1.2.5b & Marshals of Alexander Update Released!

A new version of the mod and a new update for the Alexander submod have been released! This new mod update brings changes to the supply system, battle updates, new units, and lots of fixes. The Alexander update features the Marshals of Alexander, new historical characters that can be recruited as captain units in the submod campaign. Make sure to check out the Alexander campaign if you haven’t yet!

1.2.5b Fix Update December 31
*Only Part 1 Updated
*Save Game Compatible

New Alexander Submod Update (Preview)
– Marshals of Alexander released! Special historical characters now available for recruitment.
– Some additions to Persian roster.
– Alexander should now only be wounded in battles rather than killed (new campaign only)

Battle Changes
– Added AI bracing for infantry without ranged weapons.
– Lowered the power of elephant and cavalry charge
– Shield melee defence increased by 1, missile block chance increased by 5%
– Lowered overall morale penalties for casualties, increased morale penalty when 75% of starting troops are either routed or dead
– Fixed game bug where elephants without towers have 50% of HP of elephants with towers

Supply System Changes
The changes here are intended to make the supply system a bit more meaningful and impactful during campaigns.
– Slightly lowered the base resupply values and total supply caps for all regions.
– Increased supply consumption, especially when an army is foraging (making supply lines more important).
– Decreased starting supply values in all regions (new campaigns only)

RoR Rosters
– Changed the Nuragic roster in the RoR campaign to use their own units rather than Celtic units.
– Updated various units in Roman, Italian and Greek rosters to use some of the newer assets.

New Belgic Remi Heavy Cavalry Unit
– New unit added to the Nervii roster in CiG and the Grand Campaign.
– Preview of the new unit can be seen here:

Other Changes/Fixes

– Fixed various ancillaries missing proper database entries from vanilla. Hopefully fixes some of the issues where ancillaries get assigned but don’t show up.
– Updated Rome, Ardiaei, Cimbri and various other unit cards.
– Changed various effects for agent background skills to remove old/unused effects.
– Changed Athens AOR unit from Thorax to Thureos to better match the local roster.
– Fixed Caledonian heavy horse unit not being recruitable in campaign.
– Small buff to barbarian war hall and port building effects.
– Added new text tooltips for unit upgrade button to better help explain the system.
– Fixed various bodyguard units missing proper unit sets so that attributes will properly work on them.
– Slightly lowered CAI budget for navies.
– Fixed the commander trait giving ammunition bonuses to non-missile troop types.
– Fixed Numidians being able to recruit Ethiopian Spearmen unit.
– Lowered diplomatic bonus from releasing troops (previously set too high)
– Fixed some starting Seleucid and Ardiaei generals being able to recruit the wrong bodyguard units (new campaign only)
– Fixed Etruscan marines missing javelins and 2 nomad units missing leggings.

– Thanks yet again to sourav for all the unit card work!
– KAM for all the hard work on battles and generally keeping me sane.
– Seleukos and Jake for the amazing work on the new Marshals update!

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  1. Are the download links in this site and at TWC updated to download the latest version of the game?(which is 1.2.5b)
    It’s just a tad confusing since the new “update” has been released and the labels are still the same that it just says

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