Divide et Impera 1.3.3 Update Released!

Divide et Impera 1.3.3 Overview

Although our summer update has pushed itself into late Autumn, we have finally brought the beta to a close. Divide et Impera 1.3.3 has arrived! This update includes the long-awaited Rise of the Republic overhaul, roster overhauls for Saba and Saka in the grand campaign and hundreds of other new features and fixes. Please see the patch notes for details.

You can head over to our Download Page to get the latest update. Steam will update automatically. It is save compatible. We will be working on updating submods as we can.

Patch Notes

Rise of the Republic Overhaul
– Massive overhaul of the RotR campaign with tons of changes to bring it up to mod standards.
– All unit rosters have been updated and reworked to better fit the time period.
– Many campaign systems have been fixed and/or updated.
– New army spawns and scripted help for Carthage to make it a more viable later game opponent for some factions.

Saba Overhaul
– Unit appearances and stats have been updated for Saba.
– Various new reform units based on Greek global reforms.

Saka Rauka Overhaul
– Overhauled unit roster for Saka Rauka.

Battle Changes
– Small adjustments to battle camera min/max distance
– Small reduction to short pike damage
– Adjustments to spear & long/short pike length
– Crossbow units running speed reduced
– Morale tweaks
– Fixed a battle crash when crossbow units are present.
– New custom banner icon for phalanx unit class.
– Ballista and Onager stats reworked to better define their roles.

Mauryan Government Actions
– Replaced Mauryan government options with new governmental actions that can be activated by the player.

Major Changes
– Visual overhauls for Boii, Edetani, Kartli, Kimbroz, Sweboz, Scordisci. This includes fixing visual bugs, new officers and standard bearers, new historically accurate helmets and other models.
– Added saddleless horses for Germanic cavalry units and various new horse appearances
– Turned down AI nomad supply usage
– Increase public order bonus for AI in Alexander and Mithridatic wars campaigns to help with long term stability issues from rebellions in script restricted map areas
– Fixed a bug in the population system where growth would stop and the UI values would not match the actual population values.

Smaller Fixes & Changes
– Added Syrian Elephant unit to Seleucids, replacing regular armored elephants
– Updated late Atropatkan standard bearers (thanks to skilfulltree)
– Added new campaign appearance for Rome’s main city building.
– New unit cards for some Massalian units
– Updated visuals and spacing for some Macedonian heavy cavalry units
– Moved Roman Capite Censi Legionaries to main settlement building chains
– Fixed Eastern faction group trait missing title
– Fixed Caledones chapter 2 mission having wrong tech requirement
– Removed old vanilla factional mercenaries for british IA campaign factions (new campaign only)
– Fixed Thracian Medium cavalry having a bugged shield texture
– Changed Merchant Adventurer ancillary to also be used by dignitaries
– Fixed some Year in History texts having various mistakes.
– Fixed some special capitals missing various garrison units
– Added levy tag to Mauryan Reserve Infantry
– Fixed Medewi frontend faction selection image
– Added Updated cultural icons for Nomadic, Buddhism, Italian and Hinduism
– Fixed wrong victory conditions for Mithridatic Wars Pontus building
– Fixed victory conditions in Mithridatic Wars having the same province requirements for different victory types
– Fixed spelling error in Greek reform tech description
– Changed weapon and shield entries for Kartli skirmishers
– Fixed chapter 4 Iceni mission requiring wrong unit types
– Spartan Neodemades entity updated to regular rather than Spartan hoplite
– Fixed wrong formation for early Roman units
– AOR Scoridsci infantry weapon updated from falx to elite sickle, cost adjusted
– Skiritai class changed to missile (melee skirmishers)
– Removed reference to javelins from some thorax spear units
– Macedonian royal peltast pikes/swords appearance updated
– Fixed Nervii missing access to amber and spice resource buildings
– Spartan Neodemades entity updated to regular rather than Spartan hoplite
– Skiritai class changed to missile (melee skirmishers)
– New models courtesy of Pelicuan: Iberian standards and war horns, Arverni ceremonial helmets, and more.
– New Celtic helmets courtesy of Celticus and the Rome HD team.
– New generals for Ligurians and Veneti.
– Fixed unit sizes for some Germanic skirmisher starting units
– Fixed Carthaginian Numidian mercenary cavalry missing numidian mount types
– Added Thracian reform requirements to upgrade technology description
– Fixed some bad texture lighting on some campaign map tiles in GC (thanks Venator!)
– Fixed British ambusher unit missing from Caledonian roster
– Removed the highest tier ship types from Bosporan roster
– Fixed Greek Quinquireme ships not being recruitable from small tier 3 ports, moved them from tier 2
– Increased xp gain from higher tier military academy buildings for generals garrisoned
– Improved siege defense attrition bonuses from forum storage and some sanitaiton buildings
– Added siege defense attrition bonuses to some main city tier 3 and 4 variants
– Hundreds of other smaller fixes.

– Q_Sertorius and CEMMEN for the tireless work on the RotR overhaul.
– KAM and CzarHussar for the Saba and Saka overhauls
– Swaraj and Sumamry for the Mauryan changes and lots of help!
– Summary for the culture icons, unit icons and other great UI work!
– Pelicuan for various new models, thanks!
– Celticus for some great helmets.
– skilfulltree for the new Atropatkan late standard bearers
– Many alpha testers for the RotR update, thanks!
– yaxl3y for the ui icons!
– Various armor and helmet textures from Venator Vicain
– Ligurian shields from Willhelm92
– Summary, Pilcuan and Venator Vicain for help on the Saka overhaul
– Venator Vicain for the phalanx icons
– Litharion for the pop system fix, thanks buddy!