1.2.6a Preview – UI Features & Economic Changes

We had originally planned on a small fix update after our large summer release of 1.2.6. However, as work continued on our upcoming “hotfix”, the features and new changes kept expanding. So, this new update will be a rather large affair. Whereas the previous update over the summer was primarily focused on battle changes and various new units, this patch is mostly focused on some new campaign changes and features. Highlights include new UI features, new faction traits, new buildings, region effect and edict changes, economic changes and many other changes and fixes.

New UI Features
Thanks to great help from DETrooper, Jake, and Daruwind, we have some wonderful new UI fixes and new features to show off.

The first new features are two new information hover text buttons for the supply and population systems. These will help both new and veteran players be able to access the information about a region’s supply and population status in an efficient and summarized manner. The more detailed breakdowns for these systems will still remain in their current locations:

The second isn’t a new feature but it is a fix that has been long desired by everyone. Rather than having Province effects limited to 6 slots and, therefore, unable to display most region effects, the new limit has been raised to 12. This will allow players to see all the local effects going on in their regions and provinces:

Finally, the last change is the presence of aqueducts for Roman players on the campaign map. Due to a vanilla bug/oversight, aqueducts were never displayed properly on the Augustus campaign map (which is used by the Grand Campaign, Augustus Campaign and Empire Divided Campaign). Now, they will properly be displayed:

New Faction Traits
Like last patch, we are continuing to overhaul the faction traits for various cultures, specifically ones who received the more generic or boring traits (or had copied traits). For this patch these include the Nomadic, African, Arabian, Illyrian, Dacian, Cimbri, Irish and Thracian factions.

New Buildings
A few new buildings have been added to the mod with this update. These include new amber/spice trader buildings in the regions that produce those resources and a new special faction trait Getae-only building, which goes with the new faction trait overhaul.

Region Effect, Edict & Economic Changes
– Region Effects have been fixed since many effects were not working properly. New effects have been added, especially ones that affect edicts so that they will be different based on the region and province.
– The Agriculture economy has been reworked to make it more effective when compared with the trade and tax economies. This rework includes changes to buildings, region effects and the export and import food edicts to make them more viable and to make certain buildings more helpful for them.
– More information on the many changes this will entail to various buildings and other systems will be included in the upcoming patch notes.

Smaller Fixes & Release
A lot of smaller fixes and changes will be included in this patch as well, including those for battles. We plan on releasing this patch in the next couple of weeks.

– Huge thanks to DETrooper for the Region effect UI change!
– Thanks to yaxl3y for finding the issue with regional tax effects.
– Big thanks to Daruwind, DETrooper and Jake for the new UI buttons to use!
– Thanks to DMW for the research for faction traits yet again!

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  1. Great changes again, love all the work you guys put in this amazing mod. Best TW mod ever created!
    Keep up the good work!
    Especially the UI changes will be very helpful, I’m very grateful.

    • Various other large mods have been done by the team such as Constantine for Rome 2 and for Attila – Fall of the Eagles and Europa Perdita. Also tons of smaller mods.

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