Fix Update 1.3.3c

A small fix update has been released for the mod, please see below for details!

Save game compatible, only Part 1 updated.

Update 1.3.3c

– Fixed bug where Alexander and Julius Caesar would appear as leaders of Celtic tribes (woops!)
– Fixed Cherusci pikemen unit card
– Fixed Seleucid chapter mission requiring wrong elephant type
– Fixed Cappadocian Lancers having wrong unit description
– Updated some Lugii unit descriptions
– Fixed Belgic levy infantry missing from Nervii custom battle roster
– Fixed Carthage having an incorrect siege unit in custom battles
– Fixed Germanic temple missing income reduction effect
– Removed income negative for Eastern small town trader buildings
– Fixed Indian ships missing from special port recruitment
– Added RoR Rome to defensive autoresolve script
– Fixed Cimbri bodyguard unit not receiving proper bodyguard effects

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  1. Hey DEI isnt letting me change capitals, I dont have any mods that involve scripts for the capitals .. Just official dei submods like more client states levies and the wonders mod, then UI stuff like mosaic and UI fix. and a graphic mod HD rome. please help!

  2. There is a bug i think about the testudo formation for the Argyraspides Thorakitai swordsmen of the Seleucids, it renders them completely immobile in that formation. While the Roman Testudo works differently (better) although they are the same thing. Although their formation description is identical aswell and all, the Romans can apparently both advance and attack in this formation although the descriptions of both abilities clearly states that there is “no attacking potential”. The only thing that differ and indicate these two abilities as if they are not the same is the formation name from just “Testudo” for the Roman units to “Defensive Testudo” for the Seleucids and its seems weird. Sort this out please. Is this supposed be like this? Do the Seleucids get to perform Testudo as the Romans or not? Its out of place from any aspect, from historical accuracy to realism. Because Seleucids along with Pontos are of the few factions that actually adapted the Legionary organization as a unit and its formations/tactics to fight them, historically speaking on this last statement clearly.

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