1.2.7 Campaign Features Preview

Many new features and UI changes have creeped their way in to our latest mod effort. Although this won’t cover them all, this preview is an attempt to highlight and explain the great new changes coming to DeI campaigns.

Population & Supply Systems

New UI Updates
– The Settlement panel has been restructured so that it now displays more information properly, doesn’t bug the growth bar and shows the original settlement building slot points. The population total number has been moved to the right top of the panel and there are updated supply and population hover buttons for their relevant summaries.

– Units now show their population class, unit type and manpower size when you hover over them in an army. This can be useful for disbanding and replenishment information.

Baggage Trains
One major request over the past 5 or more years has been to make baggage trains more useful, these changes aim to do that.
– Baggage trains now lower the population requirement for an army to begin replenishment. This means that less available troops will be required in a region in order for replenishment to be allowed. For example, if normally 20 troops were needed to replenish in a region, 10 would only be needed instead. Also, this is the first time that these units have interacted with a system other than supply.
– Baggage trains now give missile and artillery units 15% more ammunition in an army.

– Armies with a baggage train unit now use less supplies in foreign territories for longer periods of time.
– Nomad baggage trains now provide food to your faction when in foreign lands and have cavalry campaign movement.
– Roman Marian and Imperial baggage trains now have infantry campaign movement.

Disbanding & Population System Bugs
– Fixed a major, old disbanding bug that would cause massive decreases in population levels. This especially affected first and second class population when disbanding whole armies or generals.
– You can now disband a whole army or multiple units at once and get back the proper population amount without having to do each unit one at a time.
– Population levels should also report correctly the same turn you disband.

New Belgic Dual Culture & Temples

– Belgic cultures now have a dual culture system that spreads both Celtic and Germanic cultures. They have a primary culture (Celtic) but also have to deal with the presence of Germanic culture as well.
– New temples that give both Celtic and Germanic culture to go with their new dual culture system have been added. These temples are based on historical research and local cultural gods.

Faction Flags & Emergent Factions
– New & Reworked flags for most factions and emergent factions to better fit with the overall aesthetic. Most flags should now match and have their own unique look that relates to that faction. Also changed many emergent faction names to have more historical and less generic names.

– Jake for all the great flag work and UI work!
– Jake and Augustus for the work on emergent factions
– Thanks to DMW and great research from the folks over at https://senobessusbolgon.wordpress.com/ for the new belgian temples!

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  1. Great work by the entire team by the sounds of it. Any rough estimate on when you’ll be ready to release it?

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