1.3.1 Arevaci Roster Preview

The Arevaci

The Arevaci were a Celtiberian tribe occupying central Spain. Their capital, Numantia, was the focus of several major Roman campaigns during the late Second Century BC. They were famous for their metalworking, which gave their nation great wealth and power. As a Celtiberian tribe, the Arevaci combine Celtic and Iberian elements, although they trend more toward the latter. As a nod to their Celtic heritage, as well as their historically-attested use of an orange-sepia body paint, one of the Arevaci signature units is the Iberi Uirodusios (Celtiberian Painted Warriors), who are fast-moving, hard-hitting naked warriors. Other standout units include the Birikantinoi (Celtiberian Champions), who carry some of the finest swords available (benefits of excellent Iberian metalworking traditions). Like other Iberians, they also possess excellent missile units, with a special emphasis on javelins and slings. Their cavalry is excellent in quality and variety. In addition to excellent horse skirmishers, they possess light lancers and sturdy melee cavalry.


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