Updated Beta Patch Notes & Upcoming Release

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all well!
Here are some updated Beta patch notes for those interested. We have been continuing the beta over the past several months with some great feedback from all our players. One of the goals of this new update will be to make the mod a little more competitive and fun in multiplayer battles and to make battles overall a bit more balanced. To that end, we have quite a few battle changes as you can see below. We also have many new campaign features and large fixes that will help further polish the mod and repair some outstanding old problems. Our plan is to release the next major 1.2.6 update for the mod in a few weeks – so stay tuned!
Beta Download:
–> Download (Mirror) <–
*Many submods will not be compatible until they are updated!*
Installation Instructions
1. Download the pack from one of the links above. Place that pack in your Rome 2 data folder.
2. When you load the game, click Mod Manager. Make sure the fix pack is listed above the main mod files and that the fix pack loads first. For now this is not available on Steam.
Patch Notes

Battle Changes

Balance and other changes:
– Ranged attack and reloading now properly apply fatigue to units.
– Fatigue penalty increased but it takes longer to reach the various tiers.
– Expert charge defense has been removed and replaced with better mass mechanics.
– Slightly increased unit spotting range.
– Reworked unit experience threshholds.
– Reworked morale values to make them more balanced throughout a campaign.
– Reduce killing power of infantry charge, units with expert charge defense can effectively counter charges.
– Melee intervals (cooldown between attack animations) lowered from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
– Spear units are now tougher to kill in melee, Sword units have a bonus vs infantry.
– Unit hitpoints and weapon damage reworked, hopefully cavalry and elephants will take less casualties from autoresolve
– Various specific units like agrianian infantry, Socii units and war dogs reworked.

Ranged Combat Changes:
– Artillery ammo reduced, slightly increased damage to siege equipment from fire.
– Iberians now have access to their historical flaming javelins.
– Fixed trajectory of horse archer attacks sometimes preventing AI from fully using them.
– Added small knockback chance to all ranged weapons when soldiers are wounded by projectiles.
– Cavalry harder to decimate by precursor javelins of infantry but those javelins can now disrupt charges with knockback.

Battle AI Behavior:
– AI should now use disciplined formation in defensive battles.
– Both Shock and Melee cavalry are classified as shock cavalry now to improve AI use of those units.
– Infantry without ranged weapons will now properly brace vs cavalry and will use non phalanx formations properly.

Unit Movement and Combat Animations:
– All Thureophoroi and 2handed non heavy units now have 3 speed.
– Pikes and Hoplites have a harder time passing through enemy units.
– More rare kill animations should play out.
– Slight increase to medium and heavy infantry speed.
– Increased unit acceleration and deceleration speed to improve unit spacing after charge.
– Improved unit spacing for many units and fixed issues of unit overlap.
– Increased variety between soldier heights for various units.

UI Changes
– Fatigue penalties are now added to the unit status (i.e. Fresh 100% strength, Tired 70% strength)
– Morale % is now displayed on the unit UI status when you hover over your unit (i.e. Eager Morale 85-100%)
– Added ranged stats to elephant UI display

New Special Horses & Cavalry Changes

– Various units now have special horse types that give them specific bonuses.
– New Thessalian horse entry that combines both speed and charge power.
– Numidian horse that lacks charge but has great speed/acceleration, guerilla deployment and ignores ground penalties.
– Celtic Mairepos warhose that has speed and a greater charge power due to size.
– New Parthian Nisean horses as well.
– Camels now have custom weapon entries with a combat advantage over horses and a larger morale hit against cavalry.
– Reduced and added more variety to cavalry running speeds.
– Elephants have been reworked – they are more resilient against ranged and a bit easier to kill in prolonged melee. Fixed an issue where some tower elephants had double the hitpoints intended.
– Reduced strength of frontal cavalry charge on fresh units but increased ratio of AI cycle charging. AI will cycle charge less if they are doing well in melee.
– Cavalry takes larger casualties when pulling out of combat.
– Iberian horses once again have their unique look and changed look of Iberian armored horse.

Campaign\Unit Changes

New Median Overhaul and Reforms (Preview)
– New reform units added for Atropatkan. Around 9 new units, added at 2 reform levels.
– 2 new custom reforms: Iranian (65 turns) and Imperial (211 turns and certain regions).
– Media can now confederate with other Persian factions.
– New faction emblem and unit cards.
– New Persian culture emblem.

New Units For Other Factions
– 3 new Spartan units, new Parthian unit, new Nabatean unit, updated Rhodian unit, new Cretan Mercenary unit, new Sarmatian unit and new Hellenic AOR Galatian unit.
– Changed visuals and stats for Camillan Equites and Campanian Cavalry.
– Changed visual for Syrian elephants.
– Updated visuals for three Parthian Cataphracts units and Dahae Nobles.

