1.3.2a Fix Patch Update

A small fix patch has been released for 1.3.2. Steam will automatically update. If you are using the standalone, you need to redownload part 1 only. The fix patch is save compatible.

Patch Notes

– Fixed Dahae missing commander unit options
– Fixed mistake in Galatian chapter 5 mission
– Fixed Seleucid elephant unit having wrong animation
– Darkened new arrows since they were a bit too shiny in some weather conditions
– Added custom civil war/separatist factions to Mithridatic Wars Pontic faction so it doesn’t interfere with the grand campaign.
– Fixed some army spawns in Mithridatic wars repeating unintentionally
– Removed some older AOR scandanavian units from germanic rosters that have been replaced by newer AOR units
– Updated unit cards for various Successor short pike and cavalry units
– Moved Sarmatian Lancers mercenary unit to Sarmatia from Lugia, added Germanic unit in its place (new campaign only)
– Fixed appearance for Hyrkanian Infantry
– Updated remaining 300 size elite bodyguard units with increased custom battle costs
– Changed shield entry for Equites Consulares
– Added higher horse mass for Late Equites Extraordinarii and a better shield
– Changed Epirus’ elephants to Indian variant, lowered upkeep for starting unit (new campaign only)
– Updated Alexander faction icon, color and initial loading screen (thanks Summary!)
– Fixed Seleucid commander unit missing cavalry type informational icon
– Fixed incorrect research rate bonus for Zarmizegetusa ancient capital
– Changed Galatian bodyguard option in campaign to correct spear unit
– Updated campaign map overlay image to fix some spelling errors and improve the font (thanks Summary!)

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  1. We will wait for Hayk as playable faction. Tigranes the Great was the king of kings and should be added as playable!

  2. Thanks for this mod i love it, just one question, as i advance in my campain the end turn takes more and more time, some times almost 5 minutes to end the turn, is this normal? or im doing something wrong, ones more thank you for the mod and i hope you can answer my question, thanks.

  3. can u guys fix octavian helmet designs,it supposed to be black like from older versions of dei…Thanks

  4. When clicking on Pyrrhus’ Mercenary Roster it still shows the Syrian Elephants instead of the Indian ones. Was this intentional?
    Additionally, has any of these changes affected Campaign AI? It seems to be more conservative than the usual on Normal Difficulty.

  5. DEI Team please fix a bug where when a wall wag destroyed by a siege weapon and collapse the game crashes

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