Divide et Impera 1.3.2 Public Beta Released!

After many months of work we are proud to present our latest update! For those interested in trying it out, we are releasing a public beta before the changes are incorporated into the main mod. Divide et Impera 1.3.2 features an all new campaign (Mithridatic Wars), overhauls to the Nomads, many visual updates to a ton of units and a lot of bug fixes. Please see the links below to give it a try!


Standalone Download: 1.3.2 Public Beta (Mirror)

Steam Version: 1.3.2 Public Beta on Steam

Please make sure to load the beta before the main mod. It is save compatible. However, it will not be compatible with most submods until those submods are updated.


  • For the Standalone version, download the file and unzip it into your Rome 2 data directory. Load Mod Manager, activate the mod and make sure it is loaded above the main mod.
  • For Steam, subscribe and then activate the mod in mod manager. Make sure it is loaded above the main mod.

Patch Notes

New Campaign – Mithridatic Wars
– New campaign set in 83 BC after the First Mithridatic War. This campaign takes place during Sulla’s Civil War.
– 3 New playable factions: Sullani, Mariani and Pontus.
– For now this is single player only, we will be working on a multiplayer version.

– Overhauled faction with new units for the entire roster.
– More nomad updates to come as the beta goes along!

– New unit cards, some updated unit appearances
– Removed Spartan Thorax Hoplites, added Thorax Pikes
– Spartan Guest Hoplites changed to population class 4

Character Skills, Ancillaries & Traditions
– New custom army traditions for Maurya
– Updated many army tradition effects to make them more unique for various factions
– Updated various ancillaries to apply bonuses to chariots that should have been originally (charioteer, etc)
– Improved army master ancillary effect
– Improved cooldown rate, aura size and scope for Daring Admiral
– Changed the movement rage effects for various army traditions and skills
– Changed various army traditions to focus more on chariots/elephants where it matches the tradition
– Changed many effects from political power to gravitas
– Tier 3 spy skill now provides Zeal instead of Cunning
– Changed champion background skills that applied to Single Combat to apply to Slaughter instead

Unit Visual & Stat Changes
– New, better arrow models added for more visibility during flight – thanks Summary!
– Updated look of shared Hellenic thorax spear and sword units
– Updated Ptolemaic swordsmen graphics
– Syrian elephants now have updated armor graphics
– Seleucid Hypaspistai, early Hetairoi and Thessalian Thorax cav have updated looks
– Various units with updated unit cards thanks to Summary!
– Stat & visual changes for Carthaginian mercenary units
– Many stat and visual changes for Iberian and Celtic units.
– Various adjustments to Iberian and Celtiberian rosters and recruitment.
– Garrison unit visual changes for many barbarian factions to make them more unique based on culture.
– Gallic factions now have tier 5 garrison cavalry, celtic factions have sword units.

Major Changes
– Fixed a bug in the autoresolve script that would cause minor factions to gain bonuses when attacking other AI. Thanks to k4mil for reporting this!
– Added new AI Seleucid army spawns periodically to help bolster the faction.
– Fixed ancillaries (household) and plagues not working in Alexander campaign.
– Changed the campaign appearance for some higher tier nomadic buildings to look more settled/civilized.
– Added new Iberian name pool for certain Iberian factions (Edetani, etc.) from CEMMEN
– Lowered AI Seleucid naval budget
– Barbarian temples have been rebalanced with new effects for various lines to make them more desirable.
– Increased chance for Brawler trait to go up and removed age restrictions
– Increased cost to reform government

Battle Changes
– Expert charge defence removed from all units to fix a Rome 2 bug where charging cavalry would lose more men on a rear charge compared to frontal charge
– Cavalry and infantry mass adjusted for better holding effect of spearmen vs cavalry charge
– Bonus vs cavalry heavily increased for spear units
– New Repel cavalry formation that improves unit bracing and anti-cav bonus but unit will be worse vs. infantry
– Small increase to minimum knockdown time
– Small increase to phalanx attack intervals
– Small decrease to weapon reach of hoplites/pikes
– Minor fatigue value tweaks

Minor Fixes
– Fixed short description for Cernunnos temples.
– Fixed mispelled Taranis temple name
– Fixed various incorrect unit descriptions.
– Fixed IA Antony Chapter mission titles and descriptions.
– Fixed Parthia faction select text political tradition
– Fixed Zranka having the wrong roster assigned.
– Fixed small tier 3 military Roman ports missing Quinquireme recruitment
– Fixed HatG Carthage having access to thorax units.
– Fixed some buildings not being properly assigned to building sets.
– Fixed Caucasian levies missing spears
– Changed Carthage chapter mission to require Sicily rather than Magna Graecia.
– Removed Rhodian Thureophoroi unit from Levy unit set list
– Changed North Iberian AOR unit voice lines
– Removed some AOR unit recruitment from Macedon and Scordisci rosters that matched their core unit roster units.
– Updated Iberian garrison unit cards
– Changed region effect for Mazaca due to iron presence
– Updated Credits screen.
– Changed Athens Military victory regions required to 60 (new campaign only)
– Updated Mauryan bodyguard elephant appearance
– Updated Alexander’s look in game.
– Fixed Ebdani starting skirmisher unit size
– Roman tier 1-3 farms now reduce Hastati cost. Tier 4 farms increase Pre-Marian infantry costs
– Romans slave buildings increase Pre-Marian infantry costs
– Updated Cimbri flag
– Lowered Mauryan chariot weight
– Changed Breuci faction to Lapodes to better fit the region/culture
– Fixed wrong armor entry and price for Seleucid melee thureos cav unit
– Adjusted stats of Thureos cavalry (cheaper but lower stats)
– Adjusted Defensive formation armor bonus to be better from front but worse from the rear.
– Adjusted Veteran Legionaries stats so that they are a bit more unique between reforms
– Adjusted AOR and Mercenary Persian cav armor/price
– New lesser falx weapon entry for ind axemen and bactrian axemen
– Added eastern supply unit recruitment to spice main city buildings
– Added last tier of Buddhist temple as a Mauryan cultural victory requirement
– Added Reform the Line to several Alexander units missing it
– Fixed Illyrian tier 4 port missing garrisons
– Fixed 2 Parthian cav units having same dismounted charge as mounted
– Fixed victory objective province for Carthage being incorrect
– Added Macedon to Thracian pirates spawn event
– Fixed Carthage thorax reform text tooltip on upgrade tech
– Fixed tier 4 copper hellenic towns missing some effects
– Many, many other smaller fixes!

– Summary for all the great UI work and character models in the new campaign
– Benjin for help with Mithridates campaign Caesar model
– Q & CEMMEN as always for all the hard work on the myriad of unit changes
– Q for the great work on the skill and temple balancing
– KAM for all the hard work on the nomad rosters and the battle updates
– TheCzarsHussar for the great work on the nomad update