1.2.5a Fix Update Released!

Divide et Impera 1.2.5a Fix Update

1.2.5a Fix Update September 30
*Only Part 1 Updated for Standalone
*Steam is updated
*Save game compatible

This is a small update with various fixes and balancing, but also includes sourav’s wonderful updated unit cards for many factions! Huge thanks to him for all the work!

Battle Changes
– Lowered a bit cavalry and elephant mass for charge damage calculation
– Changed stats of Illyrian cav and some infantry units
– Buffed stats of Arverni and Nervi cavalry
– Fixed wrong horses assigned to Cimbri cavalry (from light to medium and heavy horses)

Other Changes/Fixes
– Added new Rome, Pergamon, Seleucid, Medewi and Sparta unit cards from sourav. Huge thanks!!
– Fixed Illyrian Hoplite spearmen having wrong animation type.
– Fixed a mistake in the Armenian Nakharar unit VMD file causing an issue with animations.
– Fixed Roxolani Armored Lancers missing arms.
– Fixed Corsica and Sardinian emergent faction rebel faction names being reversed.
– Fixed Athenian Thureos Infantry, Infantry and Sparta Allied units being wrong pop size/class.
– Improved effects of silk and amber road trade route regional effects. Extended silk road further toward Mesopotamia.
– Fixed Roman and Hellenic small and large military port garrisons having the wrong sizes.
– Fixed missing name for new Dacian special capital when held by Eastern factions.
– Fixed Cimbri units having wrong formation type (hoplite phalanx instead of shield wall)
– Added testudo, square and repel cavalry formations to Polybian units missing them.
– Reduced Cimbri foot nobles armor and attack a bit.
– Fixed German pike unit having wrong population size.
– Added proper artillery recruitment for Getae and Ardiaei factions.
– Updated Imperial Armored Legionaries description.
– Fixed Cimbri not being playable in multiplayer.
– Fixed Mercenary Scythian Armored Horse Archers having wrong unit card.
– Changed “Release Captives” to “Ransom Captives”
– Fixed Mac Wars Sparta having extra garrison units, added special tier 5 barracks.
– Fixed tier 1 Illyrian Medaurus temple having wrong upkeep cost.
– Fixed Lugii having wrong building for Victory Condition (new campaign only)
– Removed some AOR units from Odyrssian custom battle roster to match campaign roster.

– sourav for the wonderful unit cards! Thanks again!


Future Plans

Next we will be starting work on a larger update that will include some new features for the Alexander submod, some new features for the main mod and also may include some new battle updates. KAM will possibly have a new experimental pack for those who enjoy testing soon! We also have a website in the works.

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  1. Hello. I can’t get the mod to work. I first downloaded it via Steam (by subscribing); it didn’t work (crashed at the start, never allowed the game to open), then I reverified the game files, then I unsubscribed and subscribed again, didn’t work, then I reverified the files, nothing changed.

    Then I downloaded the files manually and placed them in required folders (according to the information given by you); same thing happened again. And reverification of the files didn’t solve the problem.

    Can’t seem to find a solution. Could you please help?

    • If you are crashing at startup its usually a mod conflict or bad install of some type. Check for other mods being active. Some mods affect things even when they are not active.

  2. Hello,

    After updating above 1.2 a bunch of previously playable factions are gone… E.g. Under Greek City States there is only Rhodes available, Athens, Sparta, Syracuse are gone. Is this by design or might be a local issue? (I cannot find anywhere a playable faction list to figure out on my own)

    • They should still be playable. Those factions do require DLCs, I am not sure if somehow they got disabled for you. It could also be a mod conflict.

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