Unit Database Updated for 1.2.8!

–> Updated Unit Database <–


With a successful beta coming to a close, we are happy to announce that the unit database has been updated to the current units for 1.2.8. Although this mod version is still in beta, it won’t be long before it is fully released!

Thanks to everyone on the team and in the community for helping with 1.2.8, the feedback and progress during the beta has been immense. Please enjoy the updated unit database and we will have more information on our upcoming full release soon!

Divide et Impera 1.2.8 Open Beta Released!

Beta Release

The latest release for Divide et Impera has been opened up to the public as a beta. Please enjoy the newest features and changes to the mod and feel free to give feedback on our Discord, thanks!

Download Links: SteamStandalone (Mirror)


  1. ) Download the beta from the above links. If you use the standalone, place the mod pack in your Rome 2 data folder. If you use Steam, simply subscribe to the beta on the Steam workshop. Both versions require the main DeI mod.
  2. ) When you run Rome 2, make sure the beta pack is above the main mod in the Mod Manager load order. Click Play.

*Please note that most submods will not be compatible with this beta for now.

Patch Notes

Battle Changes

– Removed “Disciplined” attribute from most units, it was too common and often even applied to untrained units
– Removed knockback from slings and bows
– Lowered hidden bonus vs infantry of bows
– Tweaked pike and hoplite spacing
– Slight increase to damage for charging phalanx
– Lowered falx bonus vs infantry by 1
– Added fatigue resistance and expert charge defence to disciplined formation
– Added fatigue resistance and mighty knocback to diamond formation
– Diamond formation added to Companion cavalry
– Increased AP damage of lance and sword cavalry, lowered base damage of lance and sword cavalry
– Small increase to infantry charging speed
– Small increase to hoplite walking speed
– Lowered wardog stats
– Slightly lowered hoplite defense

Battle Performance Changes

– Stamina Abilities for units have been removed. They were not functioning properly and were the cause of battle lag.
– Due to these changes, battle lag should be significantly improved, especially on lower end systems. Big thanks to Benjin for figuring this out!
– In the future, we may have them back or a submod version, if they can be implemented properly.

Greek Colony Overhauls

– Massalia, Colchis and Bosporus have had their rosters changed and updated.
– These three factions now have special colony barracks building types that have unique features and functions such as local vs Greek units, culture/diplomacy effects, etc.
– Colchis is now Caucasian and has Caucasian temples (new campaign only)
– New Faction trait: Colony population techs in the military training tree.
– Current campaigns with these factions may have some issues with incorrect building types.

Other New Units

– New Nabatean camel unit, New Athenian peltast units, new Iberian reform unit, new Saba heavy infantry, and new Kartli heavy swordsmen.

New Barbarian AI Roster Units

– Added 90 new AI only Grand Campaign units for various germanic, gallic, celtiberian, thracian and british AI factions from Ritter-Floh to create more unique and varied rosters.
– These will replace or augment existing rosters based the tribe. The goal is to add more variety and unique units for the various factions a player may face.

British Units & Generals Visual Updates

– Added new and greater variations for many units and updated their appearance. These included older shared units, officers, standard bearers and faction exclusive units.
– British generals updated with new visuals and proper politician outfits for when they are not leading troops.
– Big thanks to CEMN on all the hard work for these changes!

Area of Recruitment Changes

– Various higher tier AOR units have been moved to the immigration/foreign quarter line of buildings in many regions.
– These units now require either tier 2 or tier 3 of the immigration building to be recruited, depending on the unit quality.
– Depending on the culture, some of these units may still be available in the main city line because cultures cannot build immigration buildings of their own culture type.
– Removed copy units of Galatian AOR levies, swords and cavalry. These units are now available in the traditional Galatia area only.

Resource Changes (New Campaigns only)

– Iron has been moved from Sicily to Corsica and fish from Corsica to Sicily.
– Silver has been added in the Edetani’s city and olive oil has been moved in land.
– Added new amber and spice main city buildings rather than having the resource come from the region effect alone.
– Moved the amber resource in Germany to be on the coast with a port
– Region effects still produce 1 of each resource to allow saves to retain that feature. Save games will have amber production in a different region than the resource buildings in Germany due to the move.
– Carthage’s mercenary barracks now requires silver rather than gold to upgrade.

