New Regional Recruitment & Effects Map!

We have a new Regions Map! It details AOR, Mercenary and Auxiliary recruitment along with Region Effects, Emergent Factions and Starting Buildings. Check it out here!

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  1. Hello excellent work done, practically changes the game is something wonderful the design of the units, the accuracy of the story, the battle mechanics, but as not everything is perfect there are several aspects that should be changed:
    1. AI armies do not suffer attrition or problems due to food shortages in the region.
    2. AI armies do not suffer attrition when transported by sea.
    3. The AI with a single small city is capable of supporting up to 2 full armies.
    4. Egypt’s two-religion system is not viable because the game is not designed to have this bi-religious system.

  2. Excellent work on this MOD, it truly brought back Rome 2. Also is there a chance that you guys work on overhauling the Empire Divided campaign?

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