Teaser Preview: Alexander

Scenario Submod Campaign

For the past 4 months I have been working on a project and today I am happy to announce that project with a few teaser images. With the next major mod update coming in a couple months, a new type of Submod will be making a debut. I am tentatively calling these Scenario Submod Campaigns and we hope to have many more in the future. The general premise of these campaigns will be that they are optional submods which replace the Augustus campaign and will allow for new scenarios to be enjoyed from different parts of history all using DeI’s systems. These will also allow for a more customizable, RPG experience as we further develop these concepts going forward. It will also allow us to independently develop these submods after release.

The first of these will be an Alexander Campaign that starts in 335 BC and follows the legendary leader from just after his father’s death through his many wars and conquests. While it is still currently in an alpha-ish state, I wanted to post some screenshots and let everyone know what we are working on. Things here may not be final but at least its a teaser of what is to come. Another exciting note is that Benjin from the wonderful AAA generals mod will hopefully be joining the project to help create custom models for Alexander and perhaps Darius, as well as help in other areas as well!

Stay tuned for a lot more information about this as we get closer to our next mod release!

Teaser Images