Squalor Changes

– Squalor (sanitation) effects now begin at tier 1 for all cities and gradually increase to tier 4.
– Lowered squalor (public order) negatives on all tier 4 cities.
– Slightly increased squalor (sanitation) from major cities.
– Removed random disaster plague events.

Population Changes

– Replaced most upkeep bonuses in the Military Management technology tree with population bonuses.
– Population system economic effects are now properly working. This will have an impact on save game economies.

New Victory Conditions

– Revised all Victory conditions to be generally shorter, more consistent and varied between the types of victories. Big thanks to Q_Sertorius for all the work on this new feature! (new campaign only)

Major Changes

– Reduced AI agent amount (reduced cap) at higher imperium levels.
– Removed Governor (dignitary) agent active actions, they are now passive only.
– Many Mercenaries now start at 0 availability to begin a campaign and have to replenish. Most provinces start with 1 unit available at start, some with 2. (new campaign only)
– Changed all Mercenaries to have the same replenishment rate chance (15% as most had already) – new campaign only
– Increased recruitment cost based on imperium level, especially for highest imperiums.
– Reduced AI Bonuses for smaller imperium size AI factions.
– Lowered gravitas per turn effects for skills, ancillaries and traits.
– Updated visuals for 14 units that had older or vanilla assets from skillfultree’s submod. Big thanks to him!
– Tier 4 barracks now give 1 extra recruitment slot.
– AI Carthage now starts friendly toward the Nasamones, Garamantia, Cyrenaica and the Gaetuli.
– Added autoresolve bonus for Carthage and Seleucids when attacking vs non player allied minor factions.
– Fixed the Fleet ready to leave port supply effect not properly being removed.
– Fixed skills, ancillaries and traditions that affect enemy morale not properly working. They will now affect all enemy armies in a region.
– Fixed many factions having incorrect rebellion units and general units.
– Lowered fame threshhold for Imperium 6-8, so they will be reached sooner.
– All units now have campaign stealth and will have to be seen in order to be identified on the campaign map.
– Added new strategic port for Athens (Piraeus) in new campaigns, changed previous special tier 5 port to a different name.