New Barbarian Faction Traits from DMW
– Updated traits for Gallic, Germanic, British and Iberian factions to make them much more unique.
– Highlights include the Arverni’s new ability to form client states, new population system interaction for various factions, and more.

Naval Overhaul Summary from Demosthenes26
– Ramming speeds, acceleration, and base ramming damage have been increased to make ramming more effective. Most ships can sink a ship of the same type in two rams. This makes double-teaming a great tactic, as a follow-up ram from a short distance has reduced force.
– Updated the recruitment templates for all AI Hellenic factions, reflecting battle fleets and patrol fleets with historical faction considerations. Generally an “early” and a “late” version of each, with the late version given preference once those ships are available.
– More Scorpions added on Tetreres level ships and up.
– Lighter vessels now have further campaign movement range than heavier vessels, allowing for patrol vs battle fleets.
– More Hellenic factions can recruit Hexaremes and Hepteres, with variation depending on the faction.

New Capital Change Button
– The button has been moved to a new location in the top right of the settlement panel. Thanks to DETrooper for the UI wizardry!
– The button will no longer have the overlay problem for some players after battles and will no longer open the encyclopedia when clicked.
– Some text issues fixed.

Major Campaign Changes
– Barbarian transport ships will now be immune to attrition when near one of their cities.
– Fixed AI Carthage’s defense script and made it more robust.
– Women generals for factions that have them now receive the Commander/Brawler/Scholar traits.
– Women politician-only characters now have special personality and background traits. Existing women in save games will retain older versions of these traits.
– Agents now have new background traits with effects better suited for them. Existing agents retain older traits.
– Fixed various ancillaries that were triggering but not being assigned (thanks MrTimbe!) and lowered some chances for ancillaries that were happening too frequently.
– Slight reduction to overcrowding effect on 1st class population.
– Commander trait will no longer decrease from “close victories”.
– Intellectual trait has a slightly higher chance to increase and slightly lower chance to decrease.
– New faction emblems for various factions to make them more in line with other emblems. Thanks to Jake!

All Factions Playable Submod

– Victory conditions have been added for all factions.
– New frontend map images for all factions from Lugos. Huge thanks!
– Fixed issue where autosaving wasn’t working properly.

Smaller Changes/Fixes
– New Persian culture emblem added.
– Fixed various units not being properly designated as bodyguard units and missing out on commander effects.
– Changed supply system region names to match our city names rather than the now defunct region name system.
– Fixed Seleucid Companion cavalry unit not properly locking when late version is made available through reforms (new campaign only).
– Replaced Companion Cavalry unit card with older version.
– Fixed typo in intellectual trait description.
– Fixed missing ancillary image.
– Increased food, agriculture income and sell food edict income effect from livestock farm buildings.
– Increased income and income modification effect from livestock forum main city building.
– Fixed Athenian AOR hoplite description text
– Fixed bugged Illyrian general skin
– Changed Libyan Hoplites for Carthage to 3rd class.
– Fixed light cavalry masters army tradition having inverted effects for tier 2/3.
– Reverted Apulian and Lucanian unit hoplon patterns to older versions.
– Fixed starting RoR Roman family leader traits
– Added new unit cards for Egypt Thorax swords and 2 Macedonian bodyguard units.
– Fixed population size for a Meroe unit.
– Fixed a Barbarian ancillary image.
– Added missing effects to Syracuse HatG special temple.
– Fixed flavor text for Military Academy buildings.
– Fixed Galatian Noble cav missing legs.
– Fixed incorrect upgrade chains for Hellenic iron main city buildings.

– KAM for all the crazy hard work on so much of this update – from the battle changes to the Media overhaul!
– Mr Timbe for the hard work helping to fix the ancillary issue and the great help with the barbarian supply transports. Big thanks!
– Lugos for all the great work on the AFP submod art
– DMW for the hard work on the faction trait ideas
– Big thanks to DETrooper for the UI work on the change capital button!
– Thanks to Jake for the new Media emblem and many faction emblems.
– Thanks to Paladin94610 for the help with various fixes!
– Once again big thanks to sourav for the Media unit cards.
– Major thanks to Demosthenes for all the work on the naval changes
– Thanks to Celticus for the new sword model and helmet texture.
– Thanks to Shapur e Sassani for help with Median names.

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    Will the final reales be compatible with DeI Realism ( + plus all mini mods that improves and makes the single p. expiriance more realistic and harrder. )
    My only wish is if you can make it compatible, I know DeI Realism (team) has its own Discord channel and im sure they will help you.
    The reason is that DeI is even greater with that mod and all mini mods that comes with DeI Realism.
    Thank you to the Moon and back guys !

  2. I wanted to congratulate you for the beautiful work,when the final version comes out, I can’t wait to play it 🙂

    sorry for the inconvenience and good work 🙂

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