1.2.6a Released!

 1.2.6a Patch Notes

*Only Part 1 Updated!
*Save compatible

Battle & Unit Changes
– Fixed weight values across all units so that their description now better matches the unit type (ie light, heavy etc)
– Added new Late Ptolemaic Cavalry unit to thorax reforms (will be unlocked early in saves)
– Added Celtic and Iberian cavalry standard bearers
– Changed Partian AOR unit to Nisean Cavalry unit
– Changed many unit settings for resistance to cold/heat to be more consistent and realistic.
– Lowered tower arrow damage
– Heavily nerfed bolt tower damage
– Small rebalance of Greek sword units (less base damage, more AP)
– Small base damage increase to elite foot archers
– Small AP damage increase to lance/sword cavalry units
– Increased lance cavalry and falx infantry charge bonus by 15%
– Getae units rebalanced, mostly a bit better and more differentiation
– Added flaming arrows to Cretan archers
– Fixed stats/armor of some Armenian and Cappadocian units
– Lowered camel bonus vs cavalry
– Increased bonus vs infantry of Greek swords
– Slightly increased pike phalanx and hoplite phalanx bonus vs elephants
– Small decrease to elephant HP
– Fixed wrong horse entry of early Pontic lancers
– Small increase to mass of hoplites and pikes
– Fixed missing Unique Mount entry for AoR Thessalian cavalry
– Slightly nerfed damage and speed of camel cataphracts
– Fixed incorrect speed entries of few militia hoplite units
– Slightly buffed Illyrian Heavy Infantry
– Fixed missing Charge Defence of Illyrian Heavy Spearmen
– Illyrian Pirates speed increased
– Increase unit size to 200 for basic Medewi archers
– Fixed wrong mass entry for elite chariots
– Small tweaks to melee weapon damage
– Lowered damage of chariot javelins
– Changed stats/appearance of some Cappadocian cavalry units

New UI Features
– New Population and Supply information hover text buttons on the top right of the region panel.
– Province/Region effects are now limited to 12 rather than 6 slots, so they should show up properly in the UI. 
– Aqueducts now will show up on the Grand Campaign, Augustus and Empire Divided maps.

Faction Traits
– Added new faction traits for Nomadic, Irish, African, Cimbri, Arabian, Illyrian, Dacian and Thracian factions. 

New Buildings
– Added new buildings for spice and amber regions. Will only show up in new games.
– Added new special Getae fortification building (one of their new faction traits)

Region Effect Changes & Edict Interaction
– Fixed Regional effects that were not properly working. These include growth, public order and tax effects. This will impact save game values.
– Changed regional tax, public order and growth effects to better fit various regions and for balancing purposes.
– Changed regional livestock effect to also affect agriculture income.
– Different regions now affect edicts in different ways, adding to variance for certain edicts across various provinces.
– Barbarian Tax Tribute – Lower Public Order in foreign areas, Higher taxes in home areas.
– Barbarian Migration – Lower Public Order in foreign areas
– Export Food – Higher Income in fertile regions, more food used
– Civilized Tax Harvesting – Lower Public Order & Tax Rate in Barbarian Lands
– Party Loyalty – Increased to 15, added Public Order Negative
– Commercial Stimulation – Lowered to 12% base, added Public Order Negative. Trade income increased based on region.

Agricultural & Food Edict Economic Changes
– Overall changes aimed at making agriculture income more viable while tax and trade will be slightly less dominant for some regions.
– Increase to agriculture income from farms/livestock buildings and granaries, added agriculture income % increase to granaries.
– Added base level food, growth and income effects for Export/Import Food edicts.
– Changed Olive, Fish and Wine resource trade buildings and Fish ports to produce agriculture rather than trade income. Changed Horse resource trade building to produce animal husbandry rather than trade.
– Timber, Copper and Iron resource buildings now give industrial income rather than trade.
– Various food/tavern forum buildings now split income between trade and agriculture/livestock and interact with the food edicts.
– Tier 3 and 4 of buildings that interact with export and import food edicts also help the reverse edict. For example, trade ports that normally import food will also reduce the food and growth cost of the export edict at tier 3/4.
– Slight increase to Export food edict income from various buildings.

