1.3 Public Beta Release!

The 1.3 Public Beta for Divide et Impera has finally arrived. We hope this will be a successful and short beta that will soon lead to a full mod update. Over the past 6 months we have been testing many beta submods separately and other features that are now combined into this one beta pack. It is save compatible and will be save compatible with the future mod update. I also want to give a big shout out to Q_Sertorius and CEMN who put in a ton of work on this over the past months with a lot of modding and testing to get to where we are today!

Download Links

Standalone (Mirror) — Steam

  1. If you download the standalone pack, place it in your data folder. Make sure it loads above the main mod in the mod manager.
  2. If you subscribe to the Steam pack, also make sure it load above the main mod in the mod manager.
  3. Note: If you used the previous beta submods, you can switch to this instead. Other submods like TPY, AFP and other mods will not currently work with this beta. These will be updated as we get closer to launch.

Patch Notes

New Grand Campaign Overhaul
– Completely redone grand campaign from the bottom up!
– New Building Slots – Every region now has either 4 or 6 slots available.
– New Starting Buildings – Updated and added various new starting buildings, all factions now start with a barracks for better AI recruitment.
– New Wonder Buildings that represent the various regional world wonders.
– Return of the Roman Families – Rome’s political parties are now the families again!
– New Culture – Numidian – Found in Western Africa.
– New Starting Characters/Family Trees – New royal families and historical characters.
– New Starting Diplomacy/Situations – Lots of new situations for starting factions.
– Extra Moddability – The startpos kit files are available in our TWC submod forum for submodders and going forward we have a lot more options for the main mod as well!

Barbarian Overhaul from Q_Sertorius and CEMN
– Massive overhaul of most barbarian rosters that focuses each faction on specific advantages and disadvantages, updates all the visuals, trims various rosters and redoes the barbarian factions into more coherent options.
– Updated unit cards (thanks Summary!), visuals, stats, descriptions, names, reforms, etc. Too much to detail in these notes!
– Overhauled factions include Arverni, Galatia, Boii, Scordisci, Iceni, Caledones, Iweriu, Suebi, Lugii, Ardiaei and Cimbri.
– Odryssia has also been added to this overhaul from KAM.
– Huge thanks to Q and CEMN for the tireless efforts for many months doing all the tough work and testing on this massive endeavor!

Skills, Traditions, Ancillaries & Traits Overhaul
– Incorporated the great work of Q_Sertorius with re-organizing the structure and effects for the character skill trees to add trade offs and better options. Most skills have either been redone or been moved in the trees.
– Reworked various tradition and ancillary effects to be more balanced and add more specific choice for the player.
– Character traits have been heavily redone. Most traits have had their effects trimmed down by a large margin to get rid of the effect spam. Personality and background traits now have trade offs and matter a lot more.

Battle Changes
– Tweaks to morale thresholds for specific status like confident/wavering/broken etc
– Adjustments to phalanx units
– Fixed stats of Marian and Imperial cavalry
– Fixed cavalry stats when dismounted
– Lowered iphicratean javelin damage
– Fixed numerous disciplined attributes on units (still a lot more to fix in future)
– Changed minimum ranks for infantry from 7 to 6
– Slightly adjusted spotting distance in open terrain
– Minor tweaks to ranged/melee damage

Loyalty Changes & New Government Technology effects
– Lowered loyalty bonus from empire government type.
– Loyalty negatives from imperium begin earlier and are slightly worse.
– Lower loyalty from early political ranks.
– Added positive and negative loyalty effects based on tax level in a province.
– Various philosophy and economy technologies now have effects based on certain government types for specific cultures.
– Barbarian cultures have a tech that reduces upkeep when they are a tribal confederation.
– Ptolemies, Seleucids, Baktria, Pontus and Eastern factions have a late tech that adds recruitment slots when they are a kingdom.
– Greek factions, Rome and Carthage have military techs that lower loyalty as a Republic but a philosophy tech that increases it as a Republic.
– All factions have late technologies that improve happiness and slave unrest as Empires.

Major Changes
– Campaign performance should be improved due to script changes that have reduced some turn and load times.
– New Graphical overlay map for the campaign to better represent province, city and road locations thanks to Summary!
– Added new Pirate factions for Arabia, Illyria, Britannia, Germania, Cicilia, Thrace, Pontus and Carthage. Added new pirate spawns thanks to Q for use of his submod!
– Fixed a battle crash when fighting the Carnute faction
– Updated General appearances for over 60 emergent factions.
– Changed Faction leader effect to always be on rather than be dependent on faction leader being in capital. Changed effect types from generic good/bad to more specific ones.
– Reduced resource production from main city building lines.
– Grain resource buildings now produce supplies.
– Enabled dignitaries for the AI only on hard+ difficulties.
– Made the “Brawler” Trait easier to increase. Made Triumphs and Triumph trait progression from the Education/background trait slightly easier to achieve
– All factions can now achieve victory conditions of region ownership if area is controlled by a client or vassal. Excluded spice from victory condition requirements.
– Increased base foreign pop settlers and slightly lowered negative from culture.
– New culture icons and updated faction flags from Jake.

