Divide et Impera 1.2.7 Released!

After a few months of beta, we have released our latest update. Thanks to the many folks who helped test the new features! This mod version includes many new and updated units, UI features for Supply and Population, new Baggage train changes, new buildings, many new faction icons, fixes for some major long-standing bugs, and a lot of smaller features and changes. You can find the standalone at our Download link above and Steam will be automatically updated.

Patch Notes

Battle/Unit Changes & New Units
– New units or updated appearances added for Egyptian, Macedonian, Syracusean, Athenian, Kartli, Scythian, Pontic, Baktrian, Saka, Roxolani and Spartan rosters.
– Various older units and officers in multiple rosters and AOR/Merc redone with newer assets.
– Added new spear cavalry charge animation
– Cavalry melee damage increased by 5%-10%
– Overhauled stats of sword thorakitai units to be more offensive based.
– Slightly lowered missile knockback (not including pilum)
– Lowered melee stats of wardogs
– Lowered spacing variation for some units that caused some spacing bugs
– Slightly increase morale penalty for exposed flanks and rear attacks
– Reworked campaign cap of AOR units to be more in line with their cost/quality as certain elite units had higher campaign cap than levy units
– Fixed dismounted stats of cavalry
– Buffed stats of two handed units and axe infantry
– Lowered melee/morale stats of artillery crews
– Buffed stats and appearance of Arverni Veteran Spearmen, Heavy axemen and Pontic garrison spearmen
– Buffed Numidian archers, nerfed Numidian slingers and lowered elite Numidian peltast melee slightly.
– Thracian javelin infantry has +1 ammo, skirmishers and peltasts melee slightly increased.

New Belgic Dual Culture Temples & Other New Buildings
– Belgic cultures now have new temples that give both Celtic and Germanic culture to go with their new dual culture system. These temples are based on historical research and local cultural gods.
– Added new unique Getae tier 5 commons (forum) building.
– Added new unique Massalia tier 5 temple building.
– Fixed Nuragic cultures in RoR having the wrong temple types.

New Supply & Population UI Changes
– The Settlement panel has been restructured so that the original vanilla growth points and bar are shown properly again.
– The population total number has been moved to the right top of the panel.
– New and/or updated buttons have been added for the supply and population summaries.
– Units now show their population class, unit type and manpower size when you hover over them in an army.
– Fixed a bug where Mercenary unit classes were being reported as the local region owner’s classes instead of the player’s classes.
– Capital change button has been updated and improved with changing icons as well.
– The summary texts for population and supply have been updated and improved.
– Changed building supply production effect texts to be a bit more clear.
– Added new link button to DeI website on in game menu.

Baggage Trains
– Baggage trains now lower the population requirement for an army to begin replenishment.
– Armies with a baggage train unit now use less supplies in foreign territories for a longer period of time.
– Baggage trains now give missile and artillery units 15% more ammunition in an army.
– Nomad baggage trains now have the same campaign movement as cavalry and provide food to your faction when in foreign lands.
– Roman Marian and Imperial baggage trains now have the same campaign movement as infantry.
– Updated Baggage train descriptions to better explain their benefits.

Disbanding & Population System Bugs
– Fixed a disbanding bug that would cause population levels to massively decrease on the next turn, especially when disbanding whole armies/generals.
– You can now disband a whole army or multiple units at once and get back the proper population amount.
– Population levels should also report correctly the same turn you disband, although you have to click away to a different region and back to see the updated results.

Faction Flags & Emergent Factions

– New & Reworked flags for most factions and emergent factions to better fit with the overall aesthetic.
– Changed many emergent faction names to have more historical and less generic names.
– Fixed many inconsistencies with emergent faction cultures and subcultures.
– Fixed various bugs with incorrect or missing entries for emergent factions.
– Fixed various uniform color errors.

Major Changes
– Changed Getae reform requirements to include battles with nomadic factions or Roman factions rather than just Rome.
– Further lowered autoresolve impact of missile units including skirmish time, ammo used and maximum kills per second.
– Fixed the crash issue in the Empire Divided campaign associated with the Palmyra faction. May also fix some other campaigns that have Roman female leaders (using the female leader submod)
– Added subjugation occupation option for Arverni to fit with their faction trait.
– Fixed various Armenian temples missing cultural conversion bonuses.
– Added experience bonus for AI generals based on imperium level.
– Fixed population system not properly identifying enemy vs allied armies in some situations.

