Divide et Impera 1.3.1 Public Beta Released!

1.3.1 Overview

After many months of work the DeI team is proud to announce our new public beta has been released! This new beta features many exciting updates including overhauls to Maurya, Baktria, the Iberians, AOR/Mercenary units, naval units and many others. It also incorporates the Alexander campaign into the main mod as a regular campaign choice rather than as a submod. Many reforms have been edited as well to fix bugs and add features. Finally, the supply system itself has been rewritten on a technical level to be more efficient with some new features. This beta will be going for awhile and we plan to add even more overhauls and features as we go.

Download & Installation

To try out the beta, simply download either the standalone version or the Steam version. If you get the standalone version, place it into your Rome 2 data folder and activate it above the main mod in the mod launcher. If you get the Steam version, just make sure its loaded above (first) before the main mod as well.

Standalone: Download (Mirror)
Steam: Download

*Please be aware many submods will not be compatible with the beta. Save games are compatible.

Patch Notes

Supply System Update
– Army and Navy UI addition with detailed information about their supply status. Icon found on top right of Army commander UI.
– Supply storage increased and will be replenished and used before regional supplies.
– Improved movement bonus for transport fleets first turn after embarking
– Navy to Transport supply effect bundle added (was missing)
– Various fixes for barbarian supply functions and navies in ports.
– Lots of “under the hood” changes to make the supply system more moddable and modular.
– Many smaller fixes.

Alexander Campaign Added
– Incorporated the Alexander submod into the main mod.

Reforms Changes
– Thracians, Illyrians, Armenians, Galatians and other factions relying on Greek Global Reforms now have their own reforms that trigger 4 turns after the AI global reforms.
– These changes were done to fix various technical issues with reforms, especially in multiplayer.
– Special reforms now have their units hidden instead of just grayed out in the recruitment panel (Thanks to Swaraj!)
– Moved Global Marian reforms to Turn 120, Imperial to 220
– Moved Global Thorax to 130

Mauryan Overhaul
– Overhauled Mauryan unit roster with new units, including naval roster.
– New Garrison, Mercenary and AOR units for the Mauryan regions.
– New reform based on cultural conversion of nomadic lands.
– Six new temples to better represent the culture as well as a new Buddhist temple line. New government types.
– New combined stables/exotic stables and siege workshop/chariot recruitment buildings
– New Buddhist culture spread by one chain and also present as a small regional bonus.
– New Mauryan UI.

Baktria Overhaul
– Various new and overhauled units for Baktria.
– New Buddhist enclave building line with new unit recruitment

Iberian Overhaul
– Adjusted appearances for all Iberian units to bring them up to standard of other units
– New general appearances for all playable Iberian factions.
– New Officers for Iberian Ambusher and Levy units
– Adjusted recruitment and bodyguard options for Iberian playable rosters
– Converted one light infantry unit per playable faction into a heavy skirmisher unit (available from tier 3 barracks)
– Arevaci specific changes: Loricati Scutarii are now a more assault-oriented spear unit, Iberi Velites are now a cheap light infantry option. Major adjustments to Arevaci cavalry names and roles and upgrades.
– Edetani specific changes: Various armor and shield values adjusted to match stats. Loricati Gaesamica are now a heavy skirmisher unit
– Lusitani specific changes: Major adjustments to Lusitanian cavalry to make them more distinct and more effective. Callaecae Roscaithera are now a heavy skirmisher unit

Naval Overhaul
– Made all tetreres slightly faster to conform to their historical usage. Hellenic and Carthaginian tetreres are now the fastest ramming ships in the game.
– Rhodes has earlier access to tetreres, a new bodyguard option and new Hoplite Slinger marines.
– Added a new marine unit with a spear to all barbarian and steppe factions
– Standardized recruitment cost for all ships
– Adjusted ramming damage and ship HP for all ship classes
– Adjusted population class for many ships to incentivize recruiting faction-appropriate ship types
– Moved all barbarian assault ships into the largest hulls – they now have 120 men.
– Barbarian marines now come in three classes. Third Class are basic melee marines, Second Class are spear marines, First Class are best quality marines.
– Adjusted ships available to Getae, Ardiaei, and Odrysia to remove redundancy

AOR/Mercenary Overhaul
– Overhauled Britannic, Iberian, Gallic, Alpine, Celtic, Germanic, and Galatian AOR and mercenary units to bring them into line with faction counterparts
– Added new officers for Ligurian, Scandinavian, and Alpine units
– Adjusted recruitment level for numerous AOR units
– Balanced Celtic and Germanic garrison units to better conform with previous changes to their recruitable units
– Adjusted Galatian Swordsmen to be more competitive vis-a-vis AOR and mercenary options
– Cimbri Assault Infantry and Helisi Assault Infantry now have precursor javelins

Major Changes
– New cothon port model added to Carthage on the campaign map (thanks Benjin!)
– Added various missing playable factions from pirate spawns and reduced further away early Rome spawns
– Changed Seleucid personality entries to make them more defensive.
– Changed population class for all Third Class cavalry to Second Class cavalry. Made appropriate stat and appearance changes.

Other Changes/Fixes
– Added new attic helmets
– Fixed Iberian reformed unit missing from their reform entires.
– Disabled new Reform the Line ability while embarked.
– Changed Magna Graecia secured event text to better match possible situations where Rome is at peace with that region.
– Fixed some special temples missing sanitation bonus.
– Added new shoeless Celtic trouser models.
– Added retextured wolf/sheep mantles (Thanks Summary!)
– Added longsword scabbard models (thanks SMS!)
– Fixed British slinger spearmen missing concentrated fire ability.
– Fixed British slingers having the wrong shield entry.
– Changed Rome starting building from industry to sanitation.
– Fixed mispelled Rhodes faction effect bundle title.
– Removed largest ship types from pirate rosters.
– Changed Scordisci archers to 3rd class
– Increased trade bonus from silk/amber road region effects.
– Changed Belgic regions to be the proper auxilia settings (rather than alpine/celtic) – new campaign only
– Changed Iweriu and Caledone faction traits
– Fixed various barbarian model shoulder/chest clipping
– Fixed many standard bearer models
– Changed starting culture in Latium to be slightly Latin dominant.
– Changed starting Ligurian building to barracks.
– Reviewed all shields for consistent appearance and statistics.
– Changed Gallic army traditions to Formidable Spearmen and Cavalry Masters
– Adjusted non playable British unit weapon stats to be more in line with playable versions
– New shock spear unit strength/weakness text entry
– Adjustments to some Armenian unit appearances.
– Adjustments to Thessalian cav stat and unit appearances.
– Changed arabian pirates to the right culture (new campaign only)

– Summary for many UI elements and new models!
– Skillfultree for various UI and model additions!
– Litharion for all the supply overhaul changes, as always huge thanks!
– Swaraj for the Mauryan overhaul and reform script changes!
– Sheep cloaks from GAC
– Q/CEMMEN for Iberians, AOR/Merc, Naval and a ton of other stuff. Always awesome work.
– Benjin for the cothon port model!
– KAM for the Baktrian overhaul and battle updates.