Other Fixes/Changes
– Fixed Rhodes campaign select faction trait text
– Fixed Pontus unique library having 2 tech requirements
– Fixed Colony factions missing access to Athens special port.
– Moved Chalybes AOR unit to Caucasia.
– Changed some incorrect effects for slave forum building chains.
– Reduced effect of Befriend Gallic Chieftains tech in CiG campaign.
– Changed some effects for Bosporan tier 5 unique buildings to better match their chains.
– Fixed HaTG and CiG Massalia missing resource buildings.
– Immigrant chain buildings now use slightly less food but produce slightly more foreign culture.
– Increased speed for Cimbri Wolf Warriors
– Fixed Geometer ancillary not always working.
– Fixed Saba levy unit missing from recruitment for campaign
– Fixed one loading screen, added 2 others
– Changed naval recruitment points effect to be visible.
– Changed shield value for Meroe pikemen
– Fixed tier 2 Armenian temple having wrong upkeep value
– Fixed wrong unit requirement for chapter 7 ardiaei chapter mission
– Fixed Carthage mercenary barracks having wrong t4 effect, added silver required text.
– Changed Massalia special port to be named Lacydon.
– Fixed Carthage/egypt tower ships missing towers
– Fixed 2 Cimbri shield wall units having expert charge defense
– Changed Arabian camel spearmen to 3rd class.
– Fixed Dart throwers being wrong AOR class for greek factions.
– Fixed some Ardiaei reform units not being properly hidden
– Fixed tier 2 colony barracks having wrong tech requirements
– Fixed fire arrows for longbows having wrong damage
– Fixed Levy hoplites recruitment missing from some minor town building types.
– Changed Pontos to greek supply units to fix recruitment issues.
– Slightly bumped up some region growth rates for historically fertile areas.
– Changed Alalia to have more industiral potential from its region effect.
– Fixed Assault Tetreres ships missing from tier 3 large military ports.
– Fixed barbarian olive town having wrong sanitation effects.
– Fixed some Roman spear auxiliaries missing from roman unit sets (effects were not being applied to them properly)
– Increased Belgian AI recruitment priorites for cavalry.
– Changed Boii faction trait to be morale against Germans rather than Romans
– Fixed Scythian morale trait not properly working
– Fixed tier 4 Athens port missing squalor effect and supply effects
– Fixed bugged animation entry for Marcomanni unit.
– Higher tier Carthage and Alexandria ports provide extra naval recruitment slots.
– Moved Indian veteran spear unit to tier 2 barracks
– Moved Custom Battle Dart Slingers from Syracuse to Macedon roster
– Fixed incorrect name for Commercial Massalia when occupied by Romans.
– Removed Qunquireme from Sparta custom battle roster.
– Moved champion unlock earlier for Pontus in the tech tree.
– Reduced tax negatives for Raetia et Noricum region effects a bit, previously they would stack to cause 0 income.
– Fixed barbarian tier 4 tribal city building missing squalor effect
– Fixed some agent and barbarian background traits not being applied to characters.
– Changed some chapter mission settings for Arverni, Macedon and Seleucid
– Changed political party names for Lugii to match new barb roster revisions (thanks Q!)
– Fixed IA Petra having wrong city culture type (new campaign only)
– Changed Barbarian great hall to have negative food rather than squalor. Slightly reduced PO negative.
– Added cultural conversion to tier 2 Melqart Carthage temple.
– Added AOR Tarantine cav unit to Epirus custom battle roster.
– Fixed Bosporan Lancers missing shoes.
– Changed Hispania Arse region to have positive industrial region effect
– Changed RoR Veneti to have celtic culture (new campaign only)
– Renamed “Carthage in Syracuse” event
– Fixed “Rome Secures Magana Graecia” message sometimes firing after Rome is destroyed.
– Removed Indian elephants from normal Hellenic barracks.
– Fixed bugged vanilla effect text for marriage loyalty
– Fixed Lugii missing chapter 8 mission description
– Added 3/4 class pop growth to Carthage mercenary barracks.
– Removed snipe/stalk from all non-Numidian cavalry
– Fixed bugged civil wars for various custom playables in DLC campaigns.
– Changed throwing axe graphical impact size.
– Added Greek biremes and triremes to Thracian rosters.
– Fixed Greek colony factions missing permissions for Athens special port.
– New standards for Armenia, thanks skillfultree!
– Fixed merc iberian champ shield entry
– Changed Arabian Levy spear to 300 men
– Switched bow entries for Arabian archer spearmen and Sabaean archers.
– Added seasonal requirements for floods & fires.
– Added factional mercenary for Suebi
– Fixed cappadocian cavalry appearance
– Fixed wrong armour entry on Xystophoroi
– Fixed speed entry of Parthian axemen
– Updated color scheme of Parthian faction

– Q_Sertorius for all the crazy hard work for months on large portions of this update. Attention to detail and work ethic second to none!
– CEMN for tirelessly working on all the great visual updates and continually addressing all the little issues that pop up there!
– KAM for all his work at all times
– Jake for the great icon and flag work yet again
– Summary for the amazing unit card work and the map, top notch!
– Skillfultree for use of the Armenian flags!
– TheCzarsHussar for lots of model editing work, thanks a ton!

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  1. Cannot wait for the full release of the 1.3 patch. Thank you guys for all your hard work it is very much appreciated.
    I know this is not very relevant and I’m sure that you’re asked obnoxious questions all the time but I’ve gotta ask: Does the team have any future plans to flesh out the Steppe Nomad factions? There is something inherently underwhelming while playing as the Scythians and Sarmatians. Which is such a shame because they have such a unique aesthetic and potentially interesting play styles.
    I’m wondering if the horde system from Attila could be implemented with these factions. I’m sure that’s a lot to ask and could be either a nightmare to try to work out or flat out impossible, but I do feel these factions deserve some unique mechanics and maybe even roster updates. With how little we know about these peoples, I feel that a lot of artistic liberties could be taken, that fit within the spirit of authenticity of course. Once again sorry for the “suggestion” as I’m sure you get stupid ideas all the time.
    And once again thank you so much for all the hard work. Cheers!

  2. Hello, I have a question. Me and my friend are currently playing a DEI 1.28 campaign. We both installed the mod from steam. Is there any way to stop the auto-update of the mod so that our campaign doesn’t get broken when 1.3 gets released? We would love to play 1.3, but we don’t want to start all over again.

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