1.3.2a Fix Patch Update

A small fix patch has been released for 1.3.2. Steam will automatically update. If you are using the standalone, you need to redownload part 1 only. The fix patch is save compatible.

Patch Notes

– Fixed Dahae missing commander unit options
– Fixed mistake in Galatian chapter 5 mission
– Fixed Seleucid elephant unit having wrong animation
– Darkened new arrows since they were a bit too shiny in some weather conditions
– Added custom civil war/separatist factions to Mithridatic Wars Pontic faction so it doesn’t interfere with the grand campaign.
– Fixed some army spawns in Mithridatic wars repeating unintentionally
– Removed some older AOR scandanavian units from germanic rosters that have been replaced by newer AOR units
– Updated unit cards for various Successor short pike and cavalry units
– Moved Sarmatian Lancers mercenary unit to Sarmatia from Lugia, added Germanic unit in its place (new campaign only)
– Fixed appearance for Hyrkanian Infantry
– Updated remaining 300 size elite bodyguard units with increased custom battle costs
– Changed shield entry for Equites Consulares
– Added higher horse mass for Late Equites Extraordinarii and a better shield
– Changed Epirus’ elephants to Indian variant, lowered upkeep for starting unit (new campaign only)
– Updated Alexander faction icon, color and initial loading screen (thanks Summary!)
– Fixed Seleucid commander unit missing cavalry type informational icon
– Fixed incorrect research rate bonus for Zarmizegetusa ancient capital
– Changed Galatian bodyguard option in campaign to correct spear unit
– Updated campaign map overlay image to fix some spelling errors and improve the font (thanks Summary!)