Other Changes

– Fixed Battle of Cannae crashing, thanks to Swaraj!
– Fixed the “white screen” map bug when starting a multiplayer campaign.
– Replaced chariot techs Baktria and Caledones. Changed Seleucid chariot tech to include elephant effects.
– Changed political party names for some Bactria, Cimbri, Syracuse and Sparta auxiliary parties
– Added new strength/weakness unit description texts for all units based on unit class/weapon.
– Changed Rugoz roster units to match Cimbri units.
– Added guerilla deployment to Germanic and Iberian missile units.
– Changed Germanic axe raider ships to population class 3 to match land counterparts.
– Small increase to some tier 4 minor city food consumption.
– Fixed Macedon grain pits missing baggage train recruitment.
– Removed shared heavy cavalry commander unit from celtiberian factions.
– Fixed Mercenary Belgic Lancers missing secondary weapons.
– Fixed some Iberian factions have a Celtic rather than Iberian piece of artillery.
– Removed normal thorax spears from Pergamon roster due to having their own version.
– Moved Edetani Guard and Heavy Infantry to barracks, Light Swords and Skirmishers to main city line.
– Moved Cimbri slingers to main city line and elite skirmishers to tier 3 cities.
– Added Cimbri Noble cav and Ardaiei noble hoplites to recruitable units.
– Removed Galatian and Iberian mercenary units from African provinces (new campaign only)
– Increased Carthaginian maximum available limit for Galatian and Iberian factional mercenaries (new campaign only)
– Removed 3rd class pop bonus to Colony buildings.
– Increased 1st/2nd class pop from public guard tower buildings.
– Fixed 2 incorrect units in Baktrian chapter missions.
– Fixed Seleucids and Baktria missing required technologies for granaries and main city storage buildings.
– Fixed Germanic army tradition missing effect text, name and icon
– Fixed Bibracte having reversed descriptions for trade/fort variants
– Changed barbarian research buildings to increase pop 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3.
– Added Iberian light cavalry units to all barracks types.
– Increased cavalry ratio for Iberian AI army templates.
– Added sanitation effects to Germanic Austro temple line.
– Kartli foot guard moved up to tier 3 barracks recruitment.
– Fixed Bactrian Heroic cavalry having wrong attribute group
– Changed Scythian armored lancers to have proper ammo amount.
– Fixed Media starting archer unit size. (new campaign only)
– Moved Gastraphetes unit to Sicily only.
– Fixed bad texture on an Indian 2h axe model.
– Added bireme/trireme recruitment for Rhodes tier 1 special port.
– Moved Armenian/Kartli Georgian sword unit to main city recruitment.
– Added Loricati reform unit to Lusitani roster.
– Light Peltasts now use 2h spears and have them in offhand with javelins.
– Removed horse armour on certain non heavy hellenic horses
– Changed Arevaci guerilla warriors to third class
– Added guerilla deployment to Cimbri spearmen, berserkers and sword unit.
– Changed unit card for Numidian slingers.
– Changed Greek ballista to 2nd class to match other factions and siege units.
– Lusitani Heavy spear and sword also now recruitable from tier 3 barracks along with tier 3 cities. Callaeci Medium infantry moved to tier 2 cities.
– Removed Syrian mercenary elephants, increased AOR syrian elephants campaign cap.
– Removed quotation marks (many errant) from unit descriptions
– Fixed garrison Armenian cavalry missing javelin models in battle.
– Moved Thracian footmen to tier 1 cities, Thracian Rhomphaia to tier 2.
– Added Molossian Royal Guard to tier 3 barracks recruitment.
– Moved Caledonian archers to city recruitment, militia to barracks recruitment
– Changed Caledonian medium archers to pop 3, light cav to pop 2
– Added stealth/guerilla attributes to skirmisher and levy Irish and Caledonian units.
– Removed pop 3 bonus from Barbarian barracks and Eastern sanitation buildings to help with overcrowding.
– Changed tier 4 cattle/grain alternative buildings to provide pop 2.
– Changed some political party colors to better stand out.
– Fixed bugged textures on Egyptian traitor legionary and Scipio Praetorian unit shields.
– Added provincial cavalry morale bonuses for Epona temples.
– Changed Dacian Cataphract cav to pop class 1.
– Fixed missing trait effects for some female traits.
– Fixed Pergamon Galatian infantry not being recruitable, moved to a pre-Thureos unit (new campaign only)
– Removed lowest tier townsfolk units from rebellion rosters.
– Lowered starting Hellenic culture in Caucasia.
– Changed Pergamon Elite Thureos spears to 2nd class
– Fixed Pergamon civil war faction missing garrison units.
– Moved a few different barbarian units from the slave market buildings to the Loremaster’s Hut in major cities.
– Fixed Armenian civil war faction missing garrison units
– Removed artillery Quinquiremes for most eastern factions.
– Fixed composite bow cavalry shield animations.
– Fixed various incorrect voice entries for units.
– Removed javelins from some AOR and garrison British units.
– Moved Meroe skirmishers and archers to main city line, medium spearmen and pikes to barracks. Moved light cav to tier 1 stables.
– Moved Median Persian Kinsmen Lancers to Iranian reforms
– Removed Median pikes from roster.
– Fixed Parthian camel cataphracts not being properly recruitable.
– Fixed Late Triarii and Allied Pedites missing weapons in hollow square.
– Fixed 3 units missing from Nervii custom battle roster
– Changed Greek raiding hemolias to be third class pop.


– KAM for the insane amount of work he puts in on everything
– Ritter for so many great units
– Q_Sertorius for the new victory conditions
– Benjin for helping to identify the battle lag issue
– CEMN for his british units update
– Thanks to Jake, CEMN, skillfultree and Swaraj for help with unit card work
– skillfultree for his updated texture submod
– Litharion for various script fixes

New Divide et Impera Units Database!

New DeI Website Resource – Units Database!

We are happy to announce a new units database on our website for Divide et Impera. Here you will find the various faction units as well as campaign units such as AOR, Auxiliary and Mercenaries. Feel free to browse the new database here or simply navigate it via the main menu above.

