New Alexander Versus Submod!

For those interested, we have a new Alexander Submod being tested on TWC. This version allows you to play as Persia, mainly intended for those who want to try head-to-head against a friend.

You can find it at our TWC Submod Forums. We will have Steam versions of the alternate Alexander submods soon.

I make no promises on the balancing involved since the scenario is heavily weighted against Macedon at the start, but some parts have been changed to help a bit. We also have many future plans for the Alexander Submod as a whole, so check back soon for some previews on various new features!



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  1. finally managed to win as macedon in the legendary difficulty 🙂 have to admit i rly enjoyed it , cause that was really really hard …. had to even re-start the game sometimes before i managed to control the aggression of AI.There were some things not working correctly , like most factions didnt conquer new settlements, instead they sacked them till rebels got control of it…

    • A lot of the map is scripted to not expand, otherwise you would have Rome attacking Greece before Alexander can even get going. Much of this scenario is specially designed to provide a specific experience for the player.

  2. also there was a problem in babylonia settlement .. the building of the fort was totally missing , and as well in the dacian tribe’s large city ( not recalling the name now ) i dismantled it , and then became lvl 1 but could be upgraded !

  3. Estaria genial que integraran el sub mod a divide et impera asi seria mucho mejor ya que han salido algunos errores en el que habia conflicto con el emperador augusto dlc en algunas pc y no permite jugar al submod

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