Fix Update 1.2.8a

A small fix update has been released for the latest 1.2.8 version of the mod. If you use the standalone, you will need to get Part 1 again. Steam will automatically update.

This fix is save compatible.


Patch Notes 1.2.8a

– Fixed some AOR units missing from recruitment for a few factions.
– Fixed Greek Thureos swords not being properly greyed out/hidden pre reforms.
– Fixed Thracian Peltasts description
– Rhodian Light Hoplites are no longer locked to pre-Thureos (new campaigns).
– Fixed various light artillery pieces missing campaign stealth
– Fixed some factional tier 4 unique ports missing from population/supply system.
– Fixed some Bosporan units being 4th class by mistake.
– Added Noble Thureos Spears Illyrian unit to barracks recruitment.
– Increased Illyrian Sica Bearers to 300 man size unit.
– Fixed HatG and CiG Massalia missing special port/capital access and having wrong barracks as starting building.
– Fixed Apulian infantry being recruitable from tier 2 major cities for Greek/Roman factions. Should be tier 3 only now for all city types.
– Slightly lowered stats of Camillan Triarii
– Lowered shield value for new Iberian Reform Infantry
– Fixed Scythian noble cavalry having wrong mount entry
– Fixed voice entry for Arverni early oatshworn and unit set for them and champions.
– Changed various Massalia Gallic and Bosporan Nomad units to be factional versions of those units. Bosporan cavalry have new units sizes and updated stats.
– Fixed typo in 240 BC year in history message
– Medewi Painted warriors are now a population class 2 skirmisher unit. Basic Medewi skirmishers have slightly lowered stats.
– Moved some Medewi units to higher recruitment tiers.
– Gave basic Medewi swordsmen new visuals for weapons.

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  1. can you please make the previous version available for DL – the newest does not seem to actually be save-game compatible. I try to load my old campaign and it’s crashing every time, i’ve also tried all the potential fixes

  2. Problem with stats box of level 2,3,4 Barrack of Epeiros factions (Grand Campaign).

    I started playing Epeiros faction in Grand Campaign, level 1 Barrack stats box show info if it’s moused-over, I upgrade from level 1 Barrack to level 2 Barrack, level 2 Barrack stats box still show the info when I mouse-over at first start. But the problem happens when I Save the game, later I load the game to continue the campaign, level 2 Barrack stats box doesn’t show info anymore when I mouse-over, I have to left-click the icon to see further info.

    This problem can happen to any faction of any campaign. Please check and fix, thank you.

  3. I am playing as Cimmeria, Arche Bosphorus, and I am not able to recruit any heavy cavalry auxiliaries. Specifically, sarmatian cataphracts from Sarmatia region, Armenian Armored Horse Archers from Armenia, Alan Noble Cavalry and Nissean Cavalry from Parthia, and Roxolani Lancers from Nomadic Steppes. Everything else seems to be fine. What could be the issue?

  4. Hello there
    How to add a character to family tree?
    This mod is great but need to add Tirdad(tridates) to family tree of Parthia.
    Tirdad is brother of Arashk(arsaces) and he played a full color in the expansion of the Parthia.
    Thanks ?

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