Iberian and Cimbri units
– Fixed visual and stat inconsistencies with various barbarian units
– Added new helmet for Lusitani generals
– Adjusted appearances for Galatian and Libyan/Mauretanian generals
– Adjusted horse equipment for Celtic horses
– Fixed Satrapal Palatial building mispelled name
– Fixed emergent Indian faction and civil war factions missing proper garrison entries
– Fixed Bronze shield pikes having slightly buffed stats after patch
– Moved Macedonian AOR dart slingers to thorax reform and changed population class to match core roster unit
– Removed campaign cap for Egyptian Hepteres ships

New Revised Grand Campaign Beta Submod!

We have a new beta submod available for those interested. This submod updates the Grand campaign in many new and interesting ways. It also provides more moddability for submodders and for the main mod itself going forward.

Steam Version

Standalone Version

Features Include:

New Building Slots
New Starting Buildings
New Wonder Buildings
Return of the Roman Families
New Culture – Numidian
New Starting Characters/Family Trees
New Starting Diplomacy/Situations
New Secession Factions
Better Early AI Recruitment
Extra Moddability
And Much More!

Please note most submods will not be compatible with this, especially startpos submods such as TPY/AFP/etc. Also, a new campaign is required.

Fix Update 1.2.8a

A small fix update has been released for the latest 1.2.8 version of the mod. If you use the standalone, you will need to get Part 1 again. Steam will automatically update.

This fix is save compatible.


Patch Notes 1.2.8a

– Fixed some AOR units missing from recruitment for a few factions.
– Fixed Greek Thureos swords not being properly greyed out/hidden pre reforms.
– Fixed Thracian Peltasts description
– Rhodian Light Hoplites are no longer locked to pre-Thureos (new campaigns).
– Fixed various light artillery pieces missing campaign stealth
– Fixed some factional tier 4 unique ports missing from population/supply system.
– Fixed some Bosporan units being 4th class by mistake.
– Added Noble Thureos Spears Illyrian unit to barracks recruitment.
– Increased Illyrian Sica Bearers to 300 man size unit.
– Fixed HatG and CiG Massalia missing special port/capital access and having wrong barracks as starting building.
– Fixed Apulian infantry being recruitable from tier 2 major cities for Greek/Roman factions. Should be tier 3 only now for all city types.
– Slightly lowered stats of Camillan Triarii
– Lowered shield value for new Iberian Reform Infantry
– Fixed Scythian noble cavalry having wrong mount entry
– Fixed voice entry for Arverni early oatshworn and unit set for them and champions.
– Changed various Massalia Gallic and Bosporan Nomad units to be factional versions of those units. Bosporan cavalry have new units sizes and updated stats.
– Fixed typo in 240 BC year in history message
– Medewi Painted warriors are now a population class 2 skirmisher unit. Basic Medewi skirmishers have slightly lowered stats.
– Moved some Medewi units to higher recruitment tiers.
– Gave basic Medewi swordsmen new visuals for weapons.

Unit Database Updated for 1.2.8!

–> Updated Unit Database <–


With a successful beta coming to a close, we are happy to announce that the unit database has been updated to the current units for 1.2.8. Although this mod version is still in beta, it won’t be long before it is fully released!

Thanks to everyone on the team and in the community for helping with 1.2.8, the feedback and progress during the beta has been immense. Please enjoy the updated unit database and we will have more information on our upcoming full release soon!