New Revised Grand Campaign Beta Submod!

We have a new beta submod available for those interested. This submod updates the Grand campaign in many new and interesting ways. It also provides more moddability for submodders and for the main mod itself going forward.

Steam Version

Standalone Version

Features Include:

New Building Slots
New Starting Buildings
New Wonder Buildings
Return of the Roman Families
New Culture – Numidian
New Starting Characters/Family Trees
New Starting Diplomacy/Situations
New Secession Factions
Better Early AI Recruitment
Extra Moddability
And Much More!

Please note most submods will not be compatible with this, especially startpos submods such as TPY/AFP/etc. Also, a new campaign is required.

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  1. Looking great.

    Are you considering, to make it more difficult, for the human player, to make money from trade agreements?
    When you watch the Terminators YouTube videos, he shows how to make a ton of money, from AI factions, by establishing trade agreements?

  2. This is great, you should reach out to Darren and Jackie once you’ve released this fully and ask if they’re willing to do another Head to Head campaign.

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