1.2.8 Upcoming Changes & Ideas

Upcoming Mod Changes

Greetings everyone, its been awhile since I posted and I apologize! We took a small break for a few weeks after we had our last release but got right back to work on our next update.  We hope to have a beta to try out in the next couple of months and then a full mod update this summer.

As a sneak preview, I wanted to list some ideas we are currently working on implementing:

  • Reworked rosters for various factions including updated visuals and/or new units for Colchis, Bosporus, Massalia and Athens. The Greek colonies may also be receiving some custom culture and building changes.
  • Battle Lag Fixes will be implemented. Thanks to Benjin’s discoveries and some internal testing, we have found some unintended side effects of a few aspects of DeI that will be changed to help reduce battle lag, especially for lower tier systems. Some of you may have already tried out KAM’s submod that does this and those changes will most likely be fully added to the mod.
  • Around 90 new AI only units from Ritter-Floh that will round out many of the barbarian rosters and make them more unique. Rather than constantly fighting the same old generic celtic, germanic, iberian, thracian or british units, you will find some more specific tribal units when you go up against various AI factions.

  • Totally revised victory conditions by Q_Sertorius, a new team member who has changed the various conditions to be a lot more reasonable (and in some cases shorter) for many factions and standardized a lot of the requirements. Also, there will be variation between the victory types and cultures.
  • Amber & Spice Buildings have been added to the main cities of those resource areas. Rather than having them be regional effects, they will have their own custom building lines. This also will fix the bug where those resources sometimes disappear the first turn after loading.
  • Squalor Changes: The sanitation portion of squalor will be slightly more important and the massive public order negatives from higher tier buildings will be toned down.
  • Major & Minor fixes and updates – A whole lot more fixes and ideas are also being worked on and the list grows daily. A few major changes are also being tested which include reducing AI agent spam, changes to gravitas and population economic effects being properly implemented.

We also have some other major ideas still in the works that we are not 100% done with conceptualizing yet. So, I didn’t want to include those. However, expect many more changes to be included in the summer update! We hope to have more previews soon.

Website Changes

We have also decided to dedicate more time and resources to improving the website as we originally intended but life (and modding) got in the way! The Population and Reforms guides have been updated to reflect the most recent mod changes and more guides will be updated as we are able. In the future, we hope to have even more features such as a units database, a better regions guide/map and other ideas. Along with these changes, we have also implemented some light ads on the site. Our goal is to have the website eventually support itself for its long term viability and sustainability (and so we can keep working on deeper features for it!). Thanks for your support!


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  1. Very excited about new unit database on the website, as well as the other features listed above.
    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks guys for all the work done and is going on.
    Do y have any plans on balancing legendary diff? I mean in all others total wars it hard but very possible to win. Here AI just makes ur suffer and gygafocus every turn. Or mb it was intended to be)?

  3. Umm can you have a tactical withdraw capability for disciplined factions? such that when I am drawing back my units at the center line, they can do it gradually without putting their backs towards the enemy?

  4. I’m really looking forward to Athens getting an update. My favourite faction to play by far.

  5. They should nerf a roman infantry like early principes and triarii.
    I’m currently playing as Syracuse and hell, they resist everything without flinching. Syracusan hoplites, hippeis, footmen, sicilian veterans, bruttian infantry, samnite swordsmen, samnite cavalry… Syracuse is defenceless against Rome or Carthage.

  6. Not sure if this is the right forum for unit tweak comments, but I have to say it: on Pergamon’s roster, why do their ‘veteran’ pikemen have levy-level morale and why are their post-Thorax Galatian Infrantry even worse (and smaller) than their Thureos swordsmen?

  7. hey guys! Love the mod
    I was thinking about settlers, may be a change would be deploying them on the new settlement, unloading them from the army (making them dissapear from it) and bringing more benefits to the new setllement, economic, population etc. Don´t really know if that mechanic can be made

    Another is with the supply system in ships, when conquering a new settlement they should improve army resupply in every turn wich I dont see

    Sorry for my bad english

  8. – Any chance you will rework the unit card for the Sarmatioi Somatophylakes (Sarmatian Royal Bodyguard) of Pontos/ Trapezos?
    – Any chance to switch the emblem of Pontos to the one with the eagle?

  9. Hi, I’ve beaten Rome as Syracuse! Finally!
    It was pretty hard sometimes but I feel that Syracuse deserves some love in the roster section, maybe some new units.

    The Sicilian Sell-Swords use heavy bronze cuirasses but their armor level is low in comparison… This thing algo happens with the Sicilian Hoplites. A lot of them use chainmail but armor is same as the other hoplites. Even Early Principes have more armor and they only use a cardiophylax!

    I think that the Sicilian Footmen should be in the Lvl. 1 Barracks and not in Lvl. 2. They’re cheap but they are very weak in melee.

    The Apulian Extraordinarii deserve disciplined formation. They’re neat, high quality heavy infantry that served as extraordinarii in the Roman army = disciplined.

    There is a lack of mercenaries in Magna Graecia (Not AOR), I believe. Maybe more samnite units, apulian ones.

    Keep it up bros! I love this mod with all of my heart! Amazing job, for real 🙂

  10. I would like to see that the names of romans childrens are the same as thier fathers. I’m refering to the “nomen”. In roman family trees, for example, there is a father called Caius Sementius Longus and his sons doesn’t keep the Sementius. Wuld it be possible to change this? I know is silly. But it would make the game a bit more historical accurate. Cheers from Argentina. You made a beautiful work here. And I’m very gratefull for that. Keep the hard work!!

  11. you are fantastic,
    I would like to ask only one thing,
    if you can, you can prevent factions like rome from expanding across the map in just 90-100 turns, if like you can make the other factions more competitive, you avoid that rapid expansion of rome that takes away a bit of the historical sense, then even the military reforms if you manage to put them in the correct year would be very nice

    however you are mythical, great job 🙂

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