I hope everyone enjoys the new resource and we plan on expanding it and many other website features in the future. Thanks for your support!

1.2.8 Upcoming Changes & Ideas

Upcoming Mod Changes

Greetings everyone, its been awhile since I posted and I apologize! We took a small break for a few weeks after we had our last release but got right back to work on our next update.  We hope to have a beta to try out in the next couple of months and then a full mod update this summer.

As a sneak preview, I wanted to list some ideas we are currently working on implementing:

  • Reworked rosters for various factions including updated visuals and/or new units for Colchis, Bosporus, Massalia and Athens. The Greek colonies may also be receiving some custom culture and building changes.
  • Battle Lag Fixes will be implemented. Thanks to Benjin’s discoveries and some internal testing, we have found some unintended side effects of a few aspects of DeI that will be changed to help reduce battle lag, especially for lower tier systems. Some of you may have already tried out KAM’s submod that does this and those changes will most likely be fully added to the mod.
  • Around 90 new AI only units from Ritter-Floh that will round out many of the barbarian rosters and make them more unique. Rather than constantly fighting the same old generic celtic, germanic, iberian, thracian or british units, you will find some more specific tribal units when you go up against various AI factions.

  • Totally revised victory conditions by Q_Sertorius, a new team member who has changed the various conditions to be a lot more reasonable (and in some cases shorter) for many factions and standardized a lot of the requirements. Also, there will be variation between the victory types and cultures.
  • Amber & Spice Buildings have been added to the main cities of those resource areas. Rather than having them be regional effects, they will have their own custom building lines. This also will fix the bug where those resources sometimes disappear the first turn after loading.
  • Squalor Changes: The sanitation portion of squalor will be slightly more important and the massive public order negatives from higher tier buildings will be toned down.
  • Major & Minor fixes and updates – A whole lot more fixes and ideas are also being worked on and the list grows daily. A few major changes are also being tested which include reducing AI agent spam, changes to gravitas and population economic effects being properly implemented.

We also have some other major ideas still in the works that we are not 100% done with conceptualizing yet. So, I didn’t want to include those. However, expect many more changes to be included in the summer update! We hope to have more previews soon.

Website Changes

We have also decided to dedicate more time and resources to improving the website as we originally intended but life (and modding) got in the way! The Population and Reforms guides have been updated to reflect the most recent mod changes and more guides will be updated as we are able. In the future, we hope to have even more features such as a units database, a better regions guide/map and other ideas. Along with these changes, we have also implemented some light ads on the site. Our goal is to have the website eventually support itself for its long term viability and sustainability (and so we can keep working on deeper features for it!). Thanks for your support!


Divide et Impera 1.2.7b Fix Update

Greetings everyone! This post is just a small overview of two of the newest fix updates to be released after our last major update recently. The response has been great to 1.2.7 and we have added various fixes to address the remaining issues with any bugs or problems. We also plan on working on many new ideas in the future for 1.2.8, so stay tuned!

1.2.7b Hotfix
*Only Part 1 Updated
*Save game compatible

Major Changes
– Changed Mauryan reforms to require battles with any Greek factions rather than just Baktria
– Fixed some general stat effects not working at some higher levels
– Added some updated unit cards from Jake
– Changed Saka faction trait to armor bonus instead of accuracy due to accuracy not having much effect in game.
– Nomadic factions no longer suffer attrition when losing their last settlement.

