1.3 Iceni Roster Preview

The Iceni

The Iceni were a British tribal group who lived in East Anglia, occupying areas of Norfolk, northeast Cambridgeshire, and the northern parts of Suffolk. They may be the same as Caesar’s Cenimagni who were interpreted as the Iceni Magni, or “great Iceni,” one of five “tribes” that submitted to Caesar after the Trinovantes came under his protection. In DeI, the Iceni are the representative type of the great British tribes inhabiting southeastern England.

The Iceni appear to have been a wealthy people interested in metalware and horses since archaeological finds of horse-related objects are common in their former territory. Like their neighbors, the Trinovantes and Catuvellauni, they were closely related to and heavily influenced by Belgic immigrants from across the English Channel. Throughout this era, there was a constant exchange of goods and people across the Channel, as seen by numerous items of Continental metalware found throughout this part of England. Additionally, burial practices common throughout eastern France and Belgium are also found in southeastern England, alongside native traditions. In DBG, Caesar reported that some of the British tribes supported the Belgae in their resistance to his invasion. Numerous Belgic and Gallic chieftains would later flee to Britain following Caesar’s conquest of Gaul. The impacts of this cultural exchange are seen throughout the Iceni and Nervii rosters.

In terms of gameplay, the Iceni are the most typically Celtic of the Britannic factions, with the best spears, swords and cavalry of the Isles, supplemented by chariots and slinger-spearmen. In return, they lack good shield wall units, armor penetration and other ranged options.

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