Divide et Impera 1.2.7b Fix Update

Greetings everyone! This post is just a small overview of two of the newest fix updates to be released after our last major update recently. The response has been great to 1.2.7 and we have added various fixes to address the remaining issues with any bugs or problems. We also plan on working on many new ideas in the future for 1.2.8, so stay tuned!

1.2.7b Hotfix
*Only Part 1 Updated
*Save game compatible

Major Changes
– Changed Mauryan reforms to require battles with any Greek factions rather than just Baktria
– Fixed some general stat effects not working at some higher levels
– Added some updated unit cards from Jake
– Changed Saka faction trait to armor bonus instead of accuracy due to accuracy not having much effect in game.
– Nomadic factions no longer suffer attrition when losing their last settlement.

Smaller Changes/Fixes
– Pikes and hoplites are weaker vs rear cavalry charges
– Lowered knockback from archers and slingers
– Lowered regional tax bonuses for some Latium regions
– Changed incorrect starting unit for Parthava (new campaign only)
– Fixed starting unit size of Ptolemaic archers (new campaign only)
– Fixed missing name for thracian tier 4 medicus building
– Changed Yuezhi lighter cav unit to pop class 2 and moved both Yuezhi cavalry units to same building type.
– Fixed Kartli chapter 1 mission requirement having wrong unit
– Fixed new Bactrian unit barracks type
– Fixed various ancillaries not triggering properly for Egypt.
– Fixed some Pontic unit stats
– Fixed various unit description errors
– Added siege weapon equipment bonuses to civilized Syracuse main city line
– Changed elite Mauryan mace unit to tier 1 pop
– Added 2 arverni units missing from special capital recruitment
– Added baggage train recruitment to special capitals for barbarians and african/arabian tribes
– Fixed baggage train mounts causing floating riders bug
– Changed grain cities to also modify livestock income
– Fixed Saka having some wrong starting units (new campaign only)
– Added stamina ability to Baggage train and supply ship units
– Fixed name, stats and description of AOR Germanic axe unit.
– Moved Kartli Highlanders to city settlement recruitment chain
– Changed pop class for Saka Lancers, Alan Noble Cav and Mercenary Scythian Horse Archers/Armored versions
– Fixed Dacian and Saka reform advice text.
– Fixed wrong pop size of Boii sword unit.
– Fixed egyptian emergent faction emblem bug
– Fixed commander options for Sparta rebel and emergent factions
– Fixed amber and spice resource buildings having wrong build time/cost for certain levels
– Changed Lugii unit’s phalanx ability to shield wall instead
– Fixed Edetani medium cavalry unit having wrong campaign movement value
– Added some new loading images
– Updated look of Parthian Men At Arms
– Fixed Stats and cost of AoR Sogdian Axemen
– Updated hidden bonus vs infantry damage of Cretan archers
– Fixed bugged Arabian tunic texture
– Removed mistaken shield entry for Scytho-Sarmatian and Dacian early bow/lance cav units.
– Fixed Edetani scutarii cavarly unit having less armor than intended and changed their stats
– Fixed missing weapons for Armenian garrison cavalry
– Fixed emergent Armenian factions’ commander options
– Moved basic Numidian jav cavalry to main city recruitment
– Fixed spacing on mercenary sicilian veterans
– Improved horse entry of Germanic Medium cavalry to from very light to medium horse
– Improved stats for tier 5 Gallic and British garrison units

1.2.7a Hotfix

– Fixed new baggage train ammo effect not being properly applied all the time
– Fixed Kartli Skirmisher cav having invisible riders
– Fixed typo in Baktrian longbow description and a mistake in Saka general cav’s description.
– Added missing Suebi cavalry unit to campaign recruitment.
– Changed new athenian cavalry commander to commander type unit.
– Fixed Median archer unit missing arms
– Fixed Tarantine cav unit missing spears
– Fixed Thracian garrison unit missing weapons
– Fixed some bugged armor textures for Saka cavalry units
– Added missing reform cavalry commander unit for celtiberian factions to custom battle
– Fixed Yuezhi cav unit missing legs
– Fixed Aorsi noble cav unit having wrong accuracy/ammo
– Fixed Scythian armored lancers having old appearances


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  1. Greetings. I was wondering when we see again the generals female?. Britani tribes, traci-daco tribes, medewi (with the lion lether helmet), gallic tribes, gérmanic tribes, desert nomadics, greek factions and rome

    Really we need that because they made big diference between the other mods and games

  2. i find a problem that in babylonia you can recruit shipri tukul and erin-mesh uruki without quantitative limitation

  3. Can you remove the automatic ladders from sieging armies and adjust the AI to this change as best as you can?

  4. Anybody have the same problems with some roman cav and generals is dismounting randomly? sometimes my general and som cavelary have dismounted in the middle of the fight

  5. I think it would be interesting if you gave all factions the client state and satrapy options, just call Satrapies something else depending on the culture. I’m currently playing Athens and I’m subjugating almost every nation I come across, but I can only make them client states. That’s fine for true Greek states, but I expect more subservience from barbarians such as the Romans.

  6. Can I suggest that you make unique elite melee infantry units for Baktria, Macedon, M assalia, aswell as some other factions?
    Maybe a royal thorax swordsmen units specific to that faction or something akin to it.
    Since the other other hellenistic, colonial and successor factions have this type to begin with.

  7. Can I make a suggestion for units, with that being a unique elite heavy infantry units for Baktria, Macedon, Massalia and some other Hellenistic faction that are lacking such a unit? Like an royal throax swordsmen or something akin to that, specific to send faction. Since other Greek, Successor, and coloniel factions have one already except for these three. So it would only make sense for them to have one as these other factions do.

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