1.3.1 Edetani Roster Preview


While the Celtic tribes who migrated into Iberia a few hundred years before the DeI timeframe came to replace, adapt and assimilate many Iberian tribes to form a new Celtiberian identity, they didn’t quite expand into the entire peninsula. The Iberian tribes along the coasts south of the river Ebro retained their language and culture. Many of these tribes had contact with the early Phoenicians and later Carthaginians, as well as Hellenic traders and explorers establishing trade outposts and colonies along the coast. Because of this and the higher degree of urbanization than their Celtiberian cousins of the inland, tribes such as the Edetani, Cessetani and Turdetani were considered the most “civilized” tribes of Iberia.

The Edetani roster is a versatile one, with solid options across the board and a particularly wide selection of very high quality cavalry. While the roster includes typically Iberian units such as the Scutarii or Caetrati and devastating skirmishers, their aggressive lower tier infantry should not be overlooked, expendable but capable of baiting and outpositioning enemies due to their light equipment and high stamina. Finally, the Edetani has some of the best cavalry in Iberia, with excellent options for deadly skirmishing, agile light shock and tougher melee fighting. They also have some of the heaviest cavalry in the western world, with riders covered in chainmail and horses clad in scale.

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