1.2.6 Additional Units Preview


The DeI team proudly presents our last preview before the next big update gets released! This preview is from KAM and represents his hard work alongside all the great battle changes.

While we dont have new a factional overhaul…we added and changed a lot of other stuff for a variety of factions and cultures, from new to updated units.

Here is a full list and some details:


1. Trophimoi (New unit)

These soldiers are a guests of Sparta, sons on wealthy perioikoi and noble families from whole Hellas. They were taught by Spartans, took part in their campaigns and at the end of their education could even remian in Sparta and be granted citizenship.

Unique feature: due to low numbers of students and their foreign background, this unit draws 4th pop class and takes 3 turns to be recruited.

2. Neodamodes (New unit)
Freed helots that either bought or were granted their freedom for military service. They were able afford or loot equipment and were trained to fight in phalanx.

3. Nedamodes Phalangitai (New unit)
Created out of necessity by Cleomenes III, these helots bought their freedom for 5 attic minas and were later armed and trained to fight in Macedonian fashion. They numbered 2000.
Unique feature: Due to being armed by state, these units gets 50% cost increase while drawing from 3rd popclass. They are not equal in combat to other regular pike units but provide perfect ad hoc troops if player has population issue while having enough money in treasury, which was exact problem that Cleomenes faced.

1. Late Sarmatian Cataphracts (New unit)
These Cataphracts are heavily armoured and deadly in combat. They represent later staged of Nomadic cavalry.

1. Camel Cataphracts (New unit)
Camel Grivpanvar are a bit troublesome units. While we do have text evidence of them, there are no details how they were equipped and there are no preserved camel armours. Grivpanvar might meant that at least rider was heavily armoured but not sure about mount. In order get somewhat accurate version of them, only 1/3 of camels have armoured. In sources they were described as using javelins.

2. Dahae Noble Cavalry (Overhauled unit)

3. Early Parthian Cataphracts (Overhauled unit)

4. Noble Cataphracts (Overhauled unit)

5. Late Cataphracts (Overhauled unit)

6. Cataphract Horse Archers (Overhauled unit)

DIADOCHI Area of Recruitment
1. Galatian Heavy Infantry (New unit)
Unique feature: These Galatians are unique unit for Macedon, Seleucids and Egypt. They can be recruited in Ancyra after thorax reform.

1. Mercenary Cretan Infantry (New unit)
Hardy mercenary Infantry from Crete, they perform as early shock troops for Hellenic factions. While they can deal a lot of damage, they will fare poorly when under heavy missile fire or against cavalry.

2. Syrian Elephant (Overhauled unit)
Syrians have received a bit more armour but their recruitment got limited to Antioch and their recruitable numbers are much smaller.

3. Campanian Cavalry (Overhauled unit)
Unit was remade to better show their elite status and historical sources. They are elite skirmisher cavalry, some soldiers carry shields while others prefer to hold more javelins. Horses, while mostly unarmoured, are wearing some armour.

1. Rhodian Ekdromoi (Overhauled unit)
Light Rhodian hoplites are unique unit due to ability to use slings before melee. They are based on Rhodian hoplites serving also as slingers during Anabasis.

1. Nabatean Noble Camels (New unit)
Armies of Nabatea used large amounts of camels, often made only of them. They fought as javeliners that could run down enemies if needed. At one point Nabatean camel army even annihilated Hellenic force of combined infantry and cavalry that was supposed to subjugate them. This unit is made of more wealthy citizens that are able to afford better equipment.

1. Hellenic Cataphracts (Overhauled unit)

2. Late Companion Cavalry

1. Early Equites (Overhauled unit)
Early Equites are now more lightly armoured to better match historical sources.

1. Ptolemaic Thorakitai (Overhauled unit)

Below are just few examples as their variety is much larger!
1. Macedonian Officer

2. Ptolemaic Officer

3. Late Seleucid Officer

4. Spartan Officer

5. Standard Bearer

Celticus – new longer kopis model and upgraded texture of conical Parthian helmet 

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