New Public Beta 1.3.4!

Today we are excited to announce a new Public Beta for Divide et Impera! We will be running this beta through the summer. Highlights include an updated Nabatea roster, Dacian visual overhauls, many new appearance overhauls for Barbarians, udpates for the RoR campaign and much more. Below you will find the full initial patch notes. These will change as they beta proceeds.

To participate in the beta, simply download the following file or subscribe on Steam. To help give feedback, please consider joining our Discord. Thanks!

Steam Version: Subscribe

Manual Download: Download (Mirror)

Place the manual download in your data folder.

Please be aware both of these versions need to be loaded above the main mod. They also will not be compatible with many current submods. They are save compatible.

Patch Notes

Battle Changes
– Added longer knockdown time
– Small adjustments to hit chance/attack intervals
– Small morale adjustments
– Small increase to anti cav bonus for non AP lances
– Adjusted melee penalties for flank/rear defense
– Small increase to elephant and chariot charge distance/speed

Nabatea Overhaul WIP
– New units for Nabatea
– Stat tweaks to most of their units
– Full visual overhaul for the roster

AI Dacian Roster Changes WIP
– Updated AI Dacian roster with a full visual overhaul
– Minor tweaks to AI Dacian units to distinguish roles
– More to come for the Getae as the beta goes!

Unit Changes WIP
– New sword-axe mix weapon entries for various barbarian units. Stats are a mix of existing sword and axe weapons, giving higher damage but less AP.
– New unit cards for various Germanic and Boii units
– Adjusted Lugii recruitment options between main buildings and barracks
– Lugii Sword bodyguard now available pre-reform, Heavy Cavalry bodyguard post reform
– Fixed Cappadocian Lancers having Bosporan appearance
– Fixed Roman Quinquiremes missing from some small port recruitment levels
– Updaed visuals for various generals including Boii, Celts, Cartahge, Dacians, Illyrians, Lugii, Cimbri.
– Many new helmets, armors and other models for Dacians and Celts.
– Hundreds of other smaller fixes and changes

Campaign Changes
– Fixed population system not properly working in multiplayer games.
– Changed AI Greek colony factions to prefer liberating or subjugating over occupying. Also changed their AI to be more defensive (new campaigns only)
– Changed several ancillaries to make more interesting options and combinations
– Adjusted some siege army traditions and character skills
– Removed Empire Maintenance reduction from Dignitaries and replaced it with new skills (was not working properly)
– Adjusted resources’ trade and strategic values
– Changed various building effects to create different synergies and more interesting combinations
– Lowered total admiral/fleets allowed at higher imperium levels in the GC.
– Fixed Iberian technologies unlocking tier 2 and 3 of the Veterans Hall in reverse order
– Fixed Media Magna province having the wrong weather settings

Rise of the Republic Changes
– Fixed various RotR factions not properly recruiting navies.
– Changed Nuragic personality to be more defensive in RoR
– Added Roman velites to RoR roster
– Added new RoR mercenaries: Lucanian Heavy Missile Cavalry, Etruscan Archers, Hirpini Ambushers, and Ligurian infantry (new campaign only)
– Changed javelin type for RoR Veneti Heavy cavalry
– Adjusted autoresolve script for RoR, made carthage a bit more powerful
– Adjusted names for various RoR units to reflect picked or chosen status.

Smaller Fixes
– Fixed many secession and civil war factions having wrong commander unit entries
– Fixed vanilla bugged effect text having wrong effect description
– Removed erroneous bodyguard bonuses for many older units sharing vanilla unit keys.
– Fixed Seleucids missing 2 units in custom battle roster
– Changed name of Former Slave trait to Former Hostage to better fit noble class
– Changed Parthia’s faction select government description to match in game type
– Fixed Epirus chapter six mission requiring wrong elephant types
– Atropatene Kinsmen weapon entry tier lowered
– Adjusted visuals and stats of Linen Cataphracts

– Summary for all the help as always, the unit cards, and everything else!
– CEMMEN for the dacian and barbarian overhauls
– Flourpuss for help with the barbarian overhaul
– Q_Sertorius for all the work on the RoR and campaign changes
– Scorilo for the new models! Huge thanks!
– Ritter back at it again with the new dacian shields!
– CzarHussar for help on the Nabatea models

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