Update for Alexander Submod

After a lot of great feedback, we went back to the testing phase on our latest creation – the Alexander Scenario Submod. To fix many of the issues, I did my best to test most of this past week and improve the balance. Going forward, we hope to have new features for the submod but I wanted to get the balancing right first. if you are interested, you can find the submod on TWC or on Steam.

Patch Notes

– Note: Many of the AI changes will mostly be noticeable in new campaigns.

– Reduced Persian factions’ war declaration priorities to help with early game.

– Turned down AI budget allocations for agents and navies. Lowered some allocations for armies, especially for some eastern satrapies and Egypt.

– Satrapies should no longer rebel in the early game.

– Carthage and Persia should no longer ally or go to war.

– Slight increase to aggressiveness for Sparta and Epirus.

– Added small unit upkeep reduction for Macedon.

– Reduced some AI bonuses a bit.

– Increased hitpoints for Hiera Ile bodyguard unit (Alexander’s unit).

– Increased stats for multiple Macedonian units, especially the cavalry units.

– Fixed Macedonian horse entries using light horses (now use heavy horses)

– Fixed some incorrect units in Spartan, Persian, Roman and Thracian rosters.

– Small increase to Hellenic culture in Thracian province. This should help with population replenishment and conversion.

– Reduction to garrison sizes for Persian satrapies.

– Fixed Macedonian civil war faction having the wrong name and wrong commander unit.

– Added new special capital to Babylon (new campaign only), fixed garrison and effects. In current saves the garrison will still be incorrect.

– Fixed Antioch having wrong name in Grand campaign when this submod is active. 

– Changed Memnon of Rhodes (Lydia general) to a Greek appearance to fit historically. Changed commander unit to Rhodian Elite Hoplites (new campaign only)

– Fixed Mesopotamian city having wrong resource building types (new campaign only)

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