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The Iweriu

Iweriu is the proto-Indo-European name from which Éire in modern Irish derives and is believed to have been a Gaelic matron goddess of the island’s sovereignty. One theory states that Her name is tied to fertility and Iweriu could mean “abundant land.” The island was shrouded in mystery for the earliest classical writers, some making sensationalist claims about wild barbarian practices such as ritual cannibalism and incest; or, that while growing grain is hard due to the harsh climate, “grass grows so richly that cattle burst if unrestrained from eating it.”

Iweriu tribes such as the Eblani, Iverni, and Coriondi were prolific ringfort builders, famed metalworkers and traded extensively with continental Europe and the British mainland. This trade continued and flourished during the Roman conquest of Britannia. While evidence suggests Rome briefly considered invading Hibernia also, the island remained free and sovereign until Roman decline and exodus from the Isles many centuries later.

As a faction lacking in heavy armor and cavalry, their focus is primarily about skirmishing and raiding with excellent javelin units who can make a good account of themselves in melee as well. They also possess decent options for shock infantry and many units adept at using terrain to their advantage to catch their enemies off guard.

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  1. I’m not so sure “Iweriu” is the PIE name for Ireland, afaik it should be *Pihwerion. Iweriu would be more in line with Proto-Goidelic (which matches the time period).

    Otherwise, I should really look into giving them another try now that I’m better acquainted with DEI

  2. Hello Dresden. I’m sure you’ve had this question before. What difficulties are the campaign and battle difficulties balanced at? thanks.

    • Normal/Normal. Campaign can be raised to Hard if you want more of a challenge, battle should be kept at normal.

  3. How should we interpret this update in terms of a directional indicator for the next update? Does this mean that the next update will also be focused on the barbarian factions?

    I’m not complaining, I’m just seeking guidance on what to expect.

    • The next update will contain an overhaul of Barbarian navies. AOR and Merc units are also getting a revamp.

      Aside from those, I believe some changes will be made towards Baktria, Maurya and Iberians.

      There are additional smaller changes and tweaks.

      That’s what I know so far of the upcoming changes for DEI

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