Other Changes & Fixes
– Increased positive diplomacy from marriages.
– Updated looks for Parthian, Spartan and Media Atropatene generals.
– Added new loading screens.
– Greek factions can now recruit siege building units from the Syracuse capital building.
– Fixed a lot of issues with Irish unit skins and missing or buggy textures.
– Improved trade region effect for Petra and added a special regional bonus.
– Added elephant units to Numidian rosters.
– Fixed public land buildings sharing a building instance with other building types, sometimes causing them not to be available to build or convert. This mostly affected the public medicus buildings.
– Fixed Alpine regions missing auxiliary units in IA campaign (new campaign only)
– Fixed AI Libyan roster missing early recruitment for basic javelin and spear units.
– Fixed chapter 1 mission unit requirements for Roxolani.
– Added population effects for Roman/Hellenic brick industry buildings
– Moved Getae horse archer unit to be recruitable from temples 3 and 4.
– Moved various AI Celtic and Dacian sword units to higher building recruitment tiers.
– Moved Lusitani elite shock infantry to tier 3 barracks.
– Changed Italia province name to Magna Graecia
– Changed some region names to better match historically.
– Fixed Getae chapter 7 missions requiring wrong unit types.
– Fixed Syrian archers disappearing when zoomed out.
– Increased bonuses and decreased negatives from empire goverment type.
– Moved Dacian late swordsmen to pop class 2 and Arverni veteran freeman to pop class 3.
– Fixed new Spartan units not being recruitable from special tier 5 barracks.
– Fixed barbarian tier 1 sieger army tradition giving wrong type of attrition bonus
– Fixed Armenia having wrong marine types assigned.
– Changed Armenian thureos unit to pop class 3.
– Fixed lots of text errors thanks to Augustus
– Fixed many elephant units having wrong population size.
– Fixed triballi emergent faction commander options.
– Moved Media Sparabara and Elite Sparabara to barracks recruitment and Persian Archers to city recruitment.
– Moved Arverni late oathsworn to tier 3 barracks to match early version.
– Fixed tier 4 egyptian temple missing pop texts.
– Fixed all AI recruitment templates still having melee cavalry options.
– Fixed slave income effect on special tier 4 Illyrian port.
– Changed 2 Indian temple icons to be more in line with building icon style.
– Renamed Mauryan empire to Maurya Samrajya.
– Fixed Hellenic barracks tier 1 having wrong pop effect
– Fixed wrong speed entries on some Scordisci units
– Fixed Massalian veteran hoplite stats
– Fixed Pergamon thorax sword unit not properly being locked to thorax (new campaign only)
– Fixed pop class of AOR Corinthian unit.
– Fixed various Roman ancillaries shared by other cultures not properly being added when assigned.
– Fixed Getae unit recruitment missing from special capitals.
– Fixed wrong stats of 2 Massalian units
– Fixed wrong animation for Dardanian Aux cavalry
– Fixed ancillaries with attacker siege holdout time effects doing the opposite.
– Fixed severed head ancillary triggering for non barbarian factions and celtic turncoat being bugged for others
– Removed Dii Rhomphaiaphoroi infantry from Dacian AI recruitment
– Fixed Mauryan medicus and trader buildings missing names
– Switched Galatian Thureos spear and Naked warriors unit cards
– Moved Numidian javelins to city recruitment and slingers to barracks recruitment
– Fixed bugged lamellar armor on many media/nomad units.
– Fixed bugged helmet/hair textures on Iberian Vasci unit and Suebi heavy cavalry.
– Changed pop classes for some Syracuse units and removed some AOR units from their cultural group so they will be foreign (Italian, Corsican, Sardinian).
– Changed Mauryan armored elephants to pop class 2.
– Fixed various Iberian units having oathsworn/Gallic audio.
– Fixed 2 parthian cataphract units having bugged armor skirts.
– Added 3c cult/admin buidlings back in, were missing when startpos was redone
– Removed an incorrect unit from the Scordisci roster
– Fixed Galatian faction effect text at campaign selection being bugged.
– Fixed Iolei shield wall unit missing swords in formation.
– Fixed Medewi having wrong temple requirements for cultural victory (new campaign only)
– Moved AI Dacian Dii Rhomphaia unit to barracks tier 3.
– Changed Medewi 2h axemen to 2nd class pop.
– Fixed Iberian and Eastern AI commander units having wrong unit cards.
– Removed javelin references in some unit descriptions for units that no longer have them
– Fixed Mauryan heavy sword unit missing from custom battle and being improperly assigned to tier 4 cities instead of just barracks
– Fixed warhorse forum and special building missing flavor texts

– Augustusng and Jake for all the great work on the emergent factions and other research.
– Big thanks to Jake for the crazy hard work on all the flags and the UI!
– Huge thanks to great research from the folks over at https://senobessusbolgon.wordpress.com/ for the new belgian temples!
– Thanks to Davicolt for the unit card work!
– Benjin & Rome 2 HD team – new models and fixes
– AveMetal from Para Bellum mod for animation editing advice
– Michal Magnachar Pavlišta of the Kmen Hardrubů for sources on Germanic equipment
– Vandamsel/Falco – countless unit visual tweaks and fixes
– Elon Rodney – idea about better AI generals spawn based on AI imperium level and Jake for the implementation
– KLA for the great new helmet textures!
– Thanks to Steve_Raptor and Q_Sertorius for helping report the disband pop issue.
– Thanks to TheCzarsHussar for updated Alan cavalry visuals

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  1. please rework some units:

    – arevaci, Birikantinoi poor stamina, 25 armour, 2 speed but Lusotannan, Ambakaro excellent stamina, 35 armour 3 speed.

    -tulingi (two units) “factional mercenarys ” wrong stats.

    -cimbri wolf warriors same abilitys as nakwadaz, weaker stats, in campaign much later available makes them useless.

    thanks for ur great work! keep on going.

    • We purposefully limit various factions to make them more unique and varied between them. If all factions had the same units we would lose the core vision for the mod. We have over 2000 custom units in the mod, you also can’t judge by custom battle as many are campaign units.

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