Autoresolve Changes
– Reduced infantry missile unit autoresolve effectiveness.
– Fixed many autoresolve settings that were missing proper assignments based on battle types. Made the autoresolve tables more clear for modding purposes.
– Fixed ambush autoresolve giving a bonus to defenders.
– Fixed various autoresolve situations having the wrong settings and some vanilla bugs/mistakes.

Other Fixes/Changes
– All Barbarian factions now have increased income from looting/sacking/razing.
– Fixed incorrect population size entries for around 45 units, fixed new Cretan Mercenary unit missing population entry.
– Added a custom battle cap of 2 for all Mercenary, AOR and Auxiliary troops. Also cap of 1 for Macedonian general unit.
– Fixed various factions having the wrong personality settings (new campaign only)
– Fixed new Iberian horses not showing up properly.
– Moved Night attack ability from level 1 to level 2 of Night Commander skill which is now unlocked at character rank 3. Added some extra effects to the skill overall.
– Added new effects for regions with higher political loyalty.
– Fixed Mauryans using the wrong AOR population settings. They will no longer recruit Persian units with their population.
– Added 37 new Mauryan female names
– Gave eastern Germanic factions access to Scanadanivan local units (Western Germanic already had this)
– Added camel officer variants for new Parthian and Nabatea units
– Fixed HatG Arevaci having vanilla unit colors.
– Fixed Rhodian hoplite slinger unit not properly getting slinger bonuses.
– Fixed typo in Cappadocian swordsmen description.
– Changed RoR Hellenic generals to use new custom Greek general models.
– Fixed spelling of Maurya faction name.
– Added Late Dacian foot nobles to Getae recruitable roster (previously commander only unit)
– Fixed 2 Media units not properly being classified in the missile unit set (and therefore not receiving some effects)
– Removed concentrated fire ability from early and late Bactrian cataphracts.
– Fixed incorrect reform information text for Saka.
– Fixed AI recruitment profile for a Mauryan sword unit.
– Fixed ancillary portrait for barbarian bard retinue.
– Changed Belgic cav unit name to distinguish from another unit.
– Fixed Egyptian Cilician peltasts missing from campaign recruitment.
– Moved Egyptian archers and Judean archers/slingers to different recruitment buildings.
– Fixed tier 4 Zarmizegetusa special capital fort variant missing garrisons when owned by Barbarians.
– Fixed crocodile wrestler ancillary missing subculture assignments.
– Fixed special garrison units having too low of a priority.
– Changed egypt/pontus chariot army tradition to affect cavalry in general instead.
– Fixed 2 Armenian generals with bugged shields
– Fixed bugged Medewi general variant
– Moved AOR Scordisci unit from Thrace to Pannonia

– Huge thanks to DETrooper for the Region effect UI change!
– Thanks to yaxl3y for finding the issue with regional tax effects.
– Big thanks to Daruwind, DETrooper and Jake for the new UI buttons to use!
– Thanks to DMW for the research for faction traits yet again!
– Thanks to Vandamsel for helping with testing so many smaller details! 

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  1. I’m really happy to see many of these changes. My biggest complaint with the mod is still the same though. The supply/logistics system is confusing and not represented clearly. I’ve had multiple campaigns where I’m making 10k plus a turn, I make one extra army and or move one and all of the sudden I’m broke.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We are hoping that making the supply system a bit more transparent in this update will help with some of that, although I have never seen that large of a swing from a single army move. It is possible that all of the systems are updating when you click that army.

  2. In Illyria I believe that the mercenary units Illyrian hoplites and Adriatic pirates have their speeds backwards. The light infantry pirates have 2 speed while the heavy hoplites have 4 speed.

    • Derp. The Illyrian mercenary hoplites have 2 speed now. I know they used to have 4 speed because I loved having such a fast decently heavy hoplite. The Illyrian mercenary raiders do still have 2 speed though which seems strange for a light infantry raider.

  3. Love the mod, thank you for all your hard work!!

    I am currently experiencing a bug with this mod (which has been working seamlessly until the recent update? I think) where none of my cities have any population at all. All values have gone to zero. No submods currently enabled. Very confused. Please help.

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