Divide et Impera 1.3.1a Fix Update!

This small update brings various post-1.3.1 fixes to the mod. We appreciate the feedback and continued support! You can find the standalone on the Download page, only part 1 has been updated.

Update 1.3.1a

– Fixed imperium loyalty effects not properly working – this will lower loyalty, especially at higher imperiums.
– Fixed a few textures and models that were not properly updated in 1.3.1.
– Updated unit cards for Scythians and a few other units
– Fixed Alexander campaign supply values resetting when after game load. Saved games will get the supply first turn pop up message again.
– Increased industrial income region bonus for Numantia and Ebora
– Fixed Greek Euzonoi factional variants missing javelins
– Updated in flight projectile models for various Iberian units.
– Rhodian naval units now use population class 3
– Polished appearances for many Iberian and Germanic units, generals and officers.
– Replaced Germanic metal crossband helmets and axes with more accurate models
– Added a few new Germanic shield patterns
– Added some new beards for barbarians.
– New axe model for elite Germanic units
– Fixed various minor unit visual issues.
– Fixed Galatian Thorax AOR unit not being recruitable
– Fixed some artillery army tradition effects that were not working
– Increased upkeep reduction from champion background skills
– Changed melee weapon entry for Cimbri sword unit
– Adjusted morale for several Nervii units
– Minor adjustments to morale for Gallic/Celtic AI units
– Fixed Lusitani Skirmishers animation entry
– Fixed indian AOR units being in civil war rosters across the map
– Fixed political ancillary spouses missing effects
– Fixed Egypt Linen Cataphracts not being grayed out
– Removed Athens and Sparta militia hoplites from levy unit sets
– Fixed some Egyptian units missing from some minor township recruitment
– Fixed Roman Quinquiremes missing from tier 3 small port
– Fixed stats for Medewi cavalry
– Added missile block chance to Medewi quilted cataphracts
– Removed repel cavalry formation from several Roman units
– Added unique garrison visuals for Arevaci and Lusitani
– Adjusted faction colors for Iberian non playable factions
– Adjusted visuals for Iberian and Cimbri units
– Fixed visual and stat inconsistencies with various barbarian units
– Added new helmet for Lusitani generals
– Adjusted appearances for Galatian and Libyan/Mauretanian generals
– Adjusted horse equipment for Celtic horses
– Fixed Satrapal Palatial building mispelled name
– Fixed emergent Indian faction and civil war factions missing proper garrison entries
– Fixed Bronze shield pikes having slightly buffed stats after patch
– Moved Macedonian AOR dart slingers to thorax reform and changed population class to match core roster unit
– Removed campaign cap for Egyptian Hepteres ships