Smaller Changes/Fixes
– Pikes and hoplites are weaker vs rear cavalry charges
– Lowered knockback from archers and slingers
– Lowered regional tax bonuses for some Latium regions
– Changed incorrect starting unit for Parthava (new campaign only)
– Fixed starting unit size of Ptolemaic archers (new campaign only)
– Fixed missing name for thracian tier 4 medicus building
– Changed Yuezhi lighter cav unit to pop class 2 and moved both Yuezhi cavalry units to same building type.
– Fixed Kartli chapter 1 mission requirement having wrong unit
– Fixed new Bactrian unit barracks type
– Fixed various ancillaries not triggering properly for Egypt.
– Fixed some Pontic unit stats
– Fixed various unit description errors
– Added siege weapon equipment bonuses to civilized Syracuse main city line
– Changed elite Mauryan mace unit to tier 1 pop
– Added 2 arverni units missing from special capital recruitment
– Added baggage train recruitment to special capitals for barbarians and african/arabian tribes
– Fixed baggage train mounts causing floating riders bug
– Changed grain cities to also modify livestock income
– Fixed Saka having some wrong starting units (new campaign only)
– Added stamina ability to Baggage train and supply ship units
– Fixed name, stats and description of AOR Germanic axe unit.
– Moved Kartli Highlanders to city settlement recruitment chain
– Changed pop class for Saka Lancers, Alan Noble Cav and Mercenary Scythian Horse Archers/Armored versions
– Fixed Dacian and Saka reform advice text.
– Fixed wrong pop size of Boii sword unit.
– Fixed egyptian emergent faction emblem bug
– Fixed commander options for Sparta rebel and emergent factions
– Fixed amber and spice resource buildings having wrong build time/cost for certain levels
– Changed Lugii unit’s phalanx ability to shield wall instead
– Fixed Edetani medium cavalry unit having wrong campaign movement value
– Added some new loading images
– Updated look of Parthian Men At Arms
– Fixed Stats and cost of AoR Sogdian Axemen
– Updated hidden bonus vs infantry damage of Cretan archers
– Fixed bugged Arabian tunic texture
– Removed mistaken shield entry for Scytho-Sarmatian and Dacian early bow/lance cav units.
– Fixed Edetani scutarii cavarly unit having less armor than intended and changed their stats
– Fixed missing weapons for Armenian garrison cavalry
– Fixed emergent Armenian factions’ commander options
– Moved basic Numidian jav cavalry to main city recruitment
– Fixed spacing on mercenary sicilian veterans
– Improved horse entry of Germanic Medium cavalry to from very light to medium horse
– Improved stats for tier 5 Gallic and British garrison units

1.2.7a Hotfix

– Fixed new baggage train ammo effect not being properly applied all the time
– Fixed Kartli Skirmisher cav having invisible riders
– Fixed typo in Baktrian longbow description and a mistake in Saka general cav’s description.
– Added missing Suebi cavalry unit to campaign recruitment.
– Changed new athenian cavalry commander to commander type unit.
– Fixed Median archer unit missing arms
– Fixed Tarantine cav unit missing spears
– Fixed Thracian garrison unit missing weapons
– Fixed some bugged armor textures for Saka cavalry units
– Added missing reform cavalry commander unit for celtiberian factions to custom battle
– Fixed Yuezhi cav unit missing legs
– Fixed Aorsi noble cav unit having wrong accuracy/ammo
– Fixed Scythian armored lancers having old appearances


Divide et Impera 1.2.7 Released!

After a few months of beta, we have released our latest update. Thanks to the many folks who helped test the new features! This mod version includes many new and updated units, UI features for Supply and Population, new Baggage train changes, new buildings, many new faction icons, fixes for some major long-standing bugs, and a lot of smaller features and changes. You can find the standalone at our Download link above and Steam will be automatically updated.

Patch Notes

Battle/Unit Changes & New Units
– New units or updated appearances added for Egyptian, Macedonian, Syracusean, Athenian, Kartli, Scythian, Pontic, Baktrian, Saka, Roxolani and Spartan rosters.
– Various older units and officers in multiple rosters and AOR/Merc redone with newer assets.
– Added new spear cavalry charge animation
– Cavalry melee damage increased by 5%-10%
– Overhauled stats of sword thorakitai units to be more offensive based.
– Slightly lowered missile knockback (not including pilum)
– Lowered melee stats of wardogs
– Lowered spacing variation for some units that caused some spacing bugs
– Slightly increase morale penalty for exposed flanks and rear attacks
– Reworked campaign cap of AOR units to be more in line with their cost/quality as certain elite units had higher campaign cap than levy units
– Fixed dismounted stats of cavalry
– Buffed stats of two handed units and axe infantry
– Lowered melee/morale stats of artillery crews
– Buffed stats and appearance of Arverni Veteran Spearmen, Heavy axemen and Pontic garrison spearmen
– Buffed Numidian archers, nerfed Numidian slingers and lowered elite Numidian peltast melee slightly.
– Thracian javelin infantry has +1 ammo, skirmishers and peltasts melee slightly increased.

New Belgic Dual Culture Temples & Other New Buildings
– Belgic cultures now have new temples that give both Celtic and Germanic culture to go with their new dual culture system. These temples are based on historical research and local cultural gods.
– Added new unique Getae tier 5 commons (forum) building.
– Added new unique Massalia tier 5 temple building.
– Fixed Nuragic cultures in RoR having the wrong temple types.

New Supply & Population UI Changes
– The Settlement panel has been restructured so that the original vanilla growth points and bar are shown properly again.
– The population total number has been moved to the right top of the panel.
– New and/or updated buttons have been added for the supply and population summaries.
– Units now show their population class, unit type and manpower size when you hover over them in an army.
– Fixed a bug where Mercenary unit classes were being reported as the local region owner’s classes instead of the player’s classes.
– Capital change button has been updated and improved with changing icons as well.
– The summary texts for population and supply have been updated and improved.
– Changed building supply production effect texts to be a bit more clear.
– Added new link button to DeI website on in game menu.

Baggage Trains
– Baggage trains now lower the population requirement for an army to begin replenishment.
– Armies with a baggage train unit now use less supplies in foreign territories for a longer period of time.
– Baggage trains now give missile and artillery units 15% more ammunition in an army.
– Nomad baggage trains now have the same campaign movement as cavalry and provide food to your faction when in foreign lands.
– Roman Marian and Imperial baggage trains now have the same campaign movement as infantry.
– Updated Baggage train descriptions to better explain their benefits.

Disbanding & Population System Bugs
– Fixed a disbanding bug that would cause population levels to massively decrease on the next turn, especially when disbanding whole armies/generals.
– You can now disband a whole army or multiple units at once and get back the proper population amount.
– Population levels should also report correctly the same turn you disband, although you have to click away to a different region and back to see the updated results.

Faction Flags & Emergent Factions

– New & Reworked flags for most factions and emergent factions to better fit with the overall aesthetic.
– Changed many emergent faction names to have more historical and less generic names.
– Fixed many inconsistencies with emergent faction cultures and subcultures.
– Fixed various bugs with incorrect or missing entries for emergent factions.
– Fixed various uniform color errors.

Major Changes
– Changed Getae reform requirements to include battles with nomadic factions or Roman factions rather than just Rome.
– Further lowered autoresolve impact of missile units including skirmish time, ammo used and maximum kills per second.
– Fixed the crash issue in the Empire Divided campaign associated with the Palmyra faction. May also fix some other campaigns that have Roman female leaders (using the female leader submod)
– Added subjugation occupation option for Arverni to fit with their faction trait.
– Fixed various Armenian temples missing cultural conversion bonuses.
– Added experience bonus for AI generals based on imperium level.
– Fixed population system not properly identifying enemy vs allied armies in some situations.

Other Changes & Fixes
– Increased positive diplomacy from marriages.
– Updated looks for Parthian, Spartan and Media Atropatene generals.
– Added new loading screens.
– Greek factions can now recruit siege building units from the Syracuse capital building.
– Fixed a lot of issues with Irish unit skins and missing or buggy textures.
– Improved trade region effect for Petra and added a special regional bonus.
– Added elephant units to Numidian rosters.
– Fixed public land buildings sharing a building instance with other building types, sometimes causing them not to be available to build or convert. This mostly affected the public medicus buildings.
– Fixed Alpine regions missing auxiliary units in IA campaign (new campaign only)
– Fixed AI Libyan roster missing early recruitment for basic javelin and spear units.
– Fixed chapter 1 mission unit requirements for Roxolani.
– Added population effects for Roman/Hellenic brick industry buildings
– Moved Getae horse archer unit to be recruitable from temples 3 and 4.
– Moved various AI Celtic and Dacian sword units to higher building recruitment tiers.
– Moved Lusitani elite shock infantry to tier 3 barracks.
– Changed Italia province name to Magna Graecia
– Changed some region names to better match historically.
– Fixed Getae chapter 7 missions requiring wrong unit types.
– Fixed Syrian archers disappearing when zoomed out.
– Increased bonuses and decreased negatives from empire goverment type.
– Moved Dacian late swordsmen to pop class 2 and Arverni veteran freeman to pop class 3.
– Fixed new Spartan units not being recruitable from special tier 5 barracks.
– Fixed barbarian tier 1 sieger army tradition giving wrong type of attrition bonus
– Fixed Armenia having wrong marine types assigned.
– Changed Armenian thureos unit to pop class 3.
– Fixed lots of text errors thanks to Augustus
– Fixed many elephant units having wrong population size.
– Fixed triballi emergent faction commander options.
– Moved Media Sparabara and Elite Sparabara to barracks recruitment and Persian Archers to city recruitment.
– Moved Arverni late oathsworn to tier 3 barracks to match early version.
– Fixed tier 4 egyptian temple missing pop texts.
– Fixed all AI recruitment templates still having melee cavalry options.
– Fixed slave income effect on special tier 4 Illyrian port.
– Changed 2 Indian temple icons to be more in line with building icon style.
– Renamed Mauryan empire to Maurya Samrajya.
– Fixed Hellenic barracks tier 1 having wrong pop effect
– Fixed wrong speed entries on some Scordisci units
– Fixed Massalian veteran hoplite stats
– Fixed Pergamon thorax sword unit not properly being locked to thorax (new campaign only)
– Fixed pop class of AOR Corinthian unit.
– Fixed various Roman ancillaries shared by other cultures not properly being added when assigned.
– Fixed Getae unit recruitment missing from special capitals.
– Fixed wrong stats of 2 Massalian units
– Fixed wrong animation for Dardanian Aux cavalry
– Fixed ancillaries with attacker siege holdout time effects doing the opposite.
– Fixed severed head ancillary triggering for non barbarian factions and celtic turncoat being bugged for others
– Removed Dii Rhomphaiaphoroi infantry from Dacian AI recruitment
– Fixed Mauryan medicus and trader buildings missing names
– Switched Galatian Thureos spear and Naked warriors unit cards
– Moved Numidian javelins to city recruitment and slingers to barracks recruitment
– Fixed bugged lamellar armor on many media/nomad units.
– Fixed bugged helmet/hair textures on Iberian Vasci unit and Suebi heavy cavalry.
– Changed pop classes for some Syracuse units and removed some AOR units from their cultural group so they will be foreign (Italian, Corsican, Sardinian).
– Changed Mauryan armored elephants to pop class 2.
– Fixed various Iberian units having oathsworn/Gallic audio.
– Fixed 2 parthian cataphract units having bugged armor skirts.
– Added 3c cult/admin buidlings back in, were missing when startpos was redone
– Removed an incorrect unit from the Scordisci roster
– Fixed Galatian faction effect text at campaign selection being bugged.
– Fixed Iolei shield wall unit missing swords in formation.
– Fixed Medewi having wrong temple requirements for cultural victory (new campaign only)
– Moved AI Dacian Dii Rhomphaia unit to barracks tier 3.
– Changed Medewi 2h axemen to 2nd class pop.
– Fixed Iberian and Eastern AI commander units having wrong unit cards.
– Removed javelin references in some unit descriptions for units that no longer have them
– Fixed Mauryan heavy sword unit missing from custom battle and being improperly assigned to tier 4 cities instead of just barracks
– Fixed warhorse forum and special building missing flavor texts

– Augustusng and Jake for all the great work on the emergent factions and other research.
– Big thanks to Jake for the crazy hard work on all the flags and the UI!
– Huge thanks to great research from the folks over at https://senobessusbolgon.wordpress.com/ for the new belgian temples!
– Thanks to Davicolt for the unit card work!
– Benjin & Rome 2 HD team – new models and fixes
– AveMetal from Para Bellum mod for animation editing advice
– Michal Magnachar Pavlišta of the Kmen Hardrubů for sources on Germanic equipment
– Vandamsel/Falco – countless unit visual tweaks and fixes
– Elon Rodney – idea about better AI generals spawn based on AI imperium level and Jake for the implementation
– KLA for the great new helmet textures!
– Thanks to Steve_Raptor and Q_Sertorius for helping report the disband pop issue.
– Thanks to TheCzarsHussar for updated Alan